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Web traffic has is an unending quest that every internet marketer out there will keep chasing even years to come. This is because it is the vital spark to drive any online business. As desperate amateur marketers scram to do what the so called industry gurus tell them, there are some simple yet effective traffic formulas that are usually forgotten. In this post, we will cover some of these easy fixes and why you need to implement them in 2017 and beyond.

Using The Merger Method On Your Existing Content

This is still a new method, but has shown tremendous results when implemented perfectly. It is natural and a common thing to find content that is similar and targeting to rank for the same keywords in the search engines on the same site. Although a website having such multiple pages could be receiving traffic, one could harness even more with the use of the merger strategy.

With the merger strategy, all you have to do is recreate another post encapsulating the existing related ones. This ensures that you are targeting the keyword using one page but keeping the same content in one pillar article. The next step that you should do is to redirect the previous posts to the newly created pillar page. The page will end up ranking better for the seed keyword which translates to more traffic. Apart from giving your post value in the eyes of the search engines, the credibility of your post will also get significant social boost.

Fill Gaps In Existing Content Based On Search Queries

This is yet something else that not many marketers do. We often think that when a piece of article has been written, it is final and will continue yielding traffic. Although this is something that most of us do, there is a big potential to increase website traffic just by filling the gaps in your content. You can consider this as spicing your content with more latest semantic keywords.

The first step is to first create a Google webmasters account where you’ll be able to track some of the keywords that your web page is ranking for. You will come across some related keywords which are important but less detailed in your articles. You should then get the keywords and write more information on them and then fix it within your article.

This approach gives your content more visibility by showing up for some long tail keywords which are easier to rank for. For the best results, you need to keep revisiting your content and use webmaster tools which helps you discover some untapped keywords which you could easily rank for.

Always Boost Your Best Performing Content

Most of us always think that when they’ve got their content ranking on top, it’s final and there is nothing else to do. It is always important to keep in mind that there are always competitors who are working hard to topple your website out of the top position, thus you need to work hard to stay on top. Here are three of the important techniques to ensure that your content is always son top and giving you the best;

1) Do internal linking more often – the best way to make a web page stable in the search results is by backlinking to it. Internal linking has shown amazing results and will also help in directing people to an even more resourceful page with content they might need.

2) Optimize the titles of the content and make them more appealing – This is usually done to increase the click through rate of a page in the search engine results. Many marketers have even gone miles ahead to copy some of the best winning ad campaign titles from platforms like Google Adwords. Although this might be at an advanced level, it is always good to forge in that direction.

3) Improve on the content length – Research has shown that lengthier content have an advantage over shorter ones. However, be sure to keep them relevant and of good quality. Also ensure that it is engaging and that adds value to the users.

4) Give your content the social media kick – social media is a hub of countless number of audiences and if your website content has value, it is sure to go a long way. The ripple effect that your content gets will depend on how crunchy and informative it is.
Tweak Target Keyword Of Old Content To Target More Volume

If you closely take a look at what major authority blogs do, you’ll be amazed at some of the simple yet effective methods that they use to get swarms of traffic. Among these approaches is switching keyword targeting from old content and making them more search engine friendly. This approach could easily boost your traffic by up to 50% if done well.

Old content which have gathered backlinks over the years will need just a few tweaks to get off the ground and rank for the semantic keyword. To get started, you need to first analyze the existing keywords and how they are ranking on the search engines. Find out if there is a better alternative keyword that is easier to rank and has more monthly searches. After analyzing and comparing to see if there is a better option, it is now time to go on and make the changes.

You should make the changes on the title, page url and on every page descriptions. This process could be a bit hectic if you have a big site, but it will surely pay off by fetching you more website traffic.

Final Word

There are endless ways of tweaking you website to get more website traffic, but these are some of the less known methods which can bring a dramatic change to your site. The amount of traffic you will get depends on the niche, your website authority and how well the tweaks are done.

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targeted web traffic

Ever heard of websites that make lots of profits with little traffic? Although this is a rare case, there are webmasters whose focus isn’t to get choke-load amount but to optimize the little they have and make more with them.

