We all know what blogs are but how much do they mean to us when it comes to internet marketing? We’ve all heard of people talking of blogs being traffic baits but is that true? And if so, how does one use their blog to pull traffic? In this post, we will go through some of the best approaches that one can make use of a blog to gain more visibility and increase traffic to their website.

First off, a blog gives a website life and increase engagement. When people frequent your website, they will be more inclined to share posts which will in turn bring in more readers who could turn out to be clients and customers. This and many others are the reasons why blogs are necessary in marketing. Below are more reasons why you need a blog and how to get the best with it;

To Build Credibility And Trust With Customers And Clients

We are in a world where client-marketer relationship matters more than anything else. In an environment where there are lots of scams all over, very few people will trust anyone or any website to the point of placing orders with them. With that in mind, it is important to make sure that you have the customer’s trust and that they can count on you. That way, you can confidently make sales and win clients.

Aside from building credibility and trust, you should also remember to build an email list from the visitors who come to your website. If you have been around long enough then you must have come across the overly sung cliché “Money Is in the List”. This is because once you have people in your list, they will go nowhere and they have given you multiple chances to sell them something. Without a blog, it would be hard to pull people to your email list and this is another reason why you need to have a blog on your website.

Blogs Helps Create Free PR

Depending on the level the bloggers are, they stand a chance to be on the spotlight. We’ve all seen bloggers being interviewed by journalists and other authority bloggers. And that is free PR there if you are looking at it from an internet marketer’s point of view. And what do you have to do? All you have to do is have a blog with relevant and informative content. As you grow, the blog grows with you and you will build you brand and PR also. Being a blogger also keeps you on the know which in turn makes you a leader and an influencer in your niche. Depending on your skill and passion to grow in your niche, there are no limits with the use of blogs. In a nutshell, I is a tool that sets you ahead.

It is therefore very crucial to not only have a blog but make it as engaging as possible so that you can get as many buyers and clients as possible.  The more exposure you have, the better the performance.

Blogs Helps You Come Up With A Solid Content Marketing Strategy

drive traffic to your blogThe web is made up of content and written form of content is the most popular and comparable to none. With blogs in place, you can have a well-structured and solid approach to content marketing. People rely on content every day and with your blog, you will be able to reach way more people that you can ever imagine. Search engines have become the talk of the town and this is because they send organic, free and high converting traffic to websites. Search engines like Google love quality and informative content since they would like to provide their searchers with the best there is. With a good content approach which screams quality and theme, you stand a high chance of leveraging tons of traffic from Google and other search engines.

You however ought to keep in mind the relevancy factor so that you can make the best conversions from the efforts you make.

Numbers Have It

According to recent studies, many reports state that websites with blogs are 60% more likely to benefit with sales and conversions than those without. If that doesn’t prove the reason to have a blog then nothing else will. Traffic is paramount to any online business and a blog helps to not only bait the traffic but it will also help to keep the audiences engaged and locked. Giving people more information will make them informed and want to buy from you other than from another source that lacks information.

You need to make blogging part of your business and allocate more time and effort towards it. The more you use it, the better it will be for your business. And the fact that you do not need to be a guru to run a blog just makes it even perfect. With a few mouse clicks you can quickly install a blogging CMS and be running in no time.

Final Word:

If you have a website that doesn’t have a blog then you haven’t been serious with your internet marketing. Gone are the days when one could just slap a simple site and expect people to flock in and buy their products and services. With almost every business using the web to woo clients and customers, it is time that you up your game and come up with a solid strategy of making it big in the internet marketing scene. A blog can do wonders for you if you use it well. Following the approaches mentioned above, you can make it big with your blog.

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linkedin traffic

Are you using LinkedIn and getting traffic from the social media site? LinkedIn is one of those social media sites that have been underestimated by many webmasters. Folks fail to understand that it is one of the most visited sites on the web. On the other side of the line, of those who seem to know their potential, most of them do not know how to get quality LinkedIn traffic. This guide has been made to help guide you on how you can easily get tons of traffic from LinkedIn and give your site the ultimate boost it needs to stay afloat. Here are the strategies that you need to implement to get the traffic;

Make Your Profile Stand Out

Your profile is the first thing that you’d want to make sure that it is spot on. This reflects the image that the audiences see whenever they come across your content or a link to your profile. Your profile is a selling tool that will advertise you and give the audience the bigger picture about your skills. You should therefore take time to craft something that is both captivating and fun to read (adding a little humor always does magic).

