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If you have been in the internet marketing world for a while then you must have already heard if guest posting and the good things that come along with them. Guest blogging, otherwise known as guest posting is the process of writing blog posts on another different website with the aim of both sharing great content with other audiences while also attracting more reads and building your brand.

In this post, we will mull into the meat and highlight some of the reasons why guest posting will increase your website potential by increasing the traffic coming in. They are also easy to follow up on, so anybody can implement and use them. Here are the reasons why you should give guest blogging a chance;

It Builds Strong Relationships

One of the best ways to survive the internet marketing game is to build relationships with your fellow niche bloggers or colleagues. This way, regardless for how old your website is, you stand a chance to skyrocket your audiences and start competing with some authority sites that have been around before you.  When you interact and network with fellow bloggers who are in your niche, they will start gaining interest in what you have to offer in your industry and sooner or later they could end up pitching your product and services or vouching you to other people who are potentially interested in what you are offering. In simple words, guest posting will build you trust which is necessary for you to make sales and leads.

If you are looking for an approach that will help you to build a trust and also generate you high quality traffic then guest posting is there for you to tap into. Many webmasters have used it to up their internet marketing game.

Guest Posting Firmly Anchors Your Site On The Search Engines

We all know that search engines are among the best web traffic sources that one can get, but as the algorithm dictates, there are some factors that need to be met. Among them is acquiring high quality backlinks that will give the site credibility on those search engines. The more powerful backlinks that one has, the better search engine results that they stand to get. You shouldn’t however go around spamming links anyhowly just for the sake of getting that backlink. Search engines have some strict and well-engineered algorithms which can detect bad practices such as building un-natural links and you can get penalized for that. So, while guest posting is a good way of giving your site what search engines love, the links need to come out naturally or else the site could be penalized.

SEO is the future of the web and as long as people continue to rely on the search engines to find stuffs that they are looking for online, this is something that every webmaster should be into.

Get High Targeted Customers And Clients

There is no doubt that the people you will reach out to are interested in what you have to offer because they are in your niche. Unless you are doing random guest posts which will definitely give you nothing good in the end, your guest posts should give you qualified leads and sales.

If you are not targeting blogs in your niche then you might find it hard to come across users and audiences who are interested in what you have to offer on your website. For instance:- consider a blogger who also has an ecommerce store on their site that sells pet supplies. Unless this webmaster reaches out to other bloggers who are in the pet niche, he or she might not get good outcome from their site if they do not target people ion the pet niche. However, focusing on pet niche blogs will give the site a good platform and could easily transform visitors to customers. This is therefore something that you need to be careful on.

Things To Keep In Mind When Doing Guest Posting

You must have good and informative content to succeed in guest posting. Nobody will tolerate crap and useless content so to get the best results out of guest posting, you need to make sure that whatever you share will add value to the audiences of the site you are writing for.

You should also focus on building relationship more than getting link to your website. Keeping things naturally and not being overly-promotive is the best way to go.

You also ought to keep in mind is that you need to focus on authority sites which have already built a huge user base. Putting your focus on newer sites might not give you a very big impact since they still have little audiences. It is therefore important to analyze and find out the site metrics before you start doing your guest posting outreach.

The other thing that is very important when running guest posts is to make sure that you are focusing on your target niche. Without doing this, you will be building relationship with people who do not have any interest in you niche. This will be a waste of time and is not worth doing.

Final Word:

Guest posting is among the most promising internet marketing strategies that have been around for a while. While it has been around for years the power that the guest posting offers cannot be compared with many others. Consider it as a double edged sword for building both the brand and growing traffic to your website. Guest posting is free and all you have to do to get started is to start pitching and reaching out to bloggers in your niche.

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Do you have an eCommerce store and found yourself in the crossroads wondering how to get the best results? If so, you are not alone. Many people especially newbies have problems managing an eCommerce store. Facts also have it that only 10% of stores started become successful. The question is how and what do you do to become among these 10% and make your store a success?

There are a number of things that you need to implement to make sure that you are getting the best out of your store and in this guide, we will go through some of the most crucial ones that you can easily implement to avoid seeing your store nosedive. Here they are;

Implement Browser Cache To Speed Up The Store

Do you want your site to load fast? Would you like your users to shop smoothly and navigate your site buying your products in a snap? The only way to get that is by ensuring that your website loads fast.

If there is one thing that you should never gamble on when running an ecommerce store is the speed. Nobody is willing to spend more than a minute to wait for your page to load so that they can buy a product from your website. Instead, they would rather visit another website and shop there where they find the speed appealing. One of the best ways of speeding up your ecommerce store is by implementing browser cache which will help save a preloaded version of your website and store it in the browser of the users. Almost every major ecommerce store uses this approach and you should do that as well. There are plenty of scripts and plugins which can be implemented within just a few mouse clicks on your site.

