paid traffic to your website - is it worth it?

Traffic remains one of the most important things and assets to any website out there. Be it a blog or a website, you need people to come in so that you make money from it and get your return on investment. Perhaps you’ve tried your hand in SEO, content marketing, social media marketing among other kinds of traffic methods. If none of them seem to work, then it is time to find another alternative traffic method. For most people, the other known alternative is paid traffic, which simply involves paying third parties to send traffic to your website. 

In this guide, we will comprehensively look into the world of paid traffic, what it entails and of course try to answer the question whether paid traffic is worth it. 

What Is Paid Traffic?

Perhaps the first thing that we need to understand is what paid traffic is and what it entails. As the name suggests, paid traffic is when a webmaster or a website owner buys web traffic by either paying for advertisement spots on other sites or paying traffic from advertising agencies who will then source traffic from other sites with the help of publishers. Unlike what many perceive that paid traffic is only paid per click, it involves all sorts of advertisements such as banner and ad placements where a web owner invests in some web space. 

The Different Types Of Paid Traffic

paid traffic to your website

As aforementioned, there are different types of paid traffic, and to further give you an understanding abut it, below are some of the best paid traffic sources that one can use to generate good quality web traffic

Pay Per Click

Pay per click is a paid traffic strategy that involves webmasters paying for advertisements through a pay as you go module. One is basically charged every time there is a click on the advertisement that leads to their website. It is the most common  type of paid traffic that one can find and with the success rate that it has see, it is undoubtedly very powerful and the way to go if you are looking for a fully managed means of generating paid traffic to you website. Google Adwords is perhaps the moist well known platform that uses paid traffic. 

Here, thousands of internet marketers and online based businesses manage their advertisement campaigns that are served through Google and affiliated website partners. The network has succeeded to be one of the largest and most reliable traffic sources because most of the online users use Google for their daily searches. There are other search engines like Bing and Yahoo who also offer similar pay per click services. 

To succeed in pay per click, there are strategies that must be put in place. Among them includes split testing campaigns to ensure that you are getting the best ROI from the investment and doing thorough keyword research to find less competitive and bid cheaper to beat the competition. 

Social Media Advertisement

Social media is yet another market that has proven to be very effective when it comes to internet marketing. Considering that the global social media market has over 2 billion active users, it surely is a good spot to set up a website. Everyone has a hobby and somethignt that they are interested in, and with the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter having all the details, webmasters and internet marketers can make precise targeting and get more usable traffic by advertising through them. 

Social media marketing is however not that easy, and many people could find themselves generating a lot of traffic from these sites without actually getting any sales or return on their initial investments. Without a good strategy to follow and implement, it could lead to your downfall and an end to your online endeavors. With social media, one has to understand that visitors who are there aren’t primarily intended to buying anything unless it really appeals to them. So instead of focusing on quick selling, one should look at it from a long term perspective and consider using methods such as email marketing to lock them in. Targeting is also a crucial factor since these people need to precisely love what they are getting for them to actually buy from your site. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your precious time. 

Infleuncer Marketing

Any avid internet market knows what influencer marketing is. If you don’t, then it is basically the kind of marketing where an influential social media figure helps to promote a brand or a product to their own followers and audiences. Content marketed through the social media platform or on the influencer’s website is still considered to be part of this. This kind of marketing has demonstrated amazing results for many people and has become a favorite new way of reaching out to masses. Why does influencer marketing and why is it better than most other traffic? First off, influencer marketing is effective because it is based on the influencer’s solid trust with their audiences. Since the audiences have laid their trust and know the influencer, they are more inclined to buy and go with the recommendation they are getting from the influencer.

To get started with influencer marketing, it pretty much follows any other outreach approach similar to that used in guest posting. You basically peach and reach out to influencers wither through their social media platforms or through their websites an ask them to help advertise your product or website. The negotiations on the charges and other requirements between the website owner and the influencer will them kick off. One of the reasons why influencer marketing is excellent is that it works for both beginners and pros regardless of whether their site is new or old. 

Paid Discovery

Yet another effective paid traffic method that gets less attention from many marketers all over is paid discovery. Paid discovery is more of a recommended content type of advertising which may not be as effective as pay per click and influencer marketing, but it is still a worthy web traffic avenue. As a matter of fact, and something that every webmaster needs to keep in mind before venturing onto this, it is worth noting that it isn’t for every website. It works perfect for some websites but not for others. For instance content with viral social media content and things such as games fair well with this kind of traffic, but might not actually show good results when it comes to a medical website. 

Targeting is also important when it comes to paid discovery. Although most of the content found here are considered general, better targeting and knowing what kind of sites your adverts are sent to is an important thing to ensure that you are spending less to get valid and more targeted visitors who are more profitable on your site. Among some of the most common paid discovery sites includes Outbrain and Taboola who boasts having millions of active visitors every month. 