Some of the best profiles are those considered to be funny and informative. Be sure to include all your merits and best performances in whatever you do. Adding links to your website is also appropriate and sure to get you some handy clicks.

Use LinkedIn On The Go

LinkedIn has always been in the forefront when it comes to tech and with the current use of smartphones to access internet, they have the numbers. Almost 30% of LinkedIn uses accesses the social media site using their smartphones and other smart devices. These are significant number of users which therefore, demands that you be on toes and ensure that the audiences enjoy ease of navigation and accessibility of the site.

You need to make sure that your website is responsive and fast enough to give the audiences top-notch experience when navigating your site. This will in turn increase engagement on your site therefore boosting the share-ability of your content which means more traffic for you.

Post Articles As Status Updates And Ensure Relevancy

If there is another thing that you’d want to ensure is done perfectly is to ensure maximum exposure for your content. The best thing to do when it comes to this is to ensure that you post your content as status updates. This will ensure that your followers an people who you have affiliation with will get a notification letting them that there is a new update. This is by far the best way to get extended exposure as compared to just posting the normal blog posts which has lesser chances of being read by more people.

The other thing that you’d want to keep in mind is to ensure relevancy of your content. You cannot write and share content with people who do not want them since they will not buy your products o services. Share the content with the relevant groups and communities and you will get good results.

Optimize Your Website With LinkedIn Share Baits

Just like any other social media site, LinkedIn allows sharing and commenting on any topic. As a webmaster, you need to also take the fore leap and make sure that you have the baits that will capture the attention and ensure more share-ability which pulls traffic. LinkedIn has the potential of getting your posts viral if they are worthy. Perhaps the very first step to this is to include catchy share buttons alongside the content on your site. This is necessary so that the reader has the option to share the content as they wish with other social media friends and their followers.

You can as well add captivating notes asking people to share the content with their followers and readers. Depending on the quality and how the reader likes the content, they could end up sharing them therefore creating a viral effect and a chance for your website to receive many visitors.

Consider Advertising On LinkedIn

Almost all the top social media sites give webmasters the opportunity to advertise and reach even more visitors than they are already doing organically. Since LinkedIn is already a well-known website that attracts millions of people, there is no doubt that the site will send you tons of high quality visitors. And that is no all, you will love the fact that you can easily target and choose the kind of traffic that you need from the site.

Setting up advertisements on LinkedIn is very simple and if you have ever set up any pay per click advertisements, it is pretty much the same. The next thing after setting up your advertisements is to master how to optimize them so that they will get you on a positive ROI. Otherwise, you will be running at a loss and your whole advertising campaign will be pointless.

Final Word

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is one of the top powerhouses which internet marketers can tap into. Regardless of the niche and industry that you are into, LinkedIn is a network of professionals and you can easily make your website a buzz with these audiences. The only thing that you need to master is the art if sending that web traffic and the guide above will come in handy with that. They are also easy to implement and run these strategies whereby any newbie can get started with.

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instagram traffic

There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the best social media platforms today. It’s flocked by hundreds of millions of active users regularly, all from different geo-locations and niches. Not many marketers have been able to crack the code about generating traffic from Instagram and this is simply because it is different and demands a different approach that the tactics used in other platforms.

Being a photo-inspired social media platform, you need appealing images to capture the attention of your followers and the general audiences. You also have to be locked into your niche and avoid sharing images that are irrelevant. These are just but the basics of winning in the social media site. Below is a complete guide on how to leverage the social media platform and generate traffic that converts.

Make Use Of Hashtags

The culture of using hashtags started years back with Twitter and has since then being adopted by multiple social media sites. Instagram has also adopted the use of hashtags and has so far seen a lot of people using it as a tool. Hashtags are meant to help people discover and share trending topics by categorizing them. The best way to win your audience with hashtags is by creating content based on the trending topics. You can easily create humorous memes based on the trending topics in your niche and you will easily gran the attention of many viewers. Depending on how engaging the images you create are, you stand a chance to enjoy the viral nature of the social media which will get you more exposure and traffic.

