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Getting web traffic to a website is all what every internet marketer is up to. Regardless of the niche and the kind of online business one is running, the only way that website will be successful is when there are visitors flowing to that website. And the more web traffic to that website the better performance since there will be increase in sales and conversions. There are many web traffic strategies and sources that people can use to drive traffic to their websites but they can be classified mainly to be either paid traffic or free traffic. Paid traffic is when the website owner sought to acquire traffic through paid channels like Google Adwords and Bing Ads. On the other end, free traffic can be achieved through various sources like from Google organic searches and free classified sites.

Although many might tend to debate, there are many reasons why one would like to stick with paid traffic rather than free traffic. Apart from being free, organic traffic and other free sources have their disadvantages that will make you want to only focus on Paid traffic. Below, we discuss the various differences and why paid traffic sources are much better.

Better Control With Paid Traffic As Compared With Free Traffic

Don’t we all love to be in control of whatever we do? I guess we all do. Now if you have been actively doing SEO and getting website traffic to your website through organic searches then you know the many challenges that come a long with it. Although the traffic is free, you are always under the ever changing algorithms which can be changed at any time and could render your website useless anytime because you could be on the other side of the algorithm.

But isn’t paid traffic the same? Paid traffic has no such limits as algorithm changes that can directly affect the advertisements and campaigns. Instead, with paid traffic, you run your campaigns based on your set budget and targeting prospects. There is also no limit to the traffic that you get since it is all dependent on the budget that you have allocated to it. This makes paid traffic much reliable when it comes to traffic as compared to free traffic.

Growth Is Faster With Paid Traffic

With the fact that paid traffic has no limits and you can always do whatever you want as long as you are within your set budget, growth is something that you can expect to happen at the pace you set. If you choose to create a bigger budget, the faster the traffic flows to your website and the more the sales you will get which translates to a faster growth. On the other tip if the scale, the opposite is true with free traffic. When you rely on free organic traffic, you have no control over the amount of traffic that flows to your website. Unless you do more optimizations which could take more time to optimize, your site will grow at a slower pace. If you are therefore looking for a faster way to grow your business online, you should give much consideration to the paid traffic option.

Easy Scalability

As said above, you will have total control of almost everything with paid traffic sources. You can decide to boost your traffic as much as you can and you can also choke the budget and stop the traffic from flowing into your website. Beyond this control, one also has the options to make tests and determine what is good for them and what is not right. You can optimize your campaigns to make sure that they are profitable and that there are no wastage of funds, thanks to many campaign optimization tools that has made this simple in a snap. Split testing is a well-known conversion rate optimization technique which involves testing different ad sets and campaigns to see which one of them works perfect and which one you should stop focusing on. Doing split testing with paid traffic is much easier as compared to free traffic sources since you cannot control the amount of traffic among other things from the free paid sources.

The Paid Traffic Challenges

10 Top Ways To Get Traffic Without SEO, Google Or Social MediaEverything has its challenges and with paid traffic there are those challenges that you should also be prepared for. Apart from demanding hat you have a budget ready, there is the competitor factor. You should be ready to meet with the competitors and grind a long with them regardless. The scary thing is that you could be a newbie and you find yourself in the midst of high end competitors who would easily crash you and get you out of their way. Besides this, you should also have some skills and mastery on how to run paid campaigns. Although it could take some time to master advanced paid traffic optimization, it is a well worth learning process that will eventually pay off.

Final word:

Free traffic and paid traffic have been used since the internet was born and they will continue being used over a lengthy period of time. The question whether you should choose to use paid or free traffic for your traffic acquisition all depends with you and your website needs. Having cleared the air above, it is clear that there are advantages in both and although one has the choice to choose, it is good to understand that paid traffic gives you more control as compared to free traffic sources which you will need to rely more on algorithms.

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youtube subscribers

YouTube is among the most visited sites and the bets video site in the world. With the fact that videos are taking the center stage and hinted to be the future of content, there is no doubt that YouTube is a site that marketers should be more inclined to. Anyone who has tried video marketing knows how powerful it is and why it is deemed the future of online marketing. YouTube marketing is simple to execute and one can easily get started with it regardless of their marketing experience. However, winning in YouTube marketing means that you have to have more subscribers. The more subscribers you have on your channel, the more people you stand to get to view your videos which also translate to more traffic and more conversions.