Advantages Of Paid Traffic

advantages of paid traffic

To further understand paid traffic and figure out whether it is good for your website or not, it is important to look into the advantages that one could get by using them. Here they are;

You Have All The Control – If there is one thing that you need when it comes to web traffic, it is control. With free traffic sources, it is hard to know many things which from a statistical point could help improve things and get more profit. But with paid traffic, you are on a platform where you decide where the traffic comes from and you are able to know things such as click through ration which can help you scale up and improve many things. 

Better Targeting Means Better Business – There is no other kind of targeting that you will even get online that beats paid traffic targeting, Period. And with better targeting comes more profit. You can make precise targeting based on different factors such as location, age, gender, keyword, niche among other things. This ensures that you are getting good traffic and visitors who are interested in what you have to offer because they fit in those target categories. 

No Holds Barred – With free web traffic, you only have what you are getting and are limited by things such as keyword positioning and such. However with paid traffic, that is the opposite. The only thing that stands in your way in terms of traffic you get to your website is the budget that you have allocated. You can do as many tests as you can and reap even better with better click through without being charged extra. This kind of marketing freedom is surely a good way to improve and boost your business. And as long as you have more to invest, there is no limit as you can always enjoy more web traffic flow to your website. 

Disadvantage Of Paid Traffic

Like every other web traffic strategy out there, paid traffic too has some disadvantages and things that one might want to keep in mind before investing. 

Takes Some Time To Master The Art – One thing that you need to understand is that paid traffic isn’t an easy avenue and a way to get traffic easily. Although you are paying money, it doesn’t mean that you will start seeing swarms of them coming to your website out of the blue.It is a process and besides strategizing, you need to lean a few things a bout a particular traffic method, which sometimes takes a lot of time to master. 

Unfair Competition – If there is one thing that one can’t avoid when it comes to paid traffic, it has to be unfair competition. It always seems unfair to find a beginner competing head on with an amateur marketer who just has little to spend on their advertising. This always lead to the big advertisers taking up most of the traffic and leaving the small advertisers to scratch for the little they can get. 

Final Verdict

Paid traffic is worth it only if you know what you are doing and do everything strategically paying attention to the fake traffic providers and ensuring that your ads and campaigns are well set to give you a positive ROI. 

Be sure to check out our web traffic packages which lets you make laser targeting to get better results. Our platform is very easy and convenient to use an we are certain you will get good results from it. 

buy organic traffic

If the thought of buying organic traffic has crossed your mind, then it is perhaps because you have learned than any other kind of traffic is of poor quality or perhaps you have learned that organic traffic is one of the best that one can get. without web traffic, there would be no point in having a website. It is just like running a big shop with nobody entering to shop. And when there are no customers, you are living on borrowed time which need to change sooner before you close up shop. 

On the internet, there are lots of ways to get web traffic, but only a few of them work. Most of the newbies and amateurs who are getting started are lured and made to go the hard way of trying other useless methods before they land themselves on the right traffic method. If you have trekked that route, then it is time you make the decision to end that today by buying organic traffic that is meant for your site and guaranteed to make an impact. In this guide, we will go through some of the things that you need to understand when it comes to buying organic traffic, why you need to do it and what to expect after buying the traffic. So, before buying the traffic, reading through this article will help you understand and decide whether you want to buy organic traffic and whether it will work for your website. 

What Is Organic Traffic?

To start us off, we first need to understand what organic traffic is. Organic traffic, just as the word suggests is a natural way of generating traffic to a website. As websites age and gain authority, they start generating natural traffic and visitors start noticing it and in the process, one starts generating income from the visitors that buy the products and services on the site. But it is easier said than done. 

Organic  traffic can come from the search engines such as Google, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook or naturally though linking websites. But when you have no links and have not yet built a relationship with any website, this is harder. And this calls for one to buy high quality organic traffic. Buying the traffic should come from search engines and it should be redirected to your website. Here are some of the characteristics that best defines organic traffic. 

  1. Good Targeting – Organic traffic is always well targeted. Considering the traffic that comes from Google and other search engine such as Bing and Yahoo, they are usually as a result of someone typing in specific keywords. there is nothing better than getting keyword targeted traffic, because people are getting what they want and this means that there will be high chances of selling that product or service. When buying organic traffic, the other kind of targeting that you will get is based on location, age and gender. 
  2. Unmatched quality – No other traffic strategy comes close to organic traffic and any expert marketer would swear by that fact. This is why there is high demand and many webmasters who know this keep scramming to buy the high quality traffic. 
  3. Natural and All Legit – One of the growing concerns with buying traffic online is that there are lots of fake traffic generators being used by crooked traffic providers. When you find a good organic traffic provider, it should all be human and legit. 
  4. Good For All Sites– Some web traffic strategies work for other websites and might not work for others. However, since organic traffic is natural and sourced from natural sites like the search engines, it works all the time. 

Why Buying Organic Traffic Is A Good Idea

organic traffic

You have spent a lot of time and money building and hosting your website, only to be hit by another surprise. The fact that nobody is visiting your website and you don’t know what to do about it. You are left wondering whether it is time to call it quits and forget everything about internet marketing because everything else doesn’t seem to work. If you’ve ever found yourself in such a situation, then it is simply because you are doing it all wrong. With a good approach that involves buying organic traffic, you are all set and can expect to 

Below are some of the things and reasons why you may want to buy organic traffic that will bring an impact to your online business. 