Hashtags are the fuel of social media and you will lose a lot without implementing them. They are like the key that opens up social media potential. As long as you do not overuse them, you can count on it as a good way to source fresh targeted leads to your website.

Use Influencer Marketing

Every industry has their influencers and niche pro and reaching out to them to help you in your marketing quests is just one of the best ways that you can get your website more visibility and traffic. If you are still new to influencer marketing, then it is the process of reaching out to top industry experts asking them to help you with marketing. Since these people have more followers they will get you in front of many audiences without much on your side. If you have ever done guest posting, the outreach process is pretty much the same only that this time you are reaching out to influencers through Instagram. All you have to do to get started is find some of the best potential social media influencers in your niche, collect their contact information then reach out to them with a pitch.

Getting the attention of top influencers however depends on the content and nature of what you are promoting. If you are promoting a unique product or service that is in-demand, then penetrating and getting the help of an influencer could be easy. Some influencers also charge to help promote your brand which is fair enough depending on the number of follower that they have. Always focus on working closely with influencer with more followers to get even better results.

Many online brands are using influencer marketing to boost their brands which so far has shown tremendous performances. There is also no reason why Instagram influencer marketing should not work for you. Once accepted by the influencer, you can agree on the terms and have your post online. You shouldn’t forget to add your link so that you can get traffic to your website. Otherwise it could end up being a waste of time.

Optimize Your Instagram Channel

trafficHow is your Instagram profile? Does it captivate and inspire audiences? Instagram is somewhat different compared to other social media sites but the best part about that is that almost everyone who comes across your posts and images must go through your profile. With that in mind, it is easy to capture the attention of the audiences if you have what it takes. You need to start with the profile and make it as appealing as possible. Under your profile, you have an opportunity to put your website link which is something that you should not ignore. It is probably the only perfect spot that you will use to direct visitors to your website.

The next thing that you’d want to do is to combine your social media channels. As much as Instagram is a good social media channel that can be used as a standalone platform to generate qualified leads, you may also love the experience even more when you have all your social media sites combined. Research has shown that combining the effort of social media sites will help you build your follower base and credibility even faster.

Final word:

There is nothing that you can compare with social impact and Instagram traffic is the new craze that you should be focusing on. Whatever niche you are in, you stand to get incredible results with Instagram. Understandably, Instagram could become a big challenge especially for newbie social media marketers and the above pointers should be enough to keep you rolling. They are some of the best strategies that are used by social media marketing gurus and the best thing is that it is easy to clone them and implement for your website.

These strategies are sure to get you tons of traffic. However, if time is not on your side, it might be difficult to make Instagram work for you. You might also need a little investment to get things rolling. If that is the case that you find yourself in, then why not let us do the hard work of acquiring traffic? We are one of the best traffic agencies that you will come across on the web. Having a huge network from almost every niche, we have been able to serve our clients with the best quality traffic at unbeatable prices. Hop in and check out our welcome discounted traffic packages today.

website speed

Page load speed is among the most crucial elements that need to be looked into in every website. It could be the determining factor on whether you will make a sale online or not. Researchers in the internet marketing world have found that pages with faster page load speeds have good performance in terms of getting more leads and sales. What does this mean? It simply means that if you would like to get good results online from the traffic that you are acquiring, then you need to make sure that your website loads fast.

Let’s take this on a practical level. Assuming that you are shopping online for baby toys and you stumble upon a site on the search engine results. On opening the website, you realize that the website is slow and you have to wait for the page to load. Next, you still realize that you need to add another product and you have to apparently wait even more time for the next page to load. You will definitely get tired of waiting for the pages to load and the next thing that you will do is go and shop in another website. Now, from an internet marketer’s perspective, that is a big loss considering that your website is visited by dozens upon hundreds of people.

Here is yet another shock that you will learn. Google and other search engines also gives credit and favor to the websites that loads faster. This simply means that if your website loads faster than that of your competitors then Google another search engines like Yahoo and Bing will give you more credibility over your competitors hence sending you more traffic .