Optimize For The Search Engines

Search engines have been the backbone of the web. There is no other simple and effective way that people can find stuffs that they need in the maze of web with millions of website. Whatever you would like to find online, in most cases you will have to use the search engines. From an internet marketer’s point of view, one can optimize their website to appear in the front page of the search engines.  SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of tweaking and making your website more visible on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Among the things that make search engine traffic lovable is the fact that they are free and also laser targeted which means that it converts perfectly when all other on-page factors are spot on. Although search engine optimization is a process that demands time, it is well worth the time invested.

Given the fact that search engines will still be the most reliable sources to find stuff online in the coming future, you should focus on SEO to reap the free and organic web traffic.

Optimize Ads For Better ROI

Don’t we all just love to spend less and get good returns on what we invest on? This is the nature of business and something that we all ought to keep in mind when doing ecommerce marketing.

Advertising your website is one of the best ways to get high quality traffic that is targeted. However, not every time will your advertisements work as expected. Most of the time, the adverts need to be tweaked to ensure that you are making a killing out of the investment input.

Split testing is one of the best ways that you can use to test and determine which advertisements to use. To use this approach, you should create different ads and landing pages and then run them parallel while keeping track of their performance to see which one works better than the other.  You should then run the best performing ad on the best landing page and this is how to make sure that you are getting the best out of your investment.

Ready Your Site For The Social Media

drive trafficThere is no denying that social media is a trove of opportunities. With hundreds of millions of people active on just the top three social media sites, there is a lot of potential and untapped traffic that one can go for.

To ready your site for social media means that you have to make it easy for users to share your website content through the many social media platforms that they could be engaged in. You should make sue to use the necessary plugins and scripts on your site and make it easy for your visitors to click and share your content. The good thing with that is that you can simply install plugins or paste some already coded script to do all this.

Social media is something that isn’t about to die but rather a wealth of opportunities for those who know how to reap them. If you are serious about building your brand and getting your ecommerce business to the next level, you should be on toes with the latest social media trends to ensure that your site gets the love it deserves.

Final Word

No-matter what kind of business you are running online, the only way to survive is by getting streams of high quality web traffic for your website. Running an ecommerce site is however sometimes tricky and could fail if not done well. To help you get off the ground and stay abreast, you can simply follow through the tips shared above. They are known to work for many people and will definitely work for you too.

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buying casino traffic

Casinos are among the most lucrative niches in the internet marketing arena. However, to gush cash from your site, you need to have the right kind of traffic that will get you conversions. Without the right kind of traffic to your website, your website is as good as dead and not worth having.

In this guide, we will go through some of the most common mistakes that one should avoid to get the best out of their casino websites. The good thing is that they can be easily avoided and anyone regardless of their experience can get started with them. Here they are;

No Blog

Perhaps the most common thing that many people ignore is to have an active blog. Blog acts as traffic magnets and almost every successful online site in every niche has a blog that engages their audiences. Although it is an optional move to have a blog on your site, it is always crucial moreso in a world dominated by search engines that gives more credit to sites that tend to have more information. If you are therefore looking to dominate your niche, you ought to have a blog and make sure that it is engaging enough to bait audiences through social media and search engines.

Failing To Advertise

Long gone are the days when we used to put up posts and expect it to go viral and start pulling traffic to the site. Nowadays you need to give your posts and other pages that extra kick to get the much needed visibility. There are plenty of web traffic sources that you can use to buy quality traffic for your site. Among the most common sites where you can buy traffic includes Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and many others. You should however be careful not to fall into the ever rising scams.

Although there are many ways that you can use to get exposure for your site without spending a dime, having a small budget could be very beneficial in getting that boost.

Poor Keyword Research

In a world where finding anything on the web must go through the search engines, internet markets should always find ways of leveraging the search to harness the traffic. The first thing that comes after digging up on your niche is to find the best keywords that you can easily rank for. You keywords should also have high number of searches so as to get sufficient web traffic to your casino site who will convert. Poor keyword research is to blame for many websites failure since the owners cannot make bank with the keywords that they are working on.

Poor Web Tracking And Analytics

Do you know how your web traffic is fairing? Without knowing how your website is doing you will not be able to make decisions and plans that will see your site grown. This is why it is necessary to implement an analytic system on your site which will keep track of your traffic and their behaviors. Google Analytic, Kissmetrics and Clicky are some of the best known analytic tools that will come in handy when you are looking for something that will help you keep track of your website and how users interact with it. With these tools, you can keep track of things such as bounce rate, pageviews and even conversion rate.