No Waiting

For a new website that has no authority, it will take forever to start generating enough traffic, something that you shouldn’t even be keeping in your mind. You would need to invest a lot and do a lot of optimizations before you start seeing a rise in the organic search graph. however, when you opt to buy organic web traffic, you will get the traffic on your website as soon as the advert is approved and launched. This will go on, unless it is paused or the budget reaches the limit. The fact that you have total control is also another plus with paid traffic since you can decide when to pause the campaign for further onsite optimizations. 

No Hard Toils

As aforementioned, acquiring free organic traffic takes a lot of time and expertise which you may have to pay a premium for. If you are inexperienced with the rocket science of generating web traffic, then it becomes an even worse problem as you simply cannot send any traffic to your website. So, why would you want to waste your precious time that you could use to do other things while having the job seamlessly done for you? We do all the hard job and all you have to do is ready your site for an organic traffic tsunami. 

Guaranteed Results

They say there are no guarantees online, but organic traffic is the closest you can get in terms of natural and quality traffic. The return on investment has always been positive. unless you are using a vendor that is a fraud or doing something wrong on your website, you should be banking big. The fact that these people were already looking for the products and services turns them from visitors to prospective buyers which is something that will help you see good results. 

No Holds Barred

Don’t we all love the freedom of getting what we want to the limits that we wish to have? Organic traffic is just like that. There are no limits when it comes to buying traffic. Unless the vendor are getting started and do not have enough supply, the potential that one gets with organic traffic are limitless and can only be limited by one’s budget. This is unlike the situation of struggling and working hard to start getting little traffic from the few keywords that you manage to rank on top of Google and other search engines. so, if you are looking to get unlimited high quality traffic, there would be no other way than buying organic traffic. You can buy as little as you can and as much as you can afford. 

Succeeding With Organic Traffic

buying organic traffic

If you really want to see good results from organic traffic, then you need to follow the steps and techniques below. 

Optimize Your Website

Nothing comes easy. Not even the traffic that you buy will give you results if there are things that haven’t been done on your website. If it was that easy, then everyone would be doing it. You would find billions of replicated sites in business. But it isn’t that hard either. You just have to do the right thing by following proven strategies. One of them is to optimize your website. Just like placing products on display in a shop, optimizing your site makes it easy to navigate and easy for users to make purchases and close deals. 

Test, Test, Test

When you buy the traffic, there are different results to be expected. If the website has been well optimized and is up to par, then you can expect to start seeing some buyers buying products and services. It isn’t however guaranteed to start seeing such results yet. And this calls for better testing which involves changing things such as the content and wordings on the page to see if there is a significant change in the performance. Many experience internet marketers will tell you that the secret to succeeding with paid traffic is to keep testing and making different tweaks until you have the best results that you are pleased with. After that, you can then invest more to push more traffic for even better results. 

Always Exercise Caution When Buying Traffic

As mentioned above, there are fake traffic providers who are all over on the internet and many newbie internet marketers with little experience have fallen prey to this. It is therefore crucial for anyone buying traffic to be very cautious to avoid losing their hard earned money to such fraudsters who will send you fake traffic that will not make any positive impact on your website. To know if a web traffic provider is legit, you have to do a little background check and learn about their time in business. Most of the fake providers last only a few months before they are out. You will also find some reviews and complaints if the traffic provider is a fake one. 

Where To Buy Organic Traffic

When you’ve made up your mind on investing and decided to make your website solid, its now time to buy organic traffic. So, where do you buy it? The best place to buy organic traffic is through online trusted vendors who are known to offer quality traffic. Lucky enough, you won’t have to go far and risk being sold poor quality traffic. 

Here at And Web Traffic, you will find a good deal that you will never regret. Never again will you buy traffic from any other place. We have been in business for over a decade helping internet marketers, big online companies and webmasters like you to make it online. Head over to our sales page or get in touch with us for more details and how we can help you make your website better. 

Wrapping It Up!

Web traffic is the bread and butter to any website. Be it a new one or an established one, traffic is paramount and must be generated for that website to continue operating profitably. Unless you are in it for fun, buying organic traffic is the way to go and highlighted above are some of the ins and out and how you need to approach it to be successful online.

buy google traffic

Most amateur marketers who are still learning the ins and out of internet marketing usually find themselves on a hard spot asking themselves if it is worth buying web traffic. Among the most common and most successful ways of online marketing is to turn to Google, the behemoth of search engines and display advertising. It is also a platform where marketers have made fortunes. Buying Google traffic isn’t anything new, and many new businesses are signing up to advertise on the Google Adwords platform. However, a majority of them do not make bank from buying the traffic.

Most beginner marketers fail because they do not have an idea on how to strategize to get the best out of their marketing. although the process of buying web traffic from Google is as easy as signing up and bidding, there is more to it that one needs to keep in mind. Not only are there competitors who are doing everything to stay in front of you, but you also need to make sure that you are bidding wisely to get a good return on your investment. Without doing this, you could end up burning all the money without getting the expected results.  Below, we cover some of the reasons why buying Google traffic is a crucial move and how to get the best out of it.