How To Make Your Website Fast And Increase Traffic Potential

Since we all have seen the need to make a website fast, here are some for the things that you need to do to make sure that your site is up to par and stands up above your competition;

Getting Fast Hosting

Perhaps the very first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have a good web hosting provider. Not all hosting companies are the same and you need to know which one offers the perfect package for your website. This will basically depend on the amount of traffic and the size of your website. You should always make sure that the allocated resources are fast and the servers in use are also of good speed.

If need be, you may also seek the help of an expert in helping you to decide which is a good hosting for your website. This will come in handy especially if you are still new to the web hosting world and don’t know which one to go with.

Cache Your Website

Another approach that you can easily adopt on your website is to cache web pages to utilize the previously saved versions of the website. This will drastically reduce the time spent loading the website. Caching simply saves the website data on the use’s browser just like the case with cookies and the quickly loads it when the user wants to view the site. Extended cache technology also helps to pre-load other pages by saving those pages that the use might click next. There are dozens of caching scripts and plugins that one can use depending on the platform or CMS that they are using. And the best thing about that is that most of them do not require any investment to install on the website.

Use G-zip Compression And Optimize Images

Another thing that you may want to ensure is taken care of to ensure steady flow of web traffic without losing them is by optimizing the website and compressing images and media files. By compressing these images and media files, you will be literally reducing their sizes which means that there is little bandwidth to spend as well as reduced time to download the webpages to the browser.

Implementing Gzip compression on your website could require one to have some basic understanding of coding on languages such as php or Javascript, but you could also come across some plugins an scripts to help you do this.

Monitor The Website Speed

Lastly, but most importantly, you should keep monitoring your website speed loading page to ensure that the site is speedy and loads as it should. Sometimes the website gets overloaded by the dummy content and also increase in content as the website ages. Keeping regular check on your website will help you know when to take action and maintain your site under good speed.

There are dozens of online tools that you can use to keep track of your site. Two good examples of this is Pindgdom, and for people who use WordPress as their content management system, there are dozens of plugins from the repository that will come in handy.

Final Word:

Improving your website speed not only makes your users engaged but it also makes your site search engine friendly. How your website loads could mean a lot especially when it comes to traffic acquisition. Coming up against your competitors with a website that takes ages to load could be suicide as your competitors will have the upper hand in both engaging the traffic and also getting favors from the search engines. As long as the search engines remain a top web traffic source, you need to make sure loads fast to meet the algorithmic requirements so that you can rank higher and get more web traffic.

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Analysis have it that video is the future of web content. More people are inclined to using videos to make informed decisions and get information rather than relying on content. Although the number of people using the traditional written content is significant, it is clear that more people by the day are switching to using video content. As internet marketers and traffic being among the most important concern, we need to make sure that we leverage every traffic opportunity and YouTube is one that you don’t want to miss out on. But how does one do this?

In this post, we will go though some of the ways that you can use to get high amount of YouTube traffic to your website the easy way. Here are the tips that you need to implement to star getting a piece of the juicy traffic from YouTube:

Focus On Keyword Research And Optimization

Gone are the old days when one could just come up with something and just post it online and expect it to pick up and get viral. Today, with the gargantuan loads of content posted by thousands of people, you have to know your audiences and know how to reach them. And if you have been in the online game for a while then you already know about keyword research and how important it is especially to the search engines. You cannot just post a video without knowing the keywords that you are targeting. Doing so blindly will result in poor results since there is no precise audience targeting.

The next thing that you’d want to ensure is spot-on with your video is the optimization part. There are several things that need to be optimized so that the video can have better visibility to the target audience. Some of these include the title which should be catchy and keyword rich, the description and the tags used.

Consider The Video Quality And Clarity Of Information

Who loves low quality stuff? Nobody of course. So if you are going to create low quality videos to post online, you are in for a shock. Nobody will be interested in your video and you’ll even be lucky to have someone staring at your video for more than a few minutes. If you would like to get the best out of your videos, then you need to take some time to create good ones that will impress the audience and also one that will add value to them. If your video answers the audience’s quest, then there is no reason why they wouldn’t follow a link to you site or offer.