The more traffic you generate, the more sales you will make. This has always been the rule of the thumb and almost every internet marketer will agree to that. While this makes practical sense, there is another way to leverage potential even with little amount of traffic. In this guide, we will cover some of the practical strategies that you can implement on your website and see tremendous returns even with little amount of traffic. Below are the things that you need to know:

Capturing Leads With Email Marketing

Are you capturing leads on your website? Ensuring that you keep your audiences attached to your website is a surefire way to boost your sales and improve your online business. Many case studies have revealed that first-time audiences rarely convert. With this in mind, it is advisable to find a way to get your audiences to stick or come again. So how do you do this? Capturing leads and using email marketing is one of the strategies that has stood the test of time and will surely guarantee you more sales.

To get started, you will need to create a lead capture page, which many marketers love to call a splash page. You will also need to create a product that you will be offering your audiences in exchange for them to opt in to your email list. The product needs to unique and something that they need so much.

You should then use the product as bait on your optimized splash page asking them to join your mailing list to get it. This has worked for many people all the time and should also work for you. The good thing with email marketing is that you can start small and benefit even with small amount of traffic.

Almost every expert marketer out there has email marketing integrated to their site, simply because they know the wonders it can do. Regardless of your niche, as long as people visit your website they will be opting in for your

Landing Page Optimization

Yet another common mistake that most marketers do is ignoring the landing page where audiences come to check out their offers. The content on the site needs to be top notch and copy-written with a persuasive tone that captivates the audience.

On a side note, you may also want to do split testing and create multiple landing pages which vary but with the same intention of selling your product or service. This is to test and determine which landing page converts better so that you can use it.

There are also some analytic tools which monitor user’s behavior and using them can also help optimize your landing page to yield better results. Without a well optimized landing page, even thousands of traffic could prove to be useless since they will have low conversion rate.

Focus On Getting Highly Targeted Traffic

website trafficIf you have been online for a while and have tried to buy website traffic before, then you already know of the different traffic options that you have when paying for traffic. You will come across lots of traffic offers from different online traffic vendors and among the options you are usually provided with is to choose the niche where your traffic should come from. Most webmasters have never understood the reason for choosing niche specific traffic and most just go with the general option which in most cases comes with a cheaper price tag.

While the cost of getting niche specific traffic is higher than the general option, the results tell it all. You will see higher return on investment with targeted traffic as compared to general traffic which has lower targeting. The reason is simply because you are reaching out to people who are already interested in the products that you are offering. If you would like to enjoy better conversions then ensure that you have precise targeting with your marketing campaigns.

Try Cost Per Action Marketing

While the unending trend of Pay Per Click (PPC) seems to be the real deal that everybody is into, CPA marketing is something else worth giving a try. This is especially if the products you are marketing are your own. CPA marketing is a marketing model in which you advertise your website and only pay when a specific action is made. This action could range from anything ranging from downloads, installs, email optins or even when a sale is made.

To demonstrate this practically, let’s assume you are running a website promoting your latest software which you would like people to sell. You could reach out to a CPA network and register with them an advertiser. furthermore, you will need to make an offer that makes the affiliates of that network want to market your software.

One could for instance offer a certain amount for any sale of the software or a trial signup. It is important to set a realistic amount for your offer to ensure that it is both competitive and at the same time it doesn’t go beyond your budget.

Final Word:

One can find ways to acquire thousands of traffic but if your website isn’t optimized for better conversions and reasonable return on investment, then it could be a waste of time sending traffic to that website. Even with little amount of traffic, you need to be getting some realistic results.

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If you run an online business then you are like most internet marketers who are always looking for new ways to up their internet marketing game. There could be hundreds of ways that one can use to drive traffic to their website but the only problem is that only a few of them are worth pursuing.

The approaches below are less known and most internet marketers don’t take advantage of the. They are however substantial and a surefire way to get your business off the ground.

Create Webinars

Webinars have long been used by advanced marketers and the reason why they believe in it is simply because they work every time. If you have been on the internet for a while, then you may have found yourself attending at least one webinar related to your niche. With the one-on-one many people are willing to be an audience and learn some things right from their experts. Webinar also receive a lot of shares because they are not so common.

The only challenge that stops many from doing it is the fact that you could end up needing some high end equipment to help you communicate the message out with your audiences. It may be a bit costly, but webinars are a surefire way to pull in lots of web audiences in your niche.

Use Podcasts

If you are complaining about the requirements to set up webinars, then podcasts would be awesome. With just a microphone, you can record a session and upload it to the web. Depending on the message and the content, you stand a chance to get lots of website traffic from the people who get it. There are lots of online directories and social media sites where you can share your podcasts.