Spruce Up the Channel Appearance

The appearance of your channel is just like anything else offline. If you want to please people, you have to make your channel more appealing and somewhere where a subscriber feels that they would feel valued to be. So how do you make your channel stand out and look better than the rest? They say pictures speak a thousand words and you also ought to understand that people will be more inclined to subscribe to your channel if you have highlighted the channel with some good and relevant graphics. There are also some freelancers who are willing to craft some themes and graphics for your channel should you feel that you are not good at it.

Share Quality And Informative Content

People use the web to search for the best quality content and information and you should do your best to give them exactly what they are looking for. Creating a website that has poor quality content that doesn’t delve deep is one way to start losing in the internet marketing game.  Writing and giving your audience informative content will give them a reason to stay on your website and maybe even subscribe to your email list which will in turn build your email list and revenue over time. Without this, you will see them leave your website and land on your competitor’s. Quality is king and whether you are getting started o you have been doing it, it will affect the future of your channel.

Consider Automating Tasks Using Softwares

We are living in a technologically advanced world where everything screams automation. Marketers have also technologically advanced and employed various automation techniques in their regular marketing. Today there are lots of softwares which are used to automate tasks and make the hand work much easier. However, not all tools and softwares are to be used. Some tools employ hardcore black hat techniques which are not good for marketing as they will tend to breach the terms and conditions of many sites. Such tools and softwares should be avoided because they will put your account at risk and you could end up losing a lot of work if the account gets terminated. Instead, focus on tools that work only to simplify human tasks and save time.  This way you will be able to get more subscribers and get tons of people on your website without having to do much or risk a lot.

Create Intros and Exit Call to Actions

If you a video aficionado then you must have already seen videos on YouTube which have nice intros. If you have at some point been enticed to subscribe to a video channel by those intros then it’s high time that you also focus on adding it to your own videos to capture the attention of your audiences. YouTube also allows you to anote your videos and add notes anywhere which you can use to create enticing call to actions which will pull people into viewing more of you other videos, encouraging them to like your video or even getting them to subscribe to your channel. Besides these options, you can also add an exit video asking people to subscribe to your channel, right at the end of the video. This is something that has been proven to work over and over and you can

Use The Correct Tags And Descriptions

Another way of making sure that you have increasing number of subscribers to your site is to make sure that you are getting many people to view your YouTube videos. There are many ways that you can use including sharing the video on other sites and through social media, but there is even a simpler way to get organic and evergreen traffic to your videos and that is by optimizing your videos. Video optimization ensures that you are able to bait more people into clicking and viewing your video without much effort. It is a practice that every experienced video marketer does to get more video viewers and also get more subscribers who will be repeat traffic.

Final Word:

When it comes to YouTube marketing, all you need is to be in a position to capture the attention of thousands upon millions of potential audiences who stand to see your video. Video marketing has become super easy, thanks to the numerous number of tools which helps people to do their automation. This however doesn’t meant that you can be reluctant and knowing that everything can happen in just a snap. You also ought to remember that there are competitors in your niche who are doing all their best to steal your audiences. You therefore need to up your game and keep grinding to amass as many subscribers as possible.

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Increase your site traffic

Ask any experienced internet marketer what their goal is and they will tell you to always do what you can to drive traffic to your website. But when you get into the traffic acquisition jam, you will realize that there is just more than getting traffic to your site. You have to make sure that the traffic that you are getting will get you sales and conversions. Not all web traffic sources will give you the results that you need. So how does one get the traffic that gets them conversions? In this guide we will go through some of the best kept secrets that lets you understand that your website doesn’t just need any kind of traffic but one that converts.

Know The Best Traffic Sources

There are a bazillion traffic sources that you can find online, but not all of them will work for your website. This is based on the different ad serving among other factors. Due to this fact, you need to try out the different types of traffic and see which one of them will fit perfectly for your website. It could take time to find the perfect one but the validity of trying out is well worth it. There are also dozens of free traffic sources out there, so you don’t have to worry about spending tons of money. As long as you have the time and take action, you stand a high chance of succeeding online. You should also keep in mind that some traffic sources will work for some niches while they may not work for others. By way of example, pop ads work perfect for a gaming niche but will likely not wok for finance or business sites. To understand which one works for you best, you have to do your research and due diligence.