Why Buy Google Traffic When You Can Get It For Free

If you have been in the internet marketing game for a whole, or perhaps have been spectating and still not yet made your move into the marketing, then you must have learned that one can get free traffic and others opt to buy them. The big question that lingers in the mind of many people is, why would one buy web traffic when they can do SEO or use social media sites for free? The simple answer to this is that free web traffic sources are limited in many ways as compared to buying web traffic. Here are some of the limitations that come with buying free traffic as compared to buying traffic;

Free Traffic Vs. Buying Google Traffic

  • It takes a lot of time to strategize for free traffic. Some of the free traffic sources like SEO don’t just start generating traffic instantly like you would find with Google Adwords and other forms of paid traffic. You have to spend more time (usually months) before you start ranking on the search engines to start getting traffic to your website. So, instead of going this route, many marketers opt to buy traffic because it is faster and easier. One can start expecting to get tons of traffic as soon as their advertisement is approved, which makes it one of the loved traffic strategy by many professional internet marketers.
  • With free traffic sources, you are limited in the amount of visitors who can visit the website. For instance search engines will limit one to the number of searches depending on how the keyword is popular. But with paid traffic such as buying Google traffic, you can bid for as many keywords as you can afford. As long as you have the money to spend on advertising, you can increase the amount of traffic to your site as you wish and have them flow for as long as the advert is on.
  • Buying traffic also gives one full control of  how they can run their online business without the risk of fluctuation or losing traffic. This is the opposite with free traffic such as Social media and SEO where you have to adhere to certain search engine rules that must be observed. Any alteration and changes need to also be within the set rules, otherwise one risks losing the flow of traffic to their website. In short, buying Google traffic and any other reliable paid traffic strategies offers better reliability as compared to free traffic sources.

Expectations With Google Traffic

While most amateur marketers expect to buy Google traffic easily and start seeing traffic pouring to their website, most of them are surprised to come find that the whole Google marketing system is a huge jargon. It is beyond buying traffic, but rather a strategy based marketing where one will have to invest wisely to get back their investment. What is the reason behind buying google traffic? Everyone engaged in digital marketing always wants to make money by the end of the day. And this means doing whatever it takes to flip a dime into two.

Buying Google traffic is not for everyone – Depending on your website, Google can either accept or reject your website. There are certain rules and restrictions on the websites that are accepted into the Google advertisement system. It is estimated that there are over 3 billion bad ads taken down every year for different reasons. It is therefore important to ensure that your website meets all the Google advertising standards and that the ads displayed are well designed and structured to meet those guidelines. Without doing this, then buying Google traffic might not work perfect for you.

Good keywords always come with competition – Buying Google traffic isn’t as easy as paying for traffic and expect to start seeing traffic coming to your  website. There are lots of competitors who would do anything to stay ahead of you. This depends on how your niche is competitive. There more the competition, the higher the bidding price will be. In theory, the bidding price of a keyword will depend on how competitive it is.

Tips And Tricks – How The Gurus Are Leveraging Google Traffic

Buying traffic has always been one of the trickiest side of online marketing, and without a good strategy, you could find yourself overspending beyond your advertisement budget. To succeed, you must make sure that the money spent always gives you a return on the investment. First off, one must understand that buying Google traffic doesn’t come cheap. So, how does one buy Google traffic? And what are web experts and the so called Gurus using to get positive return on investment from Google traffic? Here are some of the web traffic tips and tricks you may want to consider;

Bid On Low Competitive Buyer Keywords

When you are on the Google Adwords platform, you will realize that there are lots of features in there, most of which can determine the success or failure of an online business. Although low competition keywords may not have as much traffic as those that have higher competition, bidding on many of them will give you more traffic that can yield good returns in the end. This is a good approach, that is especially good for amateurs who are getting started with buying Google traffic. It is easy to follow and one would spend less hence they could leverage to get more visitors to their website.

Optimize Pages And Split Test

The big difference between amateur marketers and experienced ones is the way they approach marketing. One of the crucial things that one must have if the are paying for traffic is to do more tests to find out which approach gets them valuable visitors who bring in the money. With split testing, one created different versions of the same page with different triggers and call to actions to test and see how visitors will experience it. It is through this approach that one gets to know which one sells better and gets more results. Once one has established the bets performing landing page or advert, they can spend more knowing that it offers a good Return on Investment.

Use Advanced Marketing Tools

One of the most important thing that one needs to know when doing online marketing is to keep track of their site and campaign performance. Without doing this, then you are bound to fail since you do not have a clear strategy that tracks performance. With some of the tools that you will find in the market, you can find out more crucial information that can help one to better market their website and get more traffic and web visitors in the process.