Failing To Scale Up

Ask any successful internet marketer on how they make it and they will tell you that it takes time to make bank with their site. Getting conversions from a website isn’t very easy and sometimes it demands that one optimize their site based on their finding and research. You have to test different versions of your ad to ascertain which one is perfect and converts better. You should also ensure that you are getting the best ROI from your advertisements if you are investing money on it.

Slow Website Loading Speed

dating trafficWebsite page speed is something that you need to be concerned about especially in this era where competition is high. Your site needs to be fast to stand up to the competition.

Imagine visiting a website that takes a minute to load. It is obvious that before that site loads you will have already considered closing it and visiting another site to find what you are looking for. This is the same thing that happens when your site is slow. Clients and customers will opt out and go for another competitor site. This means loss of sales and leads which is something that you cannot afford to lose especially if you are in a competitive niche. You should implement browser caching and pre-load page among other approaches to ensure that your website loads fast.

Not Creating An Email List

Ever heard of the cliché that the money is ion the list? It always is in the list and you will be dump to not create an email list in a world of serious internet marketers where competitors are all over looking to crush you and get you out of business. If you want to survive in today’s internet marketing world, creating a sales funnel that starts from the email list is something that is a must.

There are many email marketing tools that you can start with which will also help you to keep record and analytics of your opt-ins.

Final Word:

If you are able to steer away from the web traffic mistakes discussed above, you are ion your way to getting a more productive casino site that attracts high quality visitors who will get you conversions.

If you are looking for a surefire way to get traffic to your casino website then you can always check out our high quality web traffic that are casino site friendly. We have been serving casino traffic to many websites for a long time and we are certain that you will love the quality of the web traffic from our network. Get in touch with us if you have any question about the web traffic and whether it is perfect for you.

drive traffic to your blog

Do you run a classified site and just wondering how you will get people to enter and start posting? Or are you wondering how you will get people to see some of the posted ads on your classified site? Driving this kind of traffic is not an easy task and demands that one do a lot in terms of leveraging high end traffic sources to build both the brand and the audiences. So how does one do this?

In this guide, we will take you through some of the best classified traffic sources that you can easily implement on your site to start seeing high quality results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There is no debate on whether SEO is a good traffic source or not and if you have been in the internet marketing world for a while then you already know that it is one of the best traffic sources that one can get online. SEO is the process that involves tweaking a website and making it more visible through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The process takes many phases that demands one to be keen and work on to ensure that all search engine algorithms are met. There is the on-page optimization which deals with website structure and content theming and on the other side is the off-page optimization which deals with external linking and how the site relates to other sites on the web. Both of these are paramount to the visibility of the website in the search engines.

Perhaps one of the things that makes SEO one of the best ways to get traffic is the fact that the traffic is organic and free. If you are therefore looking for a long term strategy that will send you classifieds traffic then this is one you should highly consider.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are some of the common sites that are frequently visited by thousands upon millions of people across the web. They are the three top social media sites that have got the attention of everyone and this doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. These social media sites along with many others have presented internet marketers with untapped opportunities to leverage high quality traffic which can be used for many purposes classifieds sites included. Many classified sites have successfully used social media to give their sites a better brand image and also to get high quality traffic that gets them results.

Social media doesn’t demand one to spend any money to get started and most things can be started without any initial investment. If you are therefore a newbie who is getting started and want traffic for your classifieds site then this is yet another one that you ought to give a shot.

Paid Advertising

Paying for web traffic is something that you can always consider if you have some money to invest. However, not all sites that claim to sell traffic are good and you shouldn’t just rush into buying the traffic that is on offer. Statistics shows that there is more spammy traffic than those that are legit and this means that you ought to be more careful on where you buy traffic from. Among some of the best places that you can always trust on to buy high quality traffic for your classified website includes; Google adwords, Yahoo Ads, Bing Ads and you can also count on us to give you high converting traffic here at and Web traffic.

If you have some money to invest in building your site audience and give it a better image in the industry then you can always dive in to the world of paid advertisements which shouldn’t be a brainer if you are running your campaigns on the right network.

Influencer Marketing

classifieds trafficInfluencer marketing is the rage these days and if you are looking for a surefire way to get your brand well noticed within a short time frame then this has proven to be among the best ways to achieve this. But what is influencer remarketing? For anyone who doesn’t know what influencer marketing then this is the use of top influential people in your niche to help you market your products or services to their audiences. The process basically involves the owner of the site or online business pitching the influencer to help them market their website or product. Depending on how the influencer likes to promote the site, they can either agree or decline to the request. Some influencer s charge a fee to help promote while others do not charge anything.