To sum this up, creating a video isn’t enough. You have to make sure that your content stands out and you have presented it in an appealing way that the audience will love it. This way, they will go through the video to the end and you will be able to grab their attention at whatever point of the video you wish to.

Create Call To Actions And Use Annotations

One of the rules of internet marketing is to do whatever it takes to capture the attention of the audience and one of the best known ways of doing that is by using call to action and captivating lines. The good news is that YouTube also gives you the chance to capture the audiences in whichever way that you want to. YouTube has some on-screen tools such as annotations which allow you as the video creator and owner to add annotations which may also include live links. Adding these annotations and call to action are painless and takes less than a minute to put it.  You should also not forget to add a link to your website o landing page on your video along a captivating description. Many people go through the description and almost all of them who view it will click on the link of they love the video content.

The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to not over-optimize your video. If you do this, then it will become annoying to see the annotations popping up every second and could force the visitors to leave your video without completing it. The secret is to not be so aggressive and spoil everything but placing the annotations and captivating notifications on the video at strategic points that are not obstructive should be enough to do the trick. You should also add a call to action at the end of the video as a slide. This is something that has been seen to work for many video marketers and should also work for you.

Final Word:

Video marketing is slowly taking charge and becoming one among the best internet marketing strategies today. There is a share for everyone who takes action to reap the benefits with the video and YouTube is one platform that you need to be at. With billions of registered users and millions of daily visitors who are looking for something new, you need to claim a space for yourself and use the tool to revolutionize your marketing. The good thing with that is that it is simple to get started and follow through. And the other thing that you will love with YouTube is the fact that there isn’t much to do as the video recommendation system is on your side. Perhaps just a little kick with social media and your video goes viral. Again it will depend with the quality and how enticing the content of your video is.

If you would like an even simpler way that will get you tons of web traffic to your website, then we are here to help you do the hard work. We will deliver high quality web traffic that is targeted to your website niche. You have all the control and you can dictate the targeting aspects of the traffic that you would like us to deliver to your website. Head over to our order page and grab our affordable web traffic packages.

amazon affiliate traffic

Do you have an amazon affiliate website and can’t get enough traffic and conversion from your product reviews? Amazon has become one of the best ways that one can get passive income online, thanks to the fact that it is served by one of the most trusted brands which hosts almost every product. Be it mattresses, toys or scooters that you are an expert in, Amazon gives you a chance to make bank with your experience by reviewing the product of your choice on your website. However, after reviewing, the next big challenge is to get traffic to that site. It doesn’t however have to be that hard. In this post, we will go through some of the best and easiest ways that you can follow to drive massive amount of targeted traffic to your amazon affiliate site. Here they are;

Focus On Profitable And High Volume Keywords

Search engines have been among the best ways to get high quality traffic to any website regardless of the niche that it is on. Be it a gambling casino site or an affiliate site, SEO has in the past shown that it is one of the best ways that one can rely on for traffic. However, to get the best out of the search engines, you have to have the right keywords that people are seating for. You cannot just presume that people will be searching for certain keywords but you have to dig deep and use some of the keyword research tools to determine whether the keywords are worth targeting.

You should keep in mind that there are those keywords that are buyer intended and those that have high number of searches. These are the keywords that you should be targeting because they have higher potential of bringing in good income. To do this, you need to line up keyword research tools that will help you do the research.

Make Your Website Load Fast

Speed is something that you cannot argue about when it comes to conversion and every experienced internet marketer knows that.

Assume that you have a website that loads for a minute before a particular page opens, then a customer hops in to shop. Rest assured that before the page loads half of the people visiting your website will have left and opted to use another site instead. On the other side of the line, assume that there is a website that loads speedily and the customer opens the pages in pop-speed. While someone enjoys the experience on the website they also get to shop and navigate with ease without leaving the site due to the frustrations of page load delays. This is the same reason why you need to make sure that your website loads fast and easy to navigate around it.

To speed-up your site, you should first ensure that the host you are working with has allocated the necessary resources and bandwidth enough to make your site load fast.

Test Different Aspects On Your Review Pages

If there is something that many internet marketers have been failing at, is testing. Different pages will vary because there is no measure on how people will react to different wording. As such, it is necessary to test different variations of content and reviews on the site. This is a process called split testing where one uses different versions of a page to see how they vary and determine which one works better than the other so that they can use the best.