Know Your Competition

Perhaps another thing that most amateur marketers ignore is finding out more about the competition and knowing how they are playing the game.  you need to dig up as much as you can if you are looking for long term web traffic that gives you leads and helps you to build a good foundation for your entire business. With some of the advanced applications and softwares that you will find in the market, you can do in-depth research and spy on almost every move that you competitor does. This enables many to replicate and create web traffic strategies that have already been tested and proven to work.

Arbitrage Marketing

This is yet another web traffic generation strategy that many marketers are quickly grinding on. Buying Google traffic to send web visitors to a website is more of an arbitrage approach where you spend money to get back money through traffic. The advantage with this kind of marketing lies with the different bid prices on the ads which through various optimizations will yield more than what one spends. This is especially a good marketing approach for viral websites that have eye popping content. Arbitrage marketing however involves using aggressive means to pull visitors to visit a website, which is not suitable for most websites.

These are some of the strategies and approaches that the so called web marketing gurus are using to generate high quality traffic to their websites. They are pretty much easy and although they can take some time to implement them, it is not rocket science and the results are really worth the time and effort spent.

Google Traffic Alternative

If you find the whole process of buying traffic from Google to be too complicated, or you simply don’t have time to focus on it, we can help you achieve results faster and more efficiently. We are marketing experts who have been grinding in the game for more than a decade, and our sole existence on the web is to help busy webmasters and webpreneurs to generate high quality web traffic and leads more efficiently. You can head over to our website sales page to check out some of the web traffic packages that best suit your website.

We are experts in paid traffic and know what works and what doesn’t. With our web traffic that is sourced from various high quality sites, you can expect nothing short of excellence. You will be joining hundreds of other webmasters who get high quality web traffic that gives them leads and sales.

reddit traffic

Reddit is without a doubt one of the best social media platforms that one can use to get tons of traffic to their website. It is one of the pioneers of social media and with millions of audiences and visitors from all kinds of niches and categories, there is little doubt that one can dispute the power that it brings to a website. In this guide, we will go through some of the things that one needs to keep in mind and execute to get the best out of Reddit and the traffic that comes with it. Here we go;

Relevance Is the Key

They say that content is king and that means that if you have the best content you could go a long way. With Reddit, all you have to do to get the attention of the right audience is to post relevant content at the relevant groups (subreddit). There are pretty much lots of categories that one can find on Reddit, each focused at their own audiences. There are also groups which one can request to join. You can join as many as you would like to, as long as you ensure that the groups are within your niche. There is also no point of posting content to get traffic that are not related to your site since that won’t give you any sales or conversions. So, if you are serious about getting results and not wasting your time on things that don’t work, you need to focus on posting relevant content to the relevant audiences. to ensure that you have the best copy, you need to go an extra mile and even if it means hiring a professional copywriter, it is well worth the effort and investment.

Post Regularly And Stay Active

Reddit is a social media site, and as it has always been with any other social media site out there, posting regularly and staying active is the best way that one can be guaranteed of continuous traffic from the site. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to strictly post a particular number of posts within a set time frame, but you need to ensue that your account is not dormant. Social media audiences are always logged in to see what they would get and if there is something new. So, as a marketer and an established expert in your field, you need to watch out for the trend and give the audiences what they want.

Avoid Over-Promoting

If there is one thing that many webmasters and internet marketers do wrong is over-promoting and aggressively selling to the audiences. Of course it could work when you aggressively do that, but it surely won’t last for a long time. Reddit is also against practices such as affiliate marketing which simply means that your aggressive marketing will have little chances of bearing fruits and you could even get banned for such. The best way to approach it is by first ensuring that you build a good reputation and stay for a ripe time before you start posting links to your website. You shouldn’t also link directly to your products but instead send audiences to an article, post or a guide which they can indirectly access the products and your intended landing page.

Reply To Everyone

When you post something, it is obvious that you will come across comments and people reacting to it. This is expected if you are mostly posting on a trending topic that affects and invites reactions from different people. Sometimes, the comments are people’s questions and comments that need responses and ignoring them might just cost you and the performance that you will get. It is therefore important to always reply and help out people in Reddit groups and this way, you will be building your reputation as well as your follower base. Interacting with people and ensuring that they get the best of what you have to offer will give you excellent results in long term marketing goals.

Consider Reddit Advertising

get more trafficLike most of the other leading social media sites in the industry, Reddit too offers an option for advertisements and one can easily reach out to more audiences easily without any hard hassles. It is obvious that paid ads offer more impact on the performance of a site by increasing the amount of traffic that one gets. One of the things that one needs to keep in mind when it comes to paid traffic is to ensure that they have bidded well to shake off the competitors while at the same time ensure that they you are not overspending. To get the best results, you should also consider using some strategies such as split testing to avoid overspend and wasting more on an approach or advertisement that does not work. You should always be concerned about your conversion ratio and return on investment and without doing that, you could end up using up all your investment without getting results.

Final Word:

Using Reddit for marketing could turn out to be one of the best marketing strategies that one can have and with a good marketing strategy in place, you are guaranteed to get excellent results. With the strategies and pointers highlighted above, you are guaranteed to get some solid results since they have been proven and used by many internet marketers all over.