Do Split Tests To Maximize Your ROI

The next thing that you’d want to do is to keep testing and drop any other traffic strategy that isn’t working for you. This will help you to cut down costs and increase your ROI. This is mostly important for people who are running paid campaigns. Split testing is the process of determining which campaign is better than the other by introducing different ad campaigns. When you are paying for advertisements, the most crucial thing that you need to keep in mind is to ensure that you do not waste you money and make wrong financial investments and this is where split testing comes in handy.

Spy On Your Competitors

Perhaps a very quick way of winning in the industry is by bettering what your competitors are doing. Imagine a situation where you can see your competitors acquiring visitors and you see them making sales and growing their business. You must be thinking that it could be amazing. The good news is that you can be able to see all that and spy on them on almost everything. With the multiple online tools that are available in the market, there is no reason why you shouldn’t know what moves your competitors are doing. In fact, they could be watching you and using that fact to stay ahead of you. There are tools ranging from spying on their advertising campaigns, social media engagement and even their estimated conversions.

Do Thorough Search Engine Optimization

SEO as it is known in the internet marketing world is something that you cannot ignore. As long as people continue using search engines like Google and Bing to find things online, which by far is the most accurate and loved way, search engine optimization remains a crucial part of marketing. SEO entails optimizing a website or a webpage and making it more search engine friendly so that it appears on top for certain keywords when end users come to search for them on the search engines. It involves tweaking a number of algorithms and structuring the website to meet set objectives. It could be a tedious and somewhat complex process especially for newbies but it is well worth the time and investment that one makes.

Engaging With Customers On social Media

One well hidden secret that many newbie internet marketers hardly realize is how to engage with their clients and customers. With the power of social media, everyone has a chance to keep their customers and clients locked so that they can build trust and brand awareness. If you have ever taken the chance to go through some of the top performing sites and checked their social engagement you will realize that social media has a role to play in growth of a website. You should therefore focus on interacting with your audience in the social media and you will start seeing growth in you social media community and engagement. The good thing is that social media doesn’t demand you have any capital to get started.

Final Word:

Internet is steadily growing and people are relying on it more and more each day. Businesses are switching and taking their businesses online and if there is a business out there that isn’t forging towards an online future, they are doomed to fail. From the buzzes on the social media to the ever growing eCommerce businesses, there is a huge market to tap into. The good news is that internet marketing isn’t as hard as many people perceive it to be. One can easily master the marketing trends and sooner or later could become a pro.

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web traffic tactics

Webmasters use traffic to determine the potential growth of their websites. For this to happen, they require a good understanding of their respective website traffic for the purposes of optimization. Website analysis tools like Google analytics are used to monitor the performance of websites in terms of visitors, unique visitors, source, and channels and so on. Visitors are those people who visit your website a number of times while unique visitors are first time visitors that interact with your website. Website traffic needs to be not only generated but also increased gradually. This is why it is impossible to increase the number and quality of your website traffic without receiving any unique visitors.

Sources Of Web Traffic

There are millions of websites that are competing for the first page ranking on SERPs and the sad reality is that only a small fraction of them manage to get there. Traffic can come to your website in three ways: direct, search or referral visits. Direct visits are those that come by direct typing of your url in their browser while search or organic visits are those that come based on a search query. Referral visits come as a result of referrals from a blog or site.

Organic search traffic is what many online marketers strive to increase, retain and convert because they come from search engines where the majority of unique visitors come from. The only problem that can prevent you from reaching out to these unique visitors is a poor ranking on SERPs because if your website is not displayed on the top search result pages; no one will get to see you. So, what should you do to ensure a good ranking by the search engines? It is simply by making your website search engine friendly as follows:

Start By Analyzing Your Website Traffic Statistics

The online market space is driven by creativity and competitiveness and there is not much that you can do without a clear picture of your traffic status. This is why you need to use the available website traffic analysis tools like Webtrends, Google Analytics, Coremetrics and Omniture among others. By doing this, you will learn about your sources, interactions, conversions, visit value as well as the bounce rate so that you are aware of what steps to take.

Create Original And Informative Content

Do you understand the needs of your visitors? If you do, then it is time to offer them solutions and answers through the creation of insightful content that they cannot get anywhere else. Give them fresh ideas and present them in a way that they can easily understand. This requires that you do a detailed research in order to meet the needs of your audience. When it comes to educating your readers, you need to participate or engage in forums, discussions and sessions because it enables you to bond with your audience more. Respond to their queries promptly and give satisfying feedback while showing them that they matter to you in every way.