Since these influencer have already earned trust from their followers, you will not only get traffic but also get some trust which in turn will boost you conversion ate and profits. If this isn’t something that you need to get your classified site off the ground then you will hardly come across one that will do better than this.

Final word:

Classified websites have been around for many years and even before the dawn of search engine marketing, classifieds sites were the rage. This however, doesn’t mean that they are dead and not reliable. With Craiglist, Backpage and Kijiji leading the classified sites and being among the most visited sites on the internet means that there is high potential to leverage and make a killing in the industry. However, this only happens when you have plenty of traffic to generate you the income needed. With the traffic sources shared on this site, you surely can’t go wrong when looking for classifieds traffic to bolster your site.

If you are however looking for one slobber knocker way to drive traffic to your website the hassle free way without going through the hard trolls, then you might want to check out our highly customization web traffic packages. Many classifieds webmasters have used our web traffic to boost their site and stabilize their audiences. This is something that we are most certain will give you the much needed boost to get you sales and conversions.

Increase your site traffic

Getting high quality web traffic that converts is one of the most important thing to every internet marketer out there. It is the only determining factor that makes sense to every online business. If you would like to make bank online, you have to make sure that you site flocks with traffic and what you are sending the right people to the offers. However, it doesn’t always come easy as you have to find top quality sources. In this post, we will go through some of the best traffic sources that will make an impact to your internet marketing campaigns. Here they are;

Facebook PPE

Facebook PPE (Pay Per Engagement) is perhaps one of the latest but very effective paid form of advertisement that has rocked the ad industry. With pay per engagement, the ads are simply advertised and pushed to reach more people and regardless of whether they see it, there should be an engagement on your advertisement. An engagement is either a like or share which translates to more people viewing your advert. Simply put, Facebook is charging you to push the advertisement to people who are interested enough to share the ad.

Propelled by the power of viral ability, your ad campaigns can reach more people without spending more which in turn helps you to cut on costs as compared to other forms of advertising like you would experience with other forms of advertising like PPC. If you are looking for an easy way to launch seamless campaigns and get the ball rolling then Facebook PPE is a good place to start.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is yet another powerful site that rose to social media stardom in the recent years. Statistics show that it is among the top 5 best social media sites that we have today. It has millions of active users who flock the site regularly to find pictures and creative that they can use for various ways. Users choose the categories that they are interested in and start curating and pinning photos that they love.

The good news is that Pinterest is willing to share these highly targeted visitors with internet markets that advertise through their network. And you will love the fact that you can easily target people that are in your niche based on the categories and their interests. Something else that you will love with pinterest advertising is the fact that you can run buyable pins which lets people buy things directly by just clicking and shopping through pinterest. Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool especially for people who can create images for their products.

Run Social Media Influencer Outreach

If you have been keen on social media marketing, then influencer outreach isn’t something that is new to you. It has quickly turned out to be one of the best

So what is influencer outreach and what does in entail? Influencer marketing is the process of reaching out to some of the leading influencers in a certain industry and getting their help in pushing a product or using them to help you send more traffic to your website. It is something that many big brands are focusing on but there is no limit or restriction and anyone regardless for the site of their business can get started with it. Getting started is simple and doesn’t need a lot of skills to master since it is all about just pitching your content or product and asking the influential people to help with marketing. Some will ask for a charge while others might fall in love with the content and they could just do it for free. Sending free offers to these influencers if you have a product is also something else that you may want to consider.

Instagram Advertising

Yet another social media site that is rocking and turning heads of advertisers is Instagram. It might be among the youngest among the top social media sites but it has plenty to offer, thanks to its huge user-base that spans hundreds of millions of active users. It resembles Pinterest in that it is photo-based and users interact and engage through photos. Perhaps the major difference with Pinterest is that Instagram also includes videos as part of their content. Instagram, like other social media sites has several modes of serving their adverts, but the most common and one that has shown tremendous results is the impression based model.

Instagram is also a good place to start if you are a newbie and getting started with internet marketing. This is because it doesn’t demand a lot to get started and master the advertising module. Above that, you will also get high quality traffic that will get you conversions, thanks to the fact that users are categorized based on their hobbies and what they are interested in. The only downside is that some niches might not work well and others could demand some knowledge and marketing creativity to penetrate and make a killing.

Final Word:

These are some of the best social media marketing approaches that you can use to propel your site to the next level where you can be able to reap much higher profits and impressive return on investment. There are plenty of web traffic sources but not most of them will deliver and meet the needs of many internet marketers. These are some of the bets strategies that you can also use if you are a newbie in the internet marketing world and don’t know where to start.