The first thing that you’d want to do is to ensure that the content on your site is top notch and has been written to the best standard possible. This is an approach that has been used for many years within the internet marketing world and there is no reason why it should not work for you too. So if you are looking to make the best out of your site and maximize returns, be sure to optimize the page by running split testing and also testing small tweaks such as changing buttons and positioning of the call to actions.

Create Viral Linkable Assets

classifieds trafficSocial media has been one of the best ways to get traffic online, but many Amazon affiliates have never leveraged full potential in these sites. Why? Because they do not create viral linkable assets that gets them traffic and links that will give them good search engine juice for a lengthy period of time. If you have been following recent threads on traffic, you already know that getting links these days has become tougher especially with tougher restrictions that have been imposed by the search engines in an effort to maintain quality. But you really don’t have to worry much if you know how to create content that will go viral.

You need to find unique content that is both informative and exciting to the readers and then present t in a manner that they cannot resist; that is through humor. This is an approach that has been working for many internet marketers. After that, all you need to do is just give it the extra social media kick that it needs to reach the right audience. Depending on how catchy and informative you content s, you can get tons of traffic to your website, not to mention links from many sites.

Final Word

Amazon remains one of the true affiliate marketing opportunities in the web marketing world. Having yourself a well-established site that gets handsome amount of traffic will keep you on a passive payroll and that is exactly what many people are enjoying without having to work their 9 to 5 jobs. However, you need to have quality traffic to get those conversions.

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If internet marketing is something that you are seriously into then you need to be on toes and make sure that you are doing your best to get high quality traffic that will give you conversions. In a world where automation and technology is essential, tools will come in handy and in this post, we will go through some of the latest tools that have shown impressive results over time.  Most of the tools are free but others are paid for but they are well worth the investment. Here are the tools;

IFTT (If This, Then That)

Automation is something that every internet marketer should keep in mind and IFTT is one tool that every marketer should have in their rolodex. This tool enables you to simplify the post submission process to over 30 platforms. Furthermore you can also use it to nest these submissions so that you can create a network which is more credible and recommended based on search algorithms if you intend to get better search engine visibility. Beyond that, you will also reach more people from social media without spending a lot of time.

One downside with IFTT is that it requires one to have some basic experience of interlinking the channels and moreso internet marketing experience. Newbies might not find it friendly but it is something that one can easily get along with in less than a week. From there, you can get rolling with top notch automation that will give you tons of web traffic to your site.

By now you must have known that guest posting is one of the best strategies that many internet marketers are focusing on. This is simply because it gives solid results which aren’t found with many other approaches. If you aren’t aware of guest posting, it is simply the process of reaching out to other bloggers in your niche and posting on those sites with the aim of baiting the audiences of that site to your website or blog.  However, guest posting isn’t an easy road and requires a lot from your side. Doing this manually could be tiresome and also time consuming. However, with the help of, a lot of burden has been reduced.

With, the hard task of finding blogs has been simplified and you can easily search and reach out to these blogs without much pain. If you are into guest posting like many internet marketers, then this is a tool that you must have.


Influencer marketing has already landed and it is making news in the airwaves. If you are not using influencer marketing then that is something that you should have started yesterday. You can however catch up with many internet markets and harness the high quality traffic in your niche. Klout is a tool that you will love when it comes to finding influencers in your niche. It first started as a tool to measure the social media performance of people on the social media and today it has grown to be a favorite tool that offers detailed analytics which influences internet marketers decisions. With the tool, you can easily search for a niche and you will get results of top influencer in that niche. You van then go ahead and pitch your ideas and products to those influencers with ease.

Perhaps some of the best things with influencer marketing is the fact that it is easy to get started with and you stand a high chance of getting thousands of traffic regardless of you website age. As long as you have content that stands out, you can easily make bank and gain authority in your niche.