Optimize Your Content For Search Engines

Having realized that you are targeting unique traffic to your website, it is necessary to ensure that your content is within reach. This means that you need to incorporate the right keywords and phrases that you need to rank for and placing them strategically. You also need to avoid any grammatical errors, format it well and make it shareable across the various social media platforms.

Make Use Of The Social Media

There is a huge population of people who spend most of their time engaging in the social media. This makes it a perfect frontier to generate unique traffic to your website. Social media users do not hesitate to share information that they feel is useful to them and this shows the power of social media at work. Besides, do not forget to do simple things status updates, likes, comments, tags and posts because they are an opportunity to reach out to a wider audience.

Why Do You Need Traffic From Unique Visitors?

paid trafficWhen you receive an increasing number of unique visitors in your website, things can never be the same again because of the benefits that come with it. For instance, the credibility of your website will improve thanks to more page views, clicks and sharing of content. A credible website is one that stands out as being trustworthy and knowledgeable and this is very important because it will give you a strategic advantage over your competitors. With this, customers that visit your website will have a good first impression that eventually leads to more conversions and sales.

Unique visitors improve your website ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). This is because websites that receive more unique traffic is ranked higher than those that do not. A high ranking is all that you need to increase the visibility of your website and receive even more unique visitors that will drive more sales.

The greatest benefit that comes with having a good number of unique visitors is realized when you convert them into repeat visitors. This is because your online sales will increase and your business will grow. This is something that any website owner dreams to achieve in the end and unfortunately, majority of them do not live to realize it.

Any website that intends to thrive online will have to find ways of attracting a significant number of traffic. It is from this traffic that your conversions and sales will come from and hence the success of your business. Traffic can be generated organically through the search engines or by buying targeted traffic. While maintaining your existing visitors is important, it is also necessary to find ways of attracting unique visitors because it is from them that your website and the entire business will grow. Website owners should therefore come up with effective strategies that guarantee a sustainable flow of traffic to their websites. It is clear that website traffic from unique visitors is the ultimate secret to increasing quality traffic that will be loyal for a long time to come.

website traffic

The success of any website highly depends on the amount of website traffic that it receives. The greatest challenge that webmasters have and are still facing today is the inability to generate and sustain enough traffic that can drive their businesses forward. Those who have managed to succeed have had to invest a lot in terms of skill, time and resources which simply shows that it is not an easy task. When buying traffic for your website, there are many things that you need to be aware of. This is because you are making an investment that should bring you a good return on it. Many website owners especially those who are new to the idea of buying traffic continue to fall victims of traffic suppliers who do not deliver. This is something that should not happen if you consider a few things before entering into any agreement. The following tips should help you when you are considering buying targeted traffic for your website.

Know The Type Of Traffic That You Want To Buy

Unlike when you are dealing with untargeted traffic, targeted traffic is very specific and things can go completely wrong if you buy the wrong traffic. This can only be compared to shooting an arrow in the wrong direction and expecting to hit the target. If you are running an ecommerce website where you are selling a product or service, it is important to target groups that could be interested in what you are selling. This could be in terms of age, location, financial status, culture and so on. If you are only interested in increasing the popularity of your website, it is good to target the social media in which case you will have to buy social traffic. The bottom line is that you should buy traffic that is feasible for your line of business, industry or niche.

Know The Geographical Source Of Your Traffic

The geographical source of your traffic is as important as choosing the location of any brick and mortar business. This is because it has to be highly strategic for easy visibility and accessibility. If you are focused on the local market, then it would be a waste of time, energy and resources to buy traffic from abroad. Traffic is meant to convert to sales and getting traffic just for the sake of it will get you nowhere.

Consider The Cost of Website Traffic That You Want To Buy

The cost of traffic differs from one supplier to another and you need to know exactly what you are agreeing to before making any payments. You may be tempted to go for the cheapest offer but remember that you always get what you pay for. Extremely cheap traffic may indicate that is could be a scam or they use methods that do not comply with the terms and conditions of paid advertising. Even with the more expensive traffic, you need to go through their refund policy so that you are protected in case your happen to realize any suspicious activity that is not part of the agreement. You should also find out if a supplier offers a money- back guarantee if the performance and results that you get turns out to be unsatisfactory. It is also important to go through things like terms of service, copyright and licenses, customer support, cancellation policy and use of the site among others.