Ensure that your podcasts are excellent and offer real value to the audiences. With that, you can be rest assured to get relevant audiences landing on your website. Just don’t forget to mention your website name in the podcast because wherever the podcast goes, it bears your message.

Engage Industry Experts In An Interview

Ever come across a website or a blog that has posted an interview with another niche expert in the industry? These interviews are usually found in top performing blogs and this is because the owner of the site knows that the information shared attracts many audiences. When you do an interview of a top influencer in your niche, you will get a lot of public attention and similarly get lots of shares which in turn bring in a lot of traffic.

If you are wondering how you will get the interview set up, you can just schedule with an influencer to have a Skype video call. You can record the conversation and later transcribe it to post on your website.

Focus On Creating Viral Posts

Most of us just write blog posts never caring how the audiences find it. If you are creating posts, then you have to make sure that they captivate your audiences and they love the content. This makes it easier for the post to get viral and better visibility. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you are creating viral content that pulls traffic to your website.

-Ensure that the headline is crunchy and hard to ignore. This ensures that you have better click through rate whenever people see the post.

-Make sure that the information is precise and has all the information that the reader seeks. Make every word count and ensure to be precise in clearing up the points.

-Pick trending topics and ensure that your post addresses the current trending issues that people are seeking answers for.

Don’t Forget To Your Email Marketing

website trafficAmong some of the longest used marketing methods includes email marketing. You may have head of internet marketers preaching the anthem that money in in the list. Indeed creating an email list and running email campaigns can bring in good profits. Building a list around your niche is a surefire way of getting good amount of sales. This is because you are marketing to people whom you are sure needs your products and sales.

The rocket science that differentiates successful marketing and failed marketing depends with the strategy used. One needs to create a sales funnel which involves capturing leads through optimized landing pages. The next steps in your marketing include automation which may take time to implement but comes with high yields. To get the best of email marketing, you need to do intensive research and find out the steps that you should follow to reap big.

Respond To HARO Queries

Have you ever heard of HARO? HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out and it is a network which aims to connect bloggers and writers. In a nutshell, website owners from different websites including big companies and top magazines use HARO to seek for writers who can write posts on their websites.

As a marketer seeking traffic for your website, you can register with HARO as a writer and subscribe to receive queries from topics related to your niche. You can even subscribe to multiple niches but ensure that they related to yours to ensure that you can link to your website. Since you will be working on similar sites to yours, the traffic is targeted and will give you good conversions.

The more you answer to these queries and submit posts to requesters, the more you build authority and get more website traffic.

Final word:

Whatever your business is, as long as it runs on the internet, you will need traffic to keep it afloat. Web acquisition is however not easy to get, especially if you are not conversant with many online marketing. The strategies shared above are some of the simple ones that are less known by many, yet they could send in swarms of traffic to your website.

We also recommend that you take some time to have a look at our web traffic services. We are certain you will find a package that perfectly suits your business.

The internet has plenty to offer in terms of business, but most website owners who decide to try their hand get caught up with some myths. They end up making mistakes that makes the traffic acquisition harder than it was before. In this post, we will cover 7 of the most common web traffic mistakes that are made by many armature internet marketers. Here they are:

Believing In Search Engine Submission Services

If you have been online for a while then you’ll agree that at some point when you were starting your website, you got some offers popping up asking you to use their service to submit your new website to the search engines. Most of these services are there to take advantage of beginners who have no clue what it takes to get traffic from Google. In turn, they will buy the myth and hang on expecting their website to be visited

The truth is that Google can index your website within hours of publishing your content. Another thing that most newbies fail to realize is that even if these submission services submit their website to the search engine, it isn’t going to get them traffic. If at all it works in submitting the website to the search engine, the best it can do is to get it indexed.

Failing To Create A Blog

In today’s internet arena, without a blog where you share information, your website will lag behind and might never get any traffic. Almost every website has a blog where they keep their clients and audiences updated and informed. Most amateur internet marketers would just create a website and forget that there is a lot to do on the blog. They would then later realize that they are no getting any traffic to their website.

Once you have your blog up and running the next thing that you should ensure is to keep it updated and informative. This will make it a reliable resource which makes it easy to pull in a lot of traffic. It should have information that is strictly related to your niche and shouldn’t have any off-topic information.