If you however find it hard to do Reddit marketing and don’t have enough time to commit towards it, then you may want to consider our high quality web traffic packages. We have been doing internet marketing and delivering high quality web traffic for a long time and are certain that you will love the traffic that we deliver to you. They are not only affordable, but also guaranteed to make an impact on your website since they are sourced from the best websites in your niche.

How To Get Traffic From Quora

Quora is without a doubt, one of the best online forums and discussion sites across the globe. People on the platform get to share and interact with many others out there pertaining almost any subject and niche. If you are a marketer though, this can be a great opportunity to get lots of traffic to your website. Regardless of the niche that you are in and whatever you are focusing on, as long as it is legal, you will find questions that relate to it on Quora. So, how does one get traffic from this site? The pointers and approaches shared below will help you to easily get as much traffic from Quora as possible;

Be Super-Active

Perhaps one of the most important things that you’d want from a site like Quora is to always keep yourself engaged and be super active when you are interacting and answering people’s questions. Just like social media, the most active people get the attention of many audiences and that is the best way that they can build their brand and authority on the site. Posting once in a while and ignoring to post again is one way that you will start losing your audience, but doing it regularly will increase the chances of having people visiting your profile and website. Again one should remember the more posts they have and more answers they answer, the more exposure they get and the higher the chances of getting more traffic to their website.

Focus On Building Relationships

Quora is considered to be within the social media arena and that simply means that interacting with people and building a relationship with them will help you gain more credibility and get more sales and leads. Although you can easily add links to your posts and make a quick buck, it is always advisable and a wise move to first focus on getting popular and building yourself a name on the site and within your category so that you can get more people to your site who can easily believe you and buy right away from your site. It is always great to go for big topics that you have more understanding about since this is where there are going to be more people and audiences.

Be Comprehensive With The Answers

The way you answer questions is very crucial and you should always do it in a way that people will love and understand the way they are done. Comprehension and facts are relevant to build credibility and trust among users and this is something that you should always be concerned about. Quora allows users to even add images and embedded videos and links which is another plus when it comes to sharing and giving detailed information in answering questions. When you have the best answer, it gets voted up which means that it comes to the top of others and this means more exposure to your profile and how much you stand to get. The more you get your answers voted up, the more traffic you will be building over a long time.

Target Trending Topics

When it comes to trending topics, everyone always have their eyes glued on and looking to get the best out of it. As a marketer, you need to take advantage of this and keep track of your niche to know what is trending so hat you can quickly participate on such debates. Many internet marketers who have used Quora and other question-answer websites will tell you that trendy topics can be an amazing way to drive tons of traffic effortlessly which can also lead to more sales and leads. Using some of the top tools like Google Trends is one way to stay ahead and know how some of the topics are performing over time. Following this approach over time and subscribing to some of the topics will keep you alert and always on toes on the trending subjects to comment and answer on.

Tag Other Answers And Active Users

Sometimes it helps to tag others who have covered the topic and inter-relate some for the answers as it will help to expound on the topic and help other people get a better and clearer understanding about it. Quora is like most social media sites which you can easily tag and use hashtags and other signs to quote and add users. With the ability to use hyperlinks, you can also link to other pages which in this case could be other answers that relate and are relevant to the one you are handling. Inluencers also play an important role and if you quote them and their content, you could end up getting a lot of traffic since they could recommend your answer to others as well.

Final Word:

If you have always worked tirelessly to create content but have had problems delivering it and getting people to read it, then you are not alone. Generating traffic is one of the hardest things that many webmasters go through every single day. However, that shouldn’t be a problem if you know what to do and have the right traffic source. In this write up, we’ve covered Quora as a source of traffic, a site that hosts millions of regular visitors. Following on the strategies and tips highlighted above should help you to easily win more traffic to your site the easy way.

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If you ask any internet marketing pro on which of the best traffic tools that they must have, then BuzzSumo is definitely one that will pop up. It has been one of the most effective and powerful tools that one can have in their marketing arsenal. Bring a content based marketing tool, there are lots of ways in which you can make tweaks and customization to get the best out of this tool. In this write-up, we will go through some of the best ways to use it to generate more traffic through better content marketing. Here is the nitty-gritty on how to go about it;

Focus On Topical Research

It is obvious that whenever you are creating content for your website, you have some topics and subjects in mind. The problem is whether these topics are interesting enough and whether it will interest people. This is where Buzzsumo comes in to help you better understand whether the audience are interested in it. with the use of Buzzsumo you can just input the keyword on the search box and from there you will be able to see how trendy that topic is and whether there are topics that have been covered relating to it and how the reaction of the audiences was. This will help you to come up with an actionable plan and on how to get juicy social media traffic the easy way.

Work On your Best Platform

Different websites have different performances on different social media sites. For instance, a website would get high performance and conversions from Facebook traffic than they would get with the use of twitter. As such, it would be amazing to only focus on the platform that works best and avoid those that do not help you or get you any results. With the use of BuzzSumo, you can easily identify what platform you ae getting more traffic from and further integration with other apps like Google Analytics will also help you further understand which kind of traffic is bringing conversions, sales and leads. With this, you can easily know where to focus more time one and the platfoms that you should just dump.