Similar Web

Competitor analysis and benchmarking isn’t a new strategy, but one that not many internet marketers are using. We all know that there is always competition all over and it is a well-known fact that crushing you competition is necessary. Because if you do not crush them, then they will crush you. In order to stay afloat in the internet marketing world, you need to spy on your competition and Similar Web is a tool that will come in handy on that. It keeps track of millions of websites and analyzes them based on their traffic and performance over time. Similar Web boasts one of the largest databases on the web, thanks to its state of the art crawler that has made this possible.

You are not going to take out your competition with this tool, but it is a very powerful tool that will ensure that you are always at par with the competition as it will always keep you on the know.

Google Analytics

targeted trafficThis isn’t a surprise to many. Many internet marketers cannot live without this tool and it is simply because of the amazing features that it has. There are very few tools that compares with Google analytics and the fact that this one comes free makes it untouchable. Other high end analytic tools like clicky and Kissmetrics are paid for, making this the ultimate choice for many internet marketers.

Keeping track of your website performance and campaigns is very important and Google analytics makes it painless. The tool boasts high end features which you can use on almost every website and marketing campaign that you run online. If you are therefore looking for an analytic tool then Google analytic should be your first priority.

Final Word:

With these high end tools, you can easily accomplish a lot in the internet marketing world and harness tons of web traffic while also building an authority site. They are the tools that experts are using.

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guest blogging

If you have been in the internet marketing world for a while then you must have already heard if guest posting and the good things that come along with them. Guest blogging, otherwise known as guest posting is the process of writing blog posts on another different website with the aim of both sharing great content with other audiences while also attracting more reads and building your brand.

In this post, we will mull into the meat and highlight some of the reasons why guest posting will increase your website potential by increasing the traffic coming in. They are also easy to follow up on, so anybody can implement and use them. Here are the reasons why you should give guest blogging a chance;

It Builds Strong Relationships

One of the best ways to survive the internet marketing game is to build relationships with your fellow niche bloggers or colleagues. This way, regardless for how old your website is, you stand a chance to skyrocket your audiences and start competing with some authority sites that have been around before you.  When you interact and network with fellow bloggers who are in your niche, they will start gaining interest in what you have to offer in your industry and sooner or later they could end up pitching your product and services or vouching you to other people who are potentially interested in what you are offering. In simple words, guest posting will build you trust which is necessary for you to make sales and leads.

If you are looking for an approach that will help you to build a trust and also generate you high quality traffic then guest posting is there for you to tap into. Many webmasters have used it to up their internet marketing game.

Guest Posting Firmly Anchors Your Site On The Search Engines

We all know that search engines are among the best web traffic sources that one can get, but as the algorithm dictates, there are some factors that need to be met. Among them is acquiring high quality backlinks that will give the site credibility on those search engines. The more powerful backlinks that one has, the better search engine results that they stand to get. You shouldn’t however go around spamming links anyhowly just for the sake of getting that backlink. Search engines have some strict and well-engineered algorithms which can detect bad practices such as building un-natural links and you can get penalized for that. So, while guest posting is a good way of giving your site what search engines love, the links need to come out naturally or else the site could be penalized.

SEO is the future of the web and as long as people continue to rely on the search engines to find stuffs that they are looking for online, this is something that every webmaster should be into.

Get High Targeted Customers And Clients

There is no doubt that the people you will reach out to are interested in what you have to offer because they are in your niche. Unless you are doing random guest posts which will definitely give you nothing good in the end, your guest posts should give you qualified leads and sales.

If you are not targeting blogs in your niche then you might find it hard to come across users and audiences who are interested in what you have to offer on your website. For instance:- consider a blogger who also has an ecommerce store on their site that sells pet supplies. Unless this webmaster reaches out to other bloggers who are in the pet niche, he or she might not get good outcome from their site if they do not target people ion the pet niche. However, focusing on pet niche blogs will give the site a good platform and could easily transform visitors to customers. This is therefore something that you need to be careful on.

Things To Keep In Mind When Doing Guest Posting

You must have good and informative content to succeed in guest posting. Nobody will tolerate crap and useless content so to get the best results out of guest posting, you need to make sure that whatever you share will add value to the audiences of the site you are writing for.

You should also focus on building relationship more than getting link to your website. Keeping things naturally and not being overly-promotive is the best way to go.