Getting Traffic Is Easy

Gone are the days when 4-paged websites used to buzz with traffic from the search engines. Back then you would create a website and with just a few tweaking, your website could get hundreds of traffic. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case in today’s internet. To get traffic you have to have something great to offer and have to know the INS and out of internet marketing. Competitors are always doing what they can to stay on top and keep their business afloat.

If you do not have enough budget to start putting up advertisements, then you should be ready to do some hard work that is both time consuming and tiresome. In all honesty, traffic acquisition isn’t as simple as many marketers make it sound.

Failing To Build Relationships With Other Sites

In spire being a competition battle between your website and that of your competitors, the rule of the success with internet marketing is to build relationship with other website owners in their niche.

Most newbies come in with the notion of being too modest to seek for publicity and that they cannot interact with their competitors. One would be surprised to find hundreds of websites who are ready to build relationship and grow together. This is something that every newbie marketer should focus into to help boost their new website.  The best place to start is the social media sites. Follow the top influencers in your niche and engage in social conversations with them once in a while when you get that chance. When you do this, you will easily build your relationship and you could end up being featured or mentioned by them on the social media or their website.

Ignoring Lead Capturing

When you’ve decided to do internet marketing for profit, you need to know the various proven ways to get those leads and get them to convert. Apparently, a very minimal percentage of traffic that gets to your website will convert at the first will convert on that same day. To deal with this phenomenon, you need to capture these audiences as prospective leads then start marketing to them. This is a long used approach that has been proven to work over and over.

So, the first and the most common way of capturing leads is by implementing a solid email marketing funnel. You will need to learn the basics of lead capturing using lead pages and how to reach out to your audiences through the use of newsletters. It may be a lengthy course before mastering it all, but it surely is worthy.

Neglecting Local Business Listing

traffic mistakesUnlike offline businesses where clients and customers come to your shop, you have to reach out to them when it comes to internet marketing. If your business targets a particular area then you must be listed in the local directories as a business. This makes it easy for customers and clients to find your website. It is common for newbies to ignore this and it is something that keeps them off the hook and gives their competitors the advantage.

Getting listed in most local business directories is normally free, so why not do it and start getting some visibility?

Failing To Create A Responsive Website

With today’s technology that has got everyone using different device to access the internet, one needs to have a highly responsive website that supports these devices. A website without a responsive design will have a poor display in some devices making it hard for the visitors to make a purchase or navigate properly. With that said, you need to find a good programmer to take care of this if you cannot do it on your own. It’s a worthy investment.

Final Thoughts:

If you are a beginner and want to be on the safe side, avoid these myths like a plague. You’ll be better off without them.

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expired domain traffic

If you are an internet marketer and haven’t heard of expired domain traffic, then you must have been living under some rock. There are lots of domain names which die every day when their previous owners failing to renew them. There are many reasons why someone might not want to renew a particular domain name including the fact that perhaps they are no longer interested in pursuing the business or perhaps they forgot to renew.

Such domains end up being dumped and unclaimed. With the fact that these domains were initially receiving traffic, there is nobody to harness that traffic. Web traffic agencies like us here at and Web Traffic register these domains in bulk and filter the traffic according to the niche of that website. We then channel this traffic to our clients websites depending on their preferences. Below we cover some of the reasons why expired web traffic could be your best way to give your website the visibility that it needs.

High Targeting

Perhaps the most important thing when you are channeling traffic to your website is to ensure that they are from related niches. Getting highly targeted traffic means that you will enjoy high conversion rate from your website offers.  When it comes to expired domains, it is obvious that these domains were operating under particular niches.

Here at And Web Traffic, we have a team whose job is to scrutinize and categorize each and every domain that we have accordingly.

For instance when we come across an expired domain that comes from a pet food niche, we sort it and put it under the pet food niche. This enables us to serve our clients with precisely targeted traffic which are interested in what our clients are offering on their website.

Unbeatable Prices

Getting traffic from expired domains has the affordability advantage and this is yet another superb reason why website owners shouldn’t underestimate the powers of expired domain traffic. When you take a look at our packages, you get to understand how this kind of traffic can be affordable.

With a dedicated team of experts who have been in the industry and the backing of some of the most sophisticated tools there can ever be, we don’t have a problem finding high quality domains that still have traffic. This is why we are able to offer the best quality traffic to our clients at prices that they could only imagine.

Instant Traffic

Most traffic acquisition strategies used online demand a lot of time to implement and getting results also need one to put in a lot of effort.