Know How Traffic Will Be Redirected To Your Website

If you have bought traffic before and received poor to no results, then it means that you did not make inquiries on how the traffic would be redirected to your website. You do not need to be an expert in order to understand this because you only need to figure out if the process is transparent or not. This is to ensure that the supplier is not going to use fraudulent clicks, expired domains, paid humans, automated visitors, and robots and so on. While it is true that sales and conversions are not guaranteed when you buy website traffic, it should not be as a result of any fraudulent activity by a supplier.

You Need To Take Action

social mediaBuying targeted traffic is a very effective way of generating sustainable traffic online. This is because it translates to better rankings on SERPs and increased sales and profit for the long term. While this remains a fact, many webmasters have been turning a blind eye on it because it involves spending money. Are you among those who are still skeptical to dive into this new territory? Are you earning enough from your free traffic?  The media buying industry has been mystified as having a lot of pitfalls but experts in the field call this an insult. The reality is that this is an opportunity that you can use to increase your earnings and build a new empire. Those who talk against it have either not tried or did not get things right and cannot be enough reason for you to rubbish it entirely.

The secret to success in buying website traffic is quite simple and it starts by finding a reputable website traffic supplier who can deliver according to your expectations. Such a supplier should understand your area of operation as well as the region that you are operating in. Another secret is being able to fully understand your audience and the kind of traffic that you want to buy. This is something that you will be able to arrive at after doing a proper research because it will help you to better explain your needs to the traffic supplier.

Apart from this, you need to also do your research and compare various suppliers so that you can choose the one that delivers quality traffic. It is better to spend time choosing the right supplier than to waste time and money on a wrong supplier who does not deliver. A good traffic supplier should be easy to contact and responsive and this can happen through an email link, live support or phone. This is very important because there are those that simply disappear after you have made an order. A good web traffic supplier will over-deliver and this is exactly what you need.

affiliate marketing traffic

It is now easy for small businesses to have a website and while there is a high potential for them to succeed, this only happens when they develop and sustain a strong web presence. Promoting your website is all about getting the word out for people to know and interact with it. It is a very important process that requires time, resources and expertise for it to succeed. A huge number of small businesses are establishing their internet presence and it is very easy for them to fail if they are not promoted well in order to serve their purpose. If you have a website that you want to promote cost effectively, there is no need to worry because the digital world is highly changing and there are many ways that you can do that.

Here are tips that that will help you promote your website cheaply.

Incorporate SEO On Your Website

Internet is now a great place to do business because a huge number of people prefer to do their shopping online. One way of exploiting this profitable niche without spending a fortune is to follow good SEO practices which allow your website to be placed on top of search engine result pages for greater visibility. There are different ways to do this including keyword optimization which is analyzing the search behavior to find out phrases that surfers use when looking for the products that you sell. Others include optimizing high ranking pages, important elements and links while making sure that your website is user friendly in terms of loading time, design and navigation. Optimizing your website for local search also ensures that you are found more readily by the local community that is more likely to buy from you.

Work On Your Links

There are many website promotion tactics that no longer work but definitely not inbound links. This is because links from good quality, high-ranking and relevant websites have the ability to boost your website rankings on the SERPs. Since these links cannot be bought, you need to have great content in your website that other people may want to share so that good quality links come to you naturally. One good way is to have a blog or make good contributions in forums and discussion groups and then include your link when signing. Inbound links are used by search engines like Google to determine the position of your website.

Post Lots Of Good Quality Articles

Content plays a very important role when promoting any website because people are relying on the internet to get information. Writing or paying someone to write articles for you is not an expensive thing to do and this is necessary so that you post them to popular websites and blogs. In the end, this information resource will end up promoting your business especially if they remain there for a long period of time. The articles that you write should be on topics that are related to your business so that you can position yourself as the thought leader in your industry. Multi-purpose content is also good because they can be leveraged in a wide range of ways.

Make Use Of Social Media Platforms

People use the social media to connect with family and friends and this is the best place to promote your website for free. The fact that there is a huge population in the social media means that you will get high visibility and attract different types of people. In order to succeed in promoting your website using the social media, you will need to take your time and resources to build up an audience that you can trust. This can happen by asking for or responding and contributing to comments in your blog or social media groups that you are part of. It is also good to start conversations with your friends of followers in various social media platforms. Short and sweet videos are usually widely shared in the social media and you can make unprofessional short videos about your business that can make a big impact as long as they are engaging. After making them, you need to upload them to a variety of social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter and Pinterest among others.