Should you want some other high quality web traffic for your website, then why not take some time to go through our best affordable traffic packages. We source our web traffic from hundreds of sites within our network which comprises of sites under different niches. We serve these traffic to any niche that you may be interested in and you can set your targeting to whatever targeting factors you need. If you need more details about our website traffic, we would like to give you information, so why not get in touch with us for more?

paid traffic sources

Expert internet marketers hardly doubt what they can get with paid traffic, but all that is only achieved when you know what you are doing. There is more to paid traffic than you think and you have to be extra careful and cautious on how you run your campaigns. Doing a simple mistake can cost you a lot and could take time to recover. In this guide, we have prepared and highlighted some of the crucial things that every internet marketer who wants to venture into paid advertisements should consider.

Knowing these things will help you to grow your paid traffic campaigns while getting good results.

Knowing Your Keywords And How To Go About Optimizing Them

Among some of the most important assets that one should be keen on when running paid advertisements especially with PPC (Pay Per Click) is how the keywords are optimized to bring good results. Without mastering keywords and how to optimize them your campaigns will fail to produce the needed results since the targeting is poor.

Among some of the most crucial things that you need to master when it comes to optimizing your ads are buyer intent keywords. Not all keywords will yield good returns as some audiences will not like to buy from you as they could just be looking for information. These are the kind of traffic that you should filter out and avoid them. A good example is a the word “free” since these people are looking for free products, these are among the keywords that you need to avoid and if possible you should go ahead and add them to your negative keyword list.

Ads Targeting

The next thing that you’d want to keep in mind is to ensure that you get your audience targeting right. One huge mistake that many people make is failing to set their ad campaigns to reach the right audiences. The good thing with most advertisement platforms is that they have good targeting features which enable advertisers to reach people who precisely need their products and services. This is the one factor that makes paid traffic stand out from the rest as one can also get results instantly if they are in the right network.

Among some of the targeting features that you will find includes geo targeting which enables you to reach out to audiences that are ion different locations. Under these platforms, you can also get traffic based on age, gender, among other things. Simply put, most advanced paid traffic lets you get the traffic that you need. Some of the best paid traffic sources that you’d want to consider when running your advertisements include; Google adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini ads and out top notch traffic service here at And Web Traffic.

Scaling Up Is A Must

email marketingDo you want to get the best out of your ad campaigns? Well, the best way to go about it is to maximize and ensure that your input pays off. You have to make sure that you are running ads that pay off in the long run and that you are getting the best ROI possible. This process is called scaling up. When scaling up, you have need to do a lot of testing and find out which are your winning ads that you should invest more on and also find out which ones are giving you losses so as to do with them.

One of the most crucial part that one needs to keep in mind when scaling up is to run split testing campaigns. Split testing is the process of testing different versions of an ad to ascertain whether it is worth delving into and which version works better than the other in terms of ROI. You should ensure that you spend the same amount when split testing so as to come up with a clear analysis on why the ad is not performing or why the other one is performing better than the other.

Quality Of The Ad Sources

Something else that most newbie internet marketers who get into paid traffic fail at is failing to find the best sources for the paid traffic. Not every website or platform that sells traffic will give you traffic that will convert on your products and services. With most web traffic vendors online using crooked methods to serve their traffic, the quality will not get you the results that you need. Research shows that there is an increase in the amount of bot usage to generate web traffic that mimics human behavior. As such, you should be keen on the web traffic sources that you get your traffic from.

You should do thorough reviews and check out consumer testimonials to determine whether it is really worth investing on. You should also determine which type of paid traffic sources will work for your site since not all sites will give the same results depending on the niche and the nature of your site.

Final Word:

Running profitable campaigns doesn’t come easy and you need to do more than just scaling up to see a good ROI. The tricks and techniques outlined above are just a few crucial ones that you should always be keen on. Perhaps the best thing with this is that they are easy to follow along and strategize on them. As long as web traffic is paramount and the determining factor on how well the site will perform, these strategies are crucial.

If you need some high quality web traffic that gets you results, then you may want to check out some of our affordable packages to start with. We are certain that you will love the traffic from our traffic. Regardless of whichever niche that you are in, you are sure to get good returns from your investment in our traffic since they are sourced from some of the best web sources. And you will also love our targeting features which lets you get laser targeted traffic which in turns gets you better conversions than any other traffic source.

buying casino traffic

Do you have a casino website or run a blog dedicated to casino audiences? If so, you need traffic to see conversions and profits from your site. Casino niche is understandably one of the most competitive ones that one can come across. Webmasters are all over trying to get the best ahead of the others which makes it very competitive especially for someone who has no experience in the industry.  Without traffic, you will never see anyone signing up to your casino offers and your site will also lack the interaction that it needs. One of the best ways that one can get traffic is by advertising. However, the downside with that is that there are little known ways that gets you results and sometimes the advertising costs are crazily priced.