SEO for example needs one to have the skills and patience before the results show up. But with expired domains, since the domains were already established and the sites were receiving traffic, it becomes easy to divert the audience to the client website. Since once can get the traffic constantly from the time they set their campaigns, getting conversions becomes easy. Most of our clients have testified getting leads and sales within a few hours of setting their campaigns on our platform.

Limitless Amount Of Traffic

We have hundreds of repeat clients ranging from small websites to big companies who want to get a taste of the traffic we offer. This is because they have already seen the results and would like to use it over and over again. With this kind of traffic, you will never look back or think of any other traffic source for your website.

Since we have a huge database of already registered domains that are getting website traffic, you can place an order after the other or expand on the volume that you wish to get. There is no limit and you will never miss traffic whenever you decide to set up your campaigns.

Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Expired Domain Traffic

important-1704763_6401. Beware of scams from fake vendors

Buying expired domain traffic from anyone who claims to offer such could be a little tricky. There are lots of online scams that people get hooked into. You need to know that you are dealing with a real agency that has the necessary capabilities to serve such traffic.

2. Ready your website for the traffic

Some website owners get caught up with their website going down while others fail to optimize their website correctly. One needs to know whether the hosting that you got for your website has the sufficient resources to receive traffic. Optimizing your landing pages is also something that must be done to ensure the traffic doesn’t go to waste.

3. Do split testing and scale up on your conversions

When you start getting conversions on your website offers, you shouldn’t stop there but ensure that you are getting the maximum return on your investment. Split testing where you test different campaigns is also something that you should look into to make ascertain which campaign works better.

4. Make sure your website is responsive

Eeven with the current web status where most people use smart-devices to access the internet, you’ll still find some websites not showing properly on these devices. To be on the safer side and avoid losing traffic, you should ensure that your website is responsive.

Final Word:

These are the merits that come with investing on expired domains and the clear reasons why you should be investing on them.

Our traffic packages are one of the best that you can find around and this could be your chance to propel your site. Forget about the hassles of trying out a strategy after the other and purchase this quality traffic from us.

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guest blogging

It is almost impossible to imagine a world without blogs given the fact that most of the information that people seek are found in blogs. From an internet marketer’s perspective, blogs serve as traffic magnets which hook and engage audience. Every marketer knows that traffic is the backbone of any online business and without it, a business will fail. Besides being a traffic acquisition method, guest blogging also helps build online brand and authority really fast.

In this guide, we will look at guest blogging and how to use it perfectly to build an online empire using it.

Focus on High Quality Authority Blogs

When you want to build an authority website, you should first start by focusing your attention on the big blogs that are already rated top. But how do you know which ones are quality blogs? Although it is easy for most people to point out an authority website, here are some of the things that you can check out to determine a website’s authenticity and authority.

Age of the website— Good authority websites always have the age factor and the best way to do this is to analyze the domain.

The content quality – You can as well peruse through the front page of a website and you will get an idea on how a reliable a website is.

Social media activeness – with social media taking the center-stage engaging every niche online, it is obvious that a good authority site will have a good social media following enough to create a buzz.

Using online analysis tools – there are plenty of web tools which you can use to gauge a website’s authority to determine whether it is worthy or not.

With these few authority factors in your checklist, you can be rest assure that you will be getting some high quality traffic from the websites.

Stay Within Your Own Niche

There is one big mistake that almost every newbie marketer does, and that is focusing on general niche for guest posting. Although one can easily get blogs accepting them for guest posts, it is important to note that it isn’t only about getting just any kind of traffic but high quality ones that is targeted. Getting targeted traffic from related website will increase the conversion rate of your leads and sales.

By way of example; assuming that you run a website that markets gift cards and you target a general niche blog to publish your post. People with different interests frequent the general site, each with a specific interest. Although you may find a few people who might be interested in gift cards, they rarely end up buying them. In simple terms, targeting a general niche is a gamble that won’t give impressive results. The results won’t be compared with someone who would have focused on a gift blog where most audiences are interested in gift ideas and such.

Ensure That the Quality Of The Articles Are Excellent

Everybody wants their blog to be informative and not to be filled with junky crap which is meaningless to the end user. Just as you would like to post great content on your website, you should also craft high quality posts for your guest blogging campaigns. Every blog also have their writing style which you should adopt and get inspiration on how the content should be. While this can be a bit tricky, most blog owners do offer to write the blog post on your behalf and post it for you. This is the best option, though it will cost you more. You can also opt to find your own writer and give them instructions on how the post should appear.