Learn To Create Original, Fresh And Quality Content

Content is still the main factor that you can use to promote your website. This is because the internet is a virtual market place where people do business by exchanging information. People go online to look for information on what they need and search engines will direct them to any website that has the most relevant information depending on the phrases that they use in the search box. When they visit your website, they expect to get the information that they need and may be make a purchase if they are satisfied. However, if they find that the information is unsatisfactory; they will click back and continue searching for the information in other websites. This shows that creating good quality content is an effective way of promoting your website.

Leverage Online Reviews Sites

Did you know that content that is generated by your customers can greatly promote your business? This is because people leave their opinions about your business publicly for all to see. Positive feedback is good and you can use such testimonials on your website as part of your marketing material. For this to succeed, you need to ensure that you offer excellent customer service so that there is no room for negative testimonials. Check out our web traffic packages for the best paid traffic.

Promoting your website with low investment can be as effective as other ways that are usually expensive. This is as long as you take your time to learn and understand what your website needs in order to be successful. Building a website is just the beginning of a long process that requires maintenance, scaling and expansion. With millions of similar websites around the world, the need to promote your website in an aggressive manner cannot be underestimated.

search engine marketing

The internet space could be chaotic if there were no search engines to manage it. These search engines crawl, index, rank and retrieve the most relevant documents that match a particular query. Many businesses have embraced the need to be present online and the competition is getting higher by the day. The success of any online business depends on the amount of traffic that it receives as well as conversions from such traffic. This traffic will only come if you get the best search results where internet users can easily find you.

Users click on results that are on the first page and given that there are millions of search pages that are displayed for any particular query, your efforts may seem futile if you are not ranked at the top pages. This reality has made many businesses to turn to the best solution that is very efficient in bringing web traffic which is Search Engine Marketing. This is the process of getting traffic to your site through paid advertising. In other words, you are buying web traffic to increase visitors and sales. When it comes to getting web traffic, many people prefer to take the organic route not knowing that Search engine marketing approaches like PPC and CPM are the real deal. The following are reasons to support this:

It Is Highly Targeted

In traditional marketing, you actually buy adverts that are meant to reach out to just anyone. This means that you pay to reach out to people who are not even interested in your product at all. Search Engine Marketing offers you a variety of traffic generation options so that you can only reach out to people who could be interested to buy your product or service. For instance, you can target specific age bracket, region, clients or users who you believe are more interested in your products instead of wasting time and money on those who are not interested. Targeting people who are not aware of your brand can also be hard with traditional advertising and you will not realize your full potential if you limit yourself to your existing followers. With Search Engine marketing, you are able to cast your net wide to find new prospects and then sit down and analyze the areas that you performed well so that you can scale them up for a higher ROI.

It Brings Fast Results

There are different ways that you can use to ensure that your website appears on top of SERPs. Unfortunately, the exact algorithm seems to be shrouded in mystery now more than ever. Organic traffic generation is good but it becomes better when it is combined with SEM. This is because they may take a long time to achieve the desired results or even prove to be an expensive undertaking if you manage to succeed. This is why even with the best SEO practices, it may take a long time to achieve and maintain top rankings for higher visibility. Unlike SEO, SEM has the ability to bring instant results as long as you use the right strategy and do proper scaling.

Getting instant results with SEM does not mean that you invest a lot of money on it instantly. This is because it is flexible and you can set your own ad budget and bids as well as choose how much you are willing to spend on them. Furthermore, you are allowed to edit, optimize and test your ads while they are running to a point where you are satisfied.

It Is Easy To Scale

SEM is a highly targeted form of advertising that has the ability to bring instant results with the right strategy and scaling. Scaling SEM is so easy and involves knowing where most of your traffic is coming from and directing all your efforts there to ensure that you get a good return on your investment (ROI). It is actually testing and determining what works for you and what does not so that you keep only that which gives you a good profit margin. The best way to do this is using A/B testing method to figure out which online marketing strategy is the best for you. For instance, you may test your ad copies to know which ones bring in more converting customers so that you can focus more on them.