So how do you go about this? There are a few ways to do this and we have highlighted them below.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is the most popular way of getting high quality and targeted website traffic to any website. Almost every serious internet marketer today is struggling to see that their website is ranked well in search engines like Google. Since people flock to these search engines to search for anything they want from their shopping supplies, food and services, these search engines will continue to be the backbone of the web. And this is the reason why every internet marketer should be concerned on how to make it work for them.

Among some of the best things that comes along with SEO is the fact that it is all organic and free. You do not need to pay for the traffic, which means that as long as you are ranking on Google for the right keywords and other search engines, the traffic will continue to flow to your website. All you have to do to get the best out of SEO is to master some optimization techniques and also stay under the radar to know of the latest search algorithms and updates.

Guest Posting

If you have been in the online game for a while then guest posting isn’t anything new to your ears. Guest posting is the process of posting blog posts on other sites that you do not own. You pitch other bloggers in the casino niche and then reach out to them asking them if you could drop an informative post on their site. Usually one includes a link to their site which will help to drive that kind of traffic to your site. If done well and when one focuses on the authority sites that have a huge amount of traffic, the end results are amazing.

Guest posting is like a two edged sword that helps you to get both instant traffic and build an authority sites that will dominate the industry in future. This means that guest posting is a long term strategy and is perfect for anyone who is looking for long term results.

Email Ad Swaps

Among some of the long known internet marketing strategies that have proven to work for almost every niche out there is email marketing. Email marketing enables one to get hold of those visitors who have been to their site and are not planning on buying anything the first time that they are there. So what one does is capture them and add them to your email list. Email ad swaps are brought about by swapping advertisements from one person to another one in the same niche. In this case, you will therefore be looking for other people who are in your casino niche and ask them to swap advertisements with you. This however works best if you have an email list that is close to the other person’s

Social Media

Yet another internet marketing strategy that we cannot fail to mention in this list is the social media. The 3 top social media sites have a huge follower base that is approximated to be in the ranges of above 1 billion active users. This makes it yet another traffic powerhouse and something worth venturing into for those who know how to tap this kind of traffic. It’s however not that hard, but requires one to come up with a workable strategy that has been proven to work. The good ne is that there are tons of forums and bloggers who have dedicated themselves to showing others how to succeed in the social media marketing game.

Among the golden rules of winning in the social media marketing game is to stick to your niche and focus more on building a good relationship with your followers rather than rushing to give them to your sales page and presenting them with offers. You first need to build trust with the audiences then sell to them later.

Final Word:

Casinos and gambling niche being one of the most lucrative ones gives many internet marketers in that industry a chance to gush tons of cash. It however doesn’t come easy. There is high competition on the industry and that means that one needs a unique and solid approach on how to get as many web traffic to their sites as possible. This is the only way to survive. Above, we have outlines some of the best casino traffic sources that you can easily use to get tons of visitors who will convert.

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WordPress is among the best blogging platform which webmasters have used for long. It is loved for its flexibility and high end performance which you will rarely find with other platforms. However to get the best and ensure that you have full control of you web traffic, you have to understand and know how the traffic on your site is. This is done by monitoring the site with the use of plugins. In this post, we will go through some of the bets wordpress plugins that you can use to keep track of your website traffic so as to foresee and plan ahead.

Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack is among the bets wordpress plugins which enjoys a large user-base. Many people who have used this plugin feel that they cannot run wordpress without it. It is also arguable one of the most complete when it comes to features.

If you are looking for an all-round plugin that offers robust stats that you can rely on to make informed decisions and plan for better performance of your website, then Jetpack is that plugin. Beyond offering web traffic, you will also enjoy other high end features such as security and others that will help your website users enjoy better experience.

Google Analytic Plugin

Google is a giant in the internet world and there is no doubt about that. With a huge user-base of over a billion every month, you can already tell that this is a trove of opportunities for internet marketers and webmasters. Above this, they have also edged and become a powerhouse of traffic analytics and their Google analytics platform is a phenomenon platform that is loved by many webmasters. Like Jetpack it comes fully loaded with tracking and analytic features that will enable you to make solid decisions and understand your web traffic better. A huge percentage of internet marketers also use this plugin with paid traffic which helps them perfectly, thanks to the fact that the plugin can be easily customized with events tracking.