Doing this will ensure that your post not only gets published but it will also attract more attention from that website’s users. You will also enjoy the social advantage and depending on the quality of the post, you stand a chance of drawing in lots of traffic from the social media sites.

Think Company Blogs

blog-1513528_640Depending on the niche that you are in, company blogs could be the perfect place to build relationships. Company blogs aren’t so flooded and overused by many markets making it a good spot to start. Why does this work? Most companies do not have time to keep updating their blog and if you step in and tell them the importance of regularly updating their blog, you can stand a chance to write for them. This gives you the golden chance to reach out to the company’s audiences and woo them by channeling them to your site.

Since you will be focusing on niche related company blogs, the quality of traffic will be perfect and of the right quality.

Reach Out To As Many Blogs As Possible

Perhaps the most interesting thing with guest blogging is that it has no limit and your efforts determine how far you will go and how much traffic will flow to your website. You are the boss and your efforts will determine your success with guest blogging. Every niche is wide on its own having thousands of websites to exploit and reach out to.

Another thing that you may want to do is to regularly post on blogs that you have been accepted before. It is much easier to submit to a blog that you have posted to earlier and there is no harm in doing that. You can always try out different keywords and twists to increase the chances of landing on many more blogs.


With the above tips in mind, it is now time to take action and reach out to high trafficked blogs. Guest blogging is a powerful traffic acquisition method and if used well, it can generate thousands of traffic. Regardless of whether your website is new, guest blogging is something that you should give a try.

If you feel that guest blogging is too much and need a quick traffic formula that gets you results instantly, then why not check out web traffic packages. With many professional marketers on board, you can start making sales and conversions from your website today.

traffic for new website

Most newbie marketers always feel that getting traffic is a hassle and many give up along the way.  While growing a new site demands a lot of dedication and some marketing mastery, there are some simple proven ways that beginners can use to propel their website and get thousands of website traffic within a very short period of time.  In this write-up, we will cover some of these methods which have been tested over and over, and you can use them to get your website more visibility.

So, do you want to get 100,000 website visitors within three months of launching? Read on and be sure to put the strategies below into action for some high quality web traffic to your site.

Do Internal Page Linking

Naturally, a website that is informative tends to have related information or at least some reference within the website itself. On that account, building a website with a good internal linking structure not only makes it an authority website but a surefire way to harness traffic. Search engines like Google love internally linked websites and see them as informative hubs therefore giving them more credit in their web rankings.

Optimize for the Social Media

Most people have always put too much effort into optimizing a website for the search engines, forgetting that the social media is among the most visited sites across the globe.

Among some of the advantages that one may want to dive into social media is that you can start your marketing with a little budget or even do it for free. To get the best out of your social media strategy, you should focus on using numerous social media sites. The more sites you are active in, the more visibility you get.

Ensure Your Site is Responsive

Back then, one could easily make a website by stacking up basic-coded pages and publishing them. In today’s world where everybody has a gadget of their own which they use to access the internet, it demands that one have a responsive website. Creating a responsive website ensures that one doesn’t lose any amount of traffic because their website couldn’t be rendered. This means that you can easily host any audience on your site regardless of whether they are using their phones, laptops or any other device to surf the internet.

Keep Track Of Your Traffic Data

Do you mind take time to know how your website fairs online? If you are serious about marketing then you should. Keeping track of your website performance campaigns helps you to determine which strategy works perfect for you and which one you should stop wasting time on. Among some of the best tools that you can get started with includes Google analytics, Google Webmaster and Clicky.

Don’t Forget Email Marketing

Email marketing has been one of the best marketing strategies that have been used since the birth of the web. The reason for its perennial use is simply because it works. And if email marketing is still something strange to your ears, it’s just a marketing strategy like any other. It is simple to learn but could take some time to get to an advanced level. The returns are however incredible if done well. The first rule with email marketing is to know how to capture leads. This process is usually a time consuming and the most important since it is where you get your customers and clients. Once that is set, the next steps of making an email list and sending out newsletters becomes a walk in the park.

Before getting started with email marketing, it is advisable that you do your homework and research to know the tips and tricks of email marketing.