Keep An Eye On The Stats

If there is one thing that you cannot afford to ignore when you are doing marketing, it has to be the stats. Many internet marketers are always keen to lean and implement new strategies that will give them an edge. The best way to achieve that is by ensuring that you keep track of what is going on with every strategy implemented. Regardless of the marketing approach that you opt to use, it is always important to know the direction and measure the results that you are getting so as to determine whether you are doing the right thing or need to change the marketing approach. With Buzzsumo, you can easily keep track and know how your post and web pages are receiving attention from audiences on the web.

Follow Influencers

The BuzzSumo application also helps to better understand other people in your niche and following them could help you adopt some good strategies which will in tun help your website traffic grow. You can easily search for topics and see some for the leading influencers under that topic. Furthermore, you can easily study their approaches and see the kind of content that they share and how they are using BuzzSumo to generate traffic to their website. You can narrow down to each influencer to further understand their content strategy and with the handy features of the tool, you can even organize them ion a list or categorize them to help you easily monitor and keep track of the influencers.

Use BuzzSumo To Build Authority

trafficWhen it comes to internet marketing, winning people’s trust and building an authority is something that everyone should be focusing on. If you want to succeed on the web, you have to make sure that people can trust you and your brand. With BuzzSumo, there are limitless opportunities an things that you can do to improve the image of your brand and build better authority. The best way to use this application to boost your image and brand is to search and discover websites within your niche that accept guest posts. This will help you do guest blogging the easy way which will help you to get backlinks and direct traffic. Guest blogging is something that has been around for a very long time and diving in using Buzzsumo couldn’t be easier and better simplified. Many people are using it this way and there are little applications that come close to this when it comes to handling guest post outreach. It’s just perfect and something that you will love.

Final Word:

BuzzSumo is an incredible application that helps internet marketers get better understanding about their traffic and do more research to know ho to use and implement better content marketing strategies to increase their site traffic. It is also an easy application to use and doesn’t need a lot of experience and expertise to master and use. Content marketing has also been a leading approach to marketing and this is the tool that you need to get the ball rolling. It helps you automate a lot of manual tasks that have always been an issue to most marketers and regardless of your experience, the tool is easy to use. So, every serious internet marketer out there who has a website or blog should consider getting their hands on BuzzSumo.

If you however find the use of this application to be a lengthy, complicated or time consuming, then you may want to buy high quality web traffic. We have been selling traffic for over a decade, helping online businesses get good results and sell more. If you would like to get the same, then why not check out some of our packages. We are certain that they will bring an impact on your website and change the way you do you marketing.

social media traffic

We all know the power of social media and with over a billion users actively engaged on a regular basis, this is where the world is. You can find almost anyone of any age actively chatting or communicating with others over the social media space. It has also opened new avenues for internet marketers and with some good strategies, one can reap a lot of social media traffic that is enough to change their internet marketing game. However, sometimes the process of generating traffic can be a tedious process an would be perfect if there is something that can help simplify it. The good news is that with the lots of softwares on the internet today, automation has become the name of the game and there are lots of them out there that can do pretty much anything.

In this guide, we will go through some of the best softwares and tools that will help you to up your social media marketing game by focusing on automation.


There is little doubt on whether Hootsuite is a reliable and quality software that one can count on to deliver in social automation. Almost every expert out there will tell you that this is the ultimate social media automation tool. It does pretty much anything that you would be doing on a regular basis to improve your social media interaction. With the use of Hootsuite, you can integrate pretty much any social media platform out there and have things running smoothly without having to visit to post a tweet or update your Facebook posts.

Even better news is that there are both free and premium option to choose from which makes it perfect for anyone who is getting started to test out some of the features that the software comes with. Of course the premium option has more features and will produce much better results, but the free option is a good place to start for amateurs who are still familiarizing themselves.


Mention is a handy application that marketers can use to better understand their content performance on various social media sites. Wouldn’t it be amazing to know who is sharing your content and quoting your content or social profile? This is something that you can easily use to gauge how you are performing and getting things done. How this software works is by tracking and monitoring hashtags, usernames and other things that are attached to your brand such as your brand name or website name. It will help you to understand how viral your content goes and how much growth and attention you are getting through social media. It is also a tool that many internet marketers are using to understand whether the strategy that they are implementing is serving hem as it should.

Social Oomph

This is one that has been in the social media arena for a while and has proven to be very effective in managing and interacting with people on the social media sites. It started as a twitter targeted marketing tool, but as time went by, other social media sites have been added. It is very crucial especially when it comes to handing things like twitter direct messages as it can help you to auto-respond to people who contact you with your own custom message like you would see in a company email. The only downside is that there is no free version of this tool to test. Overall, it is an excellent tool that is worth investing on for use in monitoring your social media marketing without having to log in to each one of them every time.


BuzzSumo is yet another powerful social media marketing tool that can also be used in many other instances to measure and better understand your competition and trending topics that one can put more focus on. It has become one of the most important and a must have for many internet marketers since it is an effective way of generating traffic to a website.