Optin Monster

What is traffic without leads? Nothing of course. As much as we are yearning for web traffic and doing what we can to drive as many visitors to our sites, we need to also make sure that they will end up converting. So how do we do this? By capturing the visitors as leads to the sales funnel. When you have a plugin that captures the audiences and puts them in your list, you are halfway through to making a sale. It is a proven fact that most visitors do not convert as sales on the first time and the best way to take control of such a situation is by using optin plugins.

Optin monster is a plugin that you’d want to use when it comes to this. Although the plugin isn’t free, it has proven to be worth every penny spent.

Foobar Plugin

Have you ever come across a floating notice bar on a website and got caught by the message it has? If you have been around the web for a while then you must have noticed one of these plugins in use. Having a floating bar for a notice is one of the easiest and best way to capture the attention of audiences onto a landing page or an offer. Foobar is one of the best floating bars that you can use for multiple purposes and the good thing about it is that it is free to use.

If you are planning on advertising and getting your message noticed easily by your website audiences, then the best way is to use a floating bar like the Foobar.

Yoast SEO Plugin

SEO is a huge part of the internet marketing world today and this is because many people rely on the search engines like Google to find products and information. Without sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo, it would be a big pain to find something in a huge web of sites that have nothing connecting them. As part of the SEO marketing, on page is something that you don’t want to ignore and this is where Yoast comes in. Almost everyone who uses wordpress is using Yoast to optimize their pages for better visibility.

Using the plugin is quite easy and there is even a setting wizard for anyone who is looking for something easy to use.

WordPress Popular Posts

To make your website more user friendly, you need to make it easier to navigate and the best way to do that is by arranging your posts and hoe they are served to your audiences. WordPress popular posts is the plugin that you need to make this a reality. It enables you to arrange your posts so that the most popular ones appear more on top. This increases the page-views on your website which is a metrics that is used by Google and other crawlers to determine the authority and how your website is more reliable.

This is one of those plugins that shouldn’t miss in your rolodex if you are serious about building a huge audience over a long time.

Final Word:

Web traffic is paramount to any internet marketing project. WordPress being one of the best blogging platform has tons of tools and plugins that can help one to come up with a clear and focused web traffic management. The plugins highlighted above are some of the best which you should look into if you are looking to boost your website to the next level.

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Are you not getting enough of the traffic that you are investing on? As internet marketers, sometimes we find ourselves spending too much and not getting what we expect. This is however something that is common and experienced by many webmasters and internet marketers. There are a lot of things that one needs to do to ensure that they are getting better return on investment and that is what we will go through in this write-up. The strategies here are also straightforward and easy enough for any beginner to get along with. Here they are;

Watch Out for Your Competitors

It is something that is very obvious to come across competitors in every niche. Something that we ought to remember is that the competitors are also doing whatever they can to stay in business, so competing and striking hard is something that you’d want to invest in to survive. One way of getting to get ahead of your competitors is to beat them in what they do and that is by spying on them and knowing where they are putting their money. Amazingly, there is a colossal amount of tools today which one can use to analyze and demine how their competitors are running their marketing campaigns. You can get tools that keep track of your competitor keywords to those that even analyze and give you a summary of their spending online.

You can then clone their marketing approaches or do even better so as to get ahead of them. This is one of the best strategies that many internet marketing experts have been using to run their online campaigns. Although it could end up being expensive to run moreso if you are in a niche that is flooded with authority sites that are spending much, the approach is known to pay off and yield highly.

Keep Track Of Your Traffic And Results

Have you been keeping track of the performance of your online campaigns? If not, then how do you know if the strategies that you are using are worthy? Every serious internet marketer who is keen on the future of their online marketing has a tracking tool in place and keeps records of their input and output.

Without keeping track of your campaigns you will not be able to tell which one is pulling in profits and which one of your campaigns isn’t worth investing on. When you know the ROI on investment in your marketing, you are able to grow your business and get it to an even better level. The good thing is that there are dozens of tools and methods that you can use to keep track of your performance and you don’t necessarily have to pay a dime since most of these tools are free to us. Among some of the bets tools that you can get includes Google analytics which is one of the best that you can use since it has extended functionalities and features that you won’t find in other tools.

Split Test Your Campaigns With Various Approaches

Every campaign launched to run online for the first time has the chances of either yielding or tanking. If a campaign tanks and doesn’t bring any positive returns, there is only one thing that you can do and that is to stop it. However, if all goes well, it means that you can scale that ad and increase its spending since it has proven to be a worthy campaign. But how does one get to the point of picking the working campaigns and culling those don’t yield? The answer is by split testing.

Split testing is the process of starting different campaigns with the same target of selling a product. You are supposed to create different variants all leading to the same landing page and keep records and track to find out which one is perfect for you. This will give you results and understanding on which campaign and advertisement that you should run and which one to drop.