Submit Your Site To Top Aggregators

hand-895592_640Many internet marketers would argue that the era of using aggregator sites for web traffic is long gone. However, with the fact that these sites have loads of people visiting on a daily basis, there is big traffic potential. To get the best with aggregator sites, you have to make sure that your website is high quality and that you also focus on submitting to authority aggregator sites that receive lots of traffic. A good example of an aggregator site that has lots of traffic is

Think Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most debated online marketing techniques, but many of the marketers which have used it know that it can skyrocket a new site to a buzz in no time. Guest blogging is the process of writing blog posts on other websites and blogs that are related to yours. This is done with the aim of getting your website more visibility and to send in high quality traffic. There are lots of websites that are ready to accept guest posts from other bloggers, so it’s an opportunity waiting to be exploited. To get you the best results, you have to make sure that you are working on websites that are in the same niche as you are and that you are writing informative blog posts that will attract the readers to want to know more from your website.

Final Word

Coming up with a checklist of marketing approaches to use might be a pain for a newbie marketer. Traffic acquisition and website visibility however doesn’t have to be a hard nut to crack. If you are willing to take action, expect some high quality traffic and better visibility of your new website with the use of the marketing tactics above.

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E-commerce traffic

With the internet becoming a part of life for many of us, there are limitless things that one can do including doing online shopping. With many advantages that come with the mouse-click shopping, many people are turning to the internet to buy things and get them delivered to their doorsteps. For marketers and anyone looking to sell stuffs online, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of the huge amount of shoppers. Running an E-commerce website would for example give one a chance to retail their products fast and conveniently reaching out to many audiences.

Profiting from an e-commerce store however demands that one know the marketing approaches of reaching out to their buyers. Unlike offline shops or local malls where shoppers look for your shop, E-commerce demands that do a market analysis and reach out to their prospective buyers.

This shouldn’t however sound strange and hard to do. Below, we have covered some of the best known high yielding marketing strategies of getting E-commerce traffic.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Assuming that you are looking to buy something from the internet, what would be your first move and how do you find that specific item? Most shoppers would use internet search engines like Google and Yahoo to learn more about the products they are looking for and where to find it. Google displays thousands of results in pages and it is obvious that shoppers will go with visit websites that pops up first on the search results. From a marketer’s point of view, the websites that appear on the front page are the most beneficiaries who get to make more sales from the items bought.

SEO is the process of marketing a website and making it appear on the front pages of search engines like Google where buyers will find it. Since there are hundreds or thousands of websites out there competing and selling the same product, search engines like Google uses certain algorithms and systematic protocols to display the most relevant products.

When doing SEO, you are required to optimize and make the products on your website search friendly and relevant. SEO demands some technical mastery but it surely is a well worthy course. Among its unquestionable importance includes the fact that the traffic acquired is highly targeted and offers high conversion rate.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is yet another marketing approach that has been online for a long time and anyone who have spent time in the internet marketing game would tell you that it is one of the best marketing strategies that one can use. E-commerce marketers have embraced the use of PPC from way back and it is also an easy way to make quick sales if you are not into strategies like SEO which could take months to yield results.

With PPC, you will pay for every click resulting from a visitor who is channeled to your website. The visitor comes from various websites who are affiliated with the Pay Per Click advertising agency that you have chosen to work with. To get started with PPC, you need to sign up for a PPC advertiser account and start setting up advertising campaigns.

There are lots of PPC agencies including Google Adwords and 7 Search which one could start setting their bids and reaching out to prospects.

Among the best merits that comes with the use of PPC is that it doesn’t take time to see results. After you place your order and bid on the appropriate keywords, you can start receiving traffic instantly and could even make sales from the first few clicks you receive at that moment.

Although it may demand a huge budget to get started, proper use of Pay Per Click could see high yielding with E-commerce. You only need to know the techniques and tricks in bidding and how to maximize your ROI. Sometimes hiring an expert to help with this is also a good option worth considering. It is a surefire marketing approach for anyone who has a budget and needs quick results.

Social Media Marketing

social-media-1432937_640Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the talk of the town these days and you will find almost everyone actively pursuing the latest trends in these sites. With a global reach and a gargantuan load of audiences, these sites pose a hub of opportunities for marketers. Many E-commerce sites are actively using social media to reach out to audiences interested in their products, thanks to the easy targeting features in place.  One can easily reach out to a specific group of audiences from a particular region, age, gender or interests. With this kind of targeting in place, it is clear that the traffic is well targeted and once can expect good returns.