Works Well With Other Marketing Channels

There is no single method that can bring about successful advertising. Instead, it is about combining those that are most effective and work well together to bring the desired results. SEM works well with content marketing and SEO because you will need to support customer buying cycle through unique and original content that is also useful. It is also through such content that you establish your thought leadership and improve your brand. SEO will also enable you to make your site user friendly so that you reduce bounce rates from traffic that you receive through SEM.

It Gives You Better Branding

Having a successful business brand is very important since it gives you a competitive advantage over other similar businesses. So, how can search engine marketing help you better your brand? When you buy an ad space on the search engines, you get noticed and get the attention of the audience in your target niche. It is as simple as that! The most common approach used in search engine marketing is PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising whereby you pay a fee each time your ad is clicked. Another approach is through Cost Per Mille (CPM) whereby you pay a certain amount for a thousand views or impressions that your advert receives.

It is clear that Search Engine Marketing is a perfect cocktail for your business and there is need for you to embrace it. The success of many online businesses can be attributed to search engine marketing and this is why a large percentage of internet marketers are so much into it. It is direct, simple to implement and brings fast results that are measurable and trackable over time. Unlike the traditional advertising, SEM enables you to drop useless campaigns and use highly targeted campaigns that can bring increased web traffic as well as high sales and profits.

social media

The social media is undoubtedly a very powerful digital marketing strategy that can move your business to the next level. This is not something new and almost every business that operates online has some form of social media presence. The theory behind this strategy is that a big number of online users engage through the social media and if you happen to write great content, they will engage with it and bring a good flow of traffic to your website. While this has worked quite well for a good percentage of businesses, it has become a complete fail for others.

Unlike SEO, PPC and other digital marketing strategies, social media marketing brings you traffic for free. However, this is only possible if you stick to certain rules of the game and avoid mistakes that include the following:

  • Having No Plan

Do you have a social media marketing plan in place? A good plan defines what you intend to achieve with your strategy and how you will go about achieving it. If you want your account to drive traffic then you should stick to that and not mix it with entertainment, public relations, customer service or other purposes. This is very important because it will define the kind of niche to target, the type of content to post and the amount of time to spend.

In other words, you need to be serious with your social media marketing and spend good amount of time and effort. This is because it has a huge potential of generating a good flow of traffic to your site. With 25% of the world’s population being active on social media, you need an actionable plan as bait in order to drive this traffic to your site.

  • Targeting The Wrong Niche

Has anyone tried to talk you into something that you are not interested in? This can be very annoying especially if that person it trying to sell to you something related to it. This is exactly how it will turn out if you insist on targeting just anyone in your social media campaigns. Just like you, social media users have different interests and you should only target those that show interest in you kind of product or service.

If you keep firing in the wrong direction then you should not expect to hit the target. The success of your social media marketing campaign highly depends on whether you are reaching out to the right audience or not. Without this, you should expect a lot of misses and poor results. For instance, if you are selling sporting gear you should target sports enthusiasts and not fashion lovers or farmers because they are certainly not going to be interested in your product.

  • Limiting Yourself To Top Social Media Sites

When you decide to make use of the social media, it doesn’t mean that you only use the top platforms available. Many business owners think that social media is all about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and so they limit themselves to only these ones. The truth is that there are over 100 social media sites globally and these numbers are increasing by the day. The best part of it is that these sites are unique and so they each attract a good number of users. Establishing your presence in small social media sites can work wonders for you given that they are not overcrowded by marketers.

Another thing that you should take into account is the fact that social media demographics are changing. The ones that were on top yesterday are not the same ones today and will not be in the days to come. This is because the users’ preferences change and this is why platforms like WhatsApp, QQ, Qzone and WeChat have come to beat platforms like Twitter and Instagram in terms of the number of users.

Top social media platforms are undoubtedly the real deal when it comes to the number of traffic that they can bring but this does not mean that others should be completely ignored.

  • Lack Of Proper Automation

With social media being an integral part of the society today, it is important for you manage your campaigns very well to ensure that you are achieving your goal. One such way is through automation which enables you to easily keep up with the never- ending social media demands. The problem is that many social media marketers have done it so wrong such that it has ended up jeopardizing their entire social media marketing. This has come through the sending of spam updates and links that do not add value to the users. In the end, they become a nuisance making them to unfollow, unfriend or simply withdraw from your account.