Do Retarget Marketing

website trafficRetarget advertising is one of the most popular marketing strategies tending these days. With the well-known fact that most visitors do not turn into buyers the first time they visit a website, it is crucial to implement a system that will bait them back so that they can see find themselves with the offer. It is a strategy that has been used by many big companies and results from those who have used it are positive and worth diving into.

With retargeting marketing, you follow the same process of placing advertisements on websites, only that this time round, you will be targeting visitors who have been to your website earlier. This kind of marketing usually relies on cookies which helps increase the targeting and the end results. You shouldn’t however forget to include the other targeting features so as to ensure that quality of the website traffic is not compromised.

Final Word:

Getting website traffic is something that is very important for every internet marketer. However, sometimes it isn’t easy and could demand a lot from your end.  With the strategies outlined in this post, you can easily get high quality traffic without spending so much. Implementing them are also easy and straightforward, so anyboby regardless of their experience can easily get started with them.

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Traffic is an essential part of any website and marketers should stop at nothing in their quest for this traffic. There are many ways in which one can get traffic, but distinguishing quality from the various low quality sources is something that many people do not consider which in turn ends up giving them poor quality traffic. To succeed in the online game and come out against your competitors, you need a solid traffic plan that gets you high quality traffic that converts.

Below, we cover some of the best ways that have been proven to work for many webmasters and internet marketers. And the good thing is that you don’t have to worry about spending a lot to get this traffic.

Re-sharing Your Old Best Performing Posts

We all have the best performing blog posts from our sites and there is a reason why they had the attention that they got, and the simple part of it is that these posts had it all. Naturally, posts start losing attention as people no longer share them, but that doesn’t mean that everyone got to read them. You can always bump these posts on social media and use them to get even more traffic.  This is an approach that has been proven to work over and over and the good thing is that you don’t have to use a lot of effort. All you have to do is find posts that were read most and then share them multiple times on social media and other sites.

You can as well get some paid traffic to boost these posts on social media and you can be sure to get some viral traffic since these posts have already shown that they can attract readers.

Conduct Surveys And Interviews

Surveys and interviews are among the most crucial marketing tools in today’s internet marketing space and that is evident from the many experiments conducted. We must have all come across surveys on many sites online, but how does surveys lead to increase in web traffic? When you conduct a survey in most cases, you are later presented with results and beyond that, you will also like to share the results on social media for others to see or also take the survey. In the process of sharing, there is increase in traffic and the website and brand also gets more exposure in the long run. Also depending on the amount of users, your survey could be featured on some of the largest niche sites which will in turn give you another increased exposure which translates to more web traffic.

You will also find a lot of scripts and softwares that will help you run online surveys smoothly and keep track of the results.

Conducting Online Interviews For Industry Influencers

Just like the case with running online surveys conducting interviews of influential people in your niche could help channel high quality targeted web traffic to your website without costing you a dime. Interviews offer exposure of the same caliber as surveys though this time round, they are done through interviews. When doing online interviews, there are several things to consider but the first one is to ensure that you are dealing with an influential person that has a good reputation in your niche. Next, you need to set up a list of questionnaires that revolve around addressing things that are trendy and most touching in your niche. Such an interview will attract attention of everyone in the industry and will get a lot of exposure.

Another thing that you will love with interviews is the fact that the influencer you are questioning will most likely share the interview on their social media or blog which in turn gives you more exposure and more traffic since he/she already has a huge following.

Use Advanced Marketing Tools

Nothing beats automation in today’s world. With thousands of web marketing tools and scripts, webmasters and internet marketers can step up their marketing game and get way more out of their marketing goals and targets. So what kind of tools should you get hold on? There are tools that one can use to automate almost anything. However, before getting started with the tools, you need to know your marketing approach and what you need to do. This way, you will go for a tool knowing what to expect from it.

So whether you are considering social media marketing, search engine optimization or want to spy on your competition, there is always a tool to help you with all that.

Write Evergreen Content

Content is everything when it comes to internet marketing. Content marketing has a future and without content, the web would be dead. People flock blogs and web forums in search of information. Students and researchers do their online research basing them on the content that they have found. Coming in from an internet marketer’s prospective will enable you to see the high potential to make a killing from serving the content.

To get the best results, however, you have to make sure that the content that you are getting is of the best quality and is evergreen. Without making your content evergreen, you will be building a seasonal website which also means that your chances of growing are slim.

Final word:

Acquiring web traffic could be very tricky. But knowing that every online business must have the traffic to survive, every serious internet marketer has to do everything to get the traffic. Although sometimes it tends to be costly, you just have to find a way through it. With the above strategies and tricks, one can generate high quality website traffic within a short time frame without having to spend a lot of money.

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