The models used in social media marketing vary depending on the social media site. Most ad campaigns are served on a per click or per impression basis. Setting up campaigns is pretty easy and one only needs to know simple ad placement basics.

Above from social media marketing being an invaluable traffic source, it is also a good way of giving your brand good visibility. To get the best out of social media websites, it is advisable that one only focuses on the top websites and also learns some tips and tricks on how to go about maximizing their profit margins.

Final word:

The approaches above have stood the test of time and if well implemented, they are sure to bolster any E-commerce website. They may require one to master the approach but it pays off in the long run.

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hyip traffic

Are you sick and tired of trying to get free traffic that never worked for your HYIP website? Using free traffic could have it’s advantages but you really have to work hard for it and ought to have also mastered internet marketing in and out. But have you ever considered using paid traffic to bolster your HYIP website? There are many advantages of using paid traffic especially given the fact that you can start getting traffic and conversions soon as you launch your campaigns. The other well known advantage is the fact that targeting is top notch.

Below are some of the best paid traffic sources that you can use to launch high converting HYIP campaigns.

Google Adwords

If you ask any internet marketer of the best paid traffic sources, Google Adwords is one of the first that will come to their minds. Not only because it is operated by one of the largest media companies but because it delivers results.

Google Adwords works through a PPC model where an advertiser pays for every click resulting from their advertisements.

To get started with Google Adwords, you first have to make sure that your website landing page is set up and ready to capture some leads. Then you can sign up to create an advertiser account. Within the platform, you are provided with keyword research tools that will aid you in finding related keywords with bidding for. You also get to target specific audiences based on their interests among other factors. Runnign campaigns is pretty easy using the platform and might only require mastering basic advertising skills.

Chitika Advertising

Chitika is yet another advertising company that has been in the industry for over a decade. they serve ads through publisher websites which comes from a wide variety of niches and regions. Like Google Adwords, Chitika uses a pay per click advertising module although advertisers can also opt for CPM (per impression basis). Many HYIP marketers have recorded high returns from the use of Chitika.

To get started and launch campaigns through Chitika, one simply crates an account, make deposits and start creating campaigns. Creating advertisements is easy and one only needs basic knowledge.

Another thing that advertisers will enjoy with Chitika is the fact that there are low minimum deposits.

Chitika however doesn’t have the best targeting options especially with tier 2 countries. It would be perfect for any HYIP marketer who is looking for audiences in tier 1 countries.

Pop Under Traffic Networks

Yet another popular kind of traffic that you won’t like to miss out on is pop under traffic. If you’ve come across pop ups and windows that open up behind your browser that’s what pop under is. Despite the approach not working for just any niche, HYIP is one of the industries that works perfectly with pop under marketing. Getting started is very easy and also affordable. The model used with pop under traffic is on a per impression basis and the more creative your advertisements are, the better returns for you. One can get thousands of impressions without spending much.

The only downside with pop under traffic is that it involves a lot of testing to figure out which of the ads works better. This might demand that one have some skills in setting up advanced campaigns. It is however an invaluable traffic acquisition method worth trying.

Social Media Advertising

social-media-1432937_640Social media is an approach that we couldn’t fail to mention in this list. With social media websites getting floods of visitors regularly, it surely is a hive of opportunities that HYIP marketeers should dive into. Almost all top social media websites offer advertising options on their website. The most common advertising module that is used by these sites is PPC and CPM.

Although one can use the social media sites effectively to grow their marketing for free, it demands a lot of time and patience which most of us are not up for. Below are just some of the most popular social media advertising options that one should consider.

Facebook Sponsored posts – these advertisements can be targeted based on your preferences and appears along other user’s Facebook posts.

Twitter sponsored tweets – Like Facebook sponsored ads, sponsored tweets these advertisements appear along user’s tweet feed.

Pinterest sponsored pins – Here you’ll have to use an image which is hot-linked to the offer being advertised. Pinterest ads also have great targeting options.

LinkedIn Advertising – LinkedIn has over 450 million active users and allows advertisers to target them based on their interests. It is a good option worth trying.

And Web Traffic

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Final Word:

There are hundreds of websites selling website traffic online, but the only thing that makes a difference is its quality and whether it will convert. A huge fraction of them are spam and will only make your website status worse that it is.

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