  • Poor Budgeting

Every business marketing strategy that you plan to implement needs to be financed well. While social media marketing success can come freely, you may need to pay for advertisement campaigns in order to get good results. This will require proper budgeting or else the project will become costly and unsustainable in the long run.

For successful social media campaigns, you need to come up with a realistic budget and track the performance of each campaign well. This is to allow you realize the campaigns that are performing well to optimize and scale them for even better results.


A website that is flooded with thousands of visitors will sell and grow your business and this is something that you can achieve with social media marketing. However, this can only come if you employ a strategy that has been proven to work and avoid mistakes that have the ability to reverse any of your potential gains. The above mistakes are common among internet marketers who often complain of getting poor results and you should avoid them in order to make your social media marketing a success.

If you want to improve on your website traffic, it is good to use a web traffic package which can be optimized to accommodate your preferences in terms of niche, geographical locations and many others. This is what our traffic package can do and we have been serving a huge number of internet marketers who have witnessed successful results.

social media

Every internet marketer knows that the secret to breaking even on the internet marketing game is to get tons of traffic to their website. With social media sites taking the center-stage when it comes to online marketing, many webmasters have been looking up to these sites to boost their online business. But that doesn’t always swing positively. There are many things that one should look into before they make bank through social media marketing. In this post, we will go through 7 laws of social media marketing that will help you boost your website traffic and help you to get more out of your online business.

Quality And Complete Information

The first rule of succeeding in social media is to share quality information that will be helpful to the audience. But why is this so important? Imagine you are searching for something online and you find a site with information on whatever you were looking for. To end your continued search you would need a site that provides complete information on whatever you were looking for. There only shall you decide to go ahead and make the purchase. This is exactly the same way your audiences are. By providing them with all the info that they need, there will be hardly any reason why they will not buy from you.

Building Relationships

The fact that there are hundreds of millions of people on the social media does not mean that you can hop into the mix and start selling right away. In fact, there are tons of businesses that fail to make a sale even with tons of traffic to their sites. And this is because they fail to build relationships with their audience. Social media marketing should be about engaging with the audience and winning their trust. Only then will they be able to buy from you without having to send then had pitches. So instead of sending people to your sales page, start off by sending them to informative pages and to free content sources that will help you win their trust.

Focus On Influencer Marketing

Influencer outreach could still be a new marketing trend but with the results that it has demonstrated, every serious internet marketer ought to use it. But what is influencer marketing? Basically influencer marketing is the process of reaching out to influencer in your niche and seeking their help to market your products, services or site. If you are familiar with guest posting then it takes a similar approach, only that this time you are reaching out to folks in the social media. Influencer marketing is a solid approach to social media marketing and you are guaranteed of positive results.

Focus On Building Your Email List

Every internet marketer who has been around will tell you that “Money is on the list”. Building an email list and starting off with sending emails to potential audiences is one of the best known strategies in internet marketing. Having an email list is one of the best ways to create a channel for passive income since you can always pitch to you audience through newsletters and offers. One can use social media as an excellent tool for marketing and getting people to their list which by far has shown tremendous results. You should also know the basics of email marketing so that you can easily know how to go about merging the two strategies to work for you. It could take some time to master the latter but it will always come in handy.

Spy Ion Your Competitor’s Social Media Marketing

If you would like a quick way to beat your competitors then you should clone their strategies and this is easier done when you have done research and found out what they are doing in their marketing campaigns. Although this might sound like it’s hard to do, there are tons of tools which will help you to spy on them and know what exactly they are doing. Most of the tools that you will find in the market are sophisticated enough to give you tons of information including how much your competitors are spending and where they are doing their marketing. Other tools like Karma score will also help you to know the level of engagement that your competitors have.

Focus On Social Media Automation

Social media is one of the best things that you simply can’t ignore in our world and that is because it has enough people to turn around your business. With close to a billion people active on social media sites, there is no doubt that this is something worth focusing on. But running about 5 social media sites manually takes a lot of time and this is something that has made people turn away from social media marketing. The best way to approach this whole thing is by embracing automation. You can use some apps to automate you social media marketing tasks and keep yourself active and engaged in those sites. The good news is that today, there are dozens of apps which you can use to automate almost every task out there.

Final Word:

The amount of active audiences in the social media sphere is many and with one surefire strategy, one can make bank by sending swarms of traffic from these social media sites.  And not only can social media help you to get tons of traffic but it will also help you to build your brand and reputation.

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