You also ought to keep in mind is that you need to focus on authority sites which have already built a huge user base. Putting your focus on newer sites might not give you a very big impact since they still have little audiences. It is therefore important to analyze and find out the site metrics before you start doing your guest posting outreach.

The other thing that is very important when running guest posts is to make sure that you are focusing on your target niche. Without doing this, you will be building relationship with people who do not have any interest in you niche. This will be a waste of time and is not worth doing.

Final Word:

Guest posting is among the most promising internet marketing strategies that have been around for a while. While it has been around for years the power that the guest posting offers cannot be compared with many others. Consider it as a double edged sword for building both the brand and growing traffic to your website. Guest posting is free and all you have to do to get started is to start pitching and reaching out to bloggers in your niche.

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Do you have an eCommerce store and found yourself in the crossroads wondering how to get the best results? If so, you are not alone. Many people especially newbies have problems managing an eCommerce store. Facts also have it that only 10% of stores started become successful. The question is how and what do you do to become among these 10% and make your store a success?

There are a number of things that you need to implement to make sure that you are getting the best out of your store and in this guide, we will go through some of the most crucial ones that you can easily implement to avoid seeing your store nosedive. Here they are;

Implement Browser Cache To Speed Up The Store

Do you want your site to load fast? Would you like your users to shop smoothly and navigate your site buying your products in a snap? The only way to get that is by ensuring that your website loads fast.

If there is one thing that you should never gamble on when running an ecommerce store is the speed. Nobody is willing to spend more than a minute to wait for your page to load so that they can buy a product from your website. Instead, they would rather visit another website and shop there where they find the speed appealing. One of the best ways of speeding up your ecommerce store is by implementing browser cache which will help save a preloaded version of your website and store it in the browser of the users. Almost every major ecommerce store uses this approach and you should do that as well. There are plenty of scripts and plugins which can be implemented within just a few mouse clicks on your site.

Optimize For The Search Engines

Search engines have been the backbone of the web. There is no other simple and effective way that people can find stuffs that they need in the maze of web with millions of website. Whatever you would like to find online, in most cases you will have to use the search engines. From an internet marketer’s point of view, one can optimize their website to appear in the front page of the search engines.  SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of tweaking and making your website more visible on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Among the things that make search engine traffic lovable is the fact that they are free and also laser targeted which means that it converts perfectly when all other on-page factors are spot on. Although search engine optimization is a process that demands time, it is well worth the time invested.

Given the fact that search engines will still be the most reliable sources to find stuff online in the coming future, you should focus on SEO to reap the free and organic web traffic.

Optimize Ads For Better ROI

Don’t we all just love to spend less and get good returns on what we invest on? This is the nature of business and something that we all ought to keep in mind when doing ecommerce marketing.

Advertising your website is one of the best ways to get high quality traffic that is targeted. However, not every time will your advertisements work as expected. Most of the time, the adverts need to be tweaked to ensure that you are making a killing out of the investment input.

Split testing is one of the best ways that you can use to test and determine which advertisements to use. To use this approach, you should create different ads and landing pages and then run them parallel while keeping track of their performance to see which one works better than the other.  You should then run the best performing ad on the best landing page and this is how to make sure that you are getting the best out of your investment.

Ready Your Site For The Social Media

drive trafficThere is no denying that social media is a trove of opportunities. With hundreds of millions of people active on just the top three social media sites, there is a lot of potential and untapped traffic that one can go for.

To ready your site for social media means that you have to make it easy for users to share your website content through the many social media platforms that they could be engaged in. You should make sue to use the necessary plugins and scripts on your site and make it easy for your visitors to click and share your content. The good thing with that is that you can simply install plugins or paste some already coded script to do all this.

Social media is something that isn’t about to die but rather a wealth of opportunities for those who know how to reap them. If you are serious about building your brand and getting your ecommerce business to the next level, you should be on toes with the latest social media trends to ensure that your site gets the love it deserves.

Final Word

No-matter what kind of business you are running online, the only way to survive is by getting streams of high quality web traffic for your website. Running an ecommerce site is however sometimes tricky and could fail if not done well. To help you get off the ground and stay abreast, you can simply follow through the tips shared above. They are known to work for many people and will definitely work for you too.

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