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Google Adwords is undeniably the best paid traffic source on the entire internet. Many internet marketers swear by it and fortunes have been made using this platform. Equally, there are people who have lost their investment in the platform, simply because their strategies did not go according to plan. Your success with google Adwords and […]

Expert internet marketers hardly doubt what they can get with paid traffic, but all that is only achieved when you know what you are doing. There is more to paid traffic than you think and you have to be extra careful and cautious on how you run your campaigns. Doing a simple mistake can cost […]

Anyone who is into internet marketing can attest that traffic is the driving force of any website and without audience the site objectives and goals are useless. Regardless of whether you have a bazillion stock of products or just a single one, traffic is an essential ingredient. However, before you jump on to buy just […]

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