Using the software is also pretty easy and once any newbie gets used to it, they can know what topics to focus on as they are trendy and the ones that people are looking for.

Agora Pulse

social media trafficLastly, is Agora pulse which resembles Buzz Sumo in many ways including the features and functionalities. With this tool, you can plan and schedule posts with a lot of ease. Things like running contests, performing social media analysis and quizzes can also be achieved through this platform, which makes it one of the most superior applications you can have in your social media marketing arsenal. Even better it can help you to compare your campaigns with that of your competitors giving you an edge an helping you achieve better results over your competitors.

As compared to Buzz Sumo, this is more customer oriented and one will love most of the features and efficiency that it comes with. So, if you are serious about taking your competitors down and generating more social media traffic the easy way, then this is a tool that you need by your side.

Final Word:

Anyone who is not using social media is missing a lot and they are not taking advantage of the low lying fruits that they could be benefiting from. To succeed, one needs to strategize and come up with a good approach on how to win the game. Shared here are some of the best kickasss social media marketing tools that will help you automate your internet marketing and get more social media traffic that will improve the performance of your website.

To get the best tool to use, you have to test different ones to see one that suits your site promotion strategy. The good thing is that most of them either offer free trial or have a free option. If you find the process of getting social media traffic, then you may want to consider our high quality traffic packages. We are certain that you will love the experience that you get from our web traffic.

social media traffic

Any webmaster or website owner that is not taking advantage of the social media is really mission gout on big opportunities which their competitors ate using to crush them. Social media is one of the best ways to bolster a website’s performance and reap big. However, this will only happen if you know what you are doing. Very few people make it on the internet with their marketing simply because there is a certain approach to doing things and without following it, you are doomed and will find it hard to make a dime.
In this article, we will go through the various social media traffic strategies that anyone regardless for their marketing experience can learn and implement to get a good return on investment and turn things around to make a big buck out of their website. Here are the strategies and steps to follow;

Niche Targeting

Targeting is a very crucial approach in any marketing and you need to be extra cautious on how you handle your targeting. Most of the failed online businesses are because of poor targeting which is something that anyone can deal with. to give you a practical example of how targeting is so important, imagine having a website that sells kid shoes. Without targeting, you could end up with your adverts and website links on a pet food social media forum. It is obvious that you are not going to get a single sale, unless by little chance. This is because people in the social media are categorized based on their interests an hobbies and to find the ones that will work for your site, you need o focus on reaching and targeting social media enthusiasts in your niche which will give out a very good positive ROI.

Work On Building Trust

Relationship building is a very important aspect of marketing and this is more crucial if you are in the social media scene. the main purpose and reason why the social media sites exist is to have people interacting. This is why direct selling doesn’t always work and anyone who has tried doing it always fails because the nature and setting of the social media sites doesn’t support and welcome direct selling. Professional marketers have however cracked the code in making sales from social media and that is usually by first establishing yourself and making social media site a good interaction platform where you can build relationship and socialize with other people. Once you have won people’s trust, getting sales and leads from social media becomes an easy task which anyone can do. So, to get the bets out of social media, start with places such as discussion groups which you will find in almost all top social media platforms. Facebook groups is just an example of this where you can join as many as you can and start interaction and building a reputation among members.

Try Social Media Buying (Sponsored Ads)

Many people have always made bank by using social media for free without having to chuck in a dime. However, with the rise in competition and as the web grows, this is becoming more of a challenge every single day. It is therefore important for one to always think of other social media traffic techniques. Sponsored ads is one that you can always consider since they have proven to be effective in yielding more sales and leads. Furthermore, one can always expect it to work since mos of the social media providers always offer targeting option which improves the return on investment. although many would like to consider social media as a free source of web traffic, there are many experts who are edging ahead and paying to get even better traffic and to get the best, you should also follow on their footsteps.

Work Closely and Follow Social Media Influencers

An influencer is someone that is been looked upon as an expert in a particular niche and these folks always have a large follower base which makes them good people to stay close to. Any expert will tell you that there is need to follow them and keep them close. This is because they will always have a strategy to work things out and being close to them will also help you to edge and stay afloat in the game. The other advantage of following thee influencers is that they can follow you back if they love the content that you are providing. Although this doesn’t happen more often, this will be a major breakthrough if it happen and you will stand a chance to get a lot of web traffic.

Besides following these social media influencers, it is always good to know who the marketing experts are since they will always give you good pointers and tips on how to get through stuff and get more traffic on social media and even through other strategies that will help your site grow.

Final Word:

Getting web traffic is something hat has been boggling many webmasters and the tactics keep changing every-time because there is an increase and rise in competition. So, as it gets harder and harder, you need to diversify and be more creative to survive. With social media, there are lots of opportunities that one can always use to boost their traffic and increase their leads and sales. With the strategies shared above, you can make your site come to life and stay ahead of your competitors. The good news is that they are so easy to implement and anyone, even with little experience can do them. Whether you have a budget or not, you can succeed and get good traffic and sales.

If you however find it hard, you may consider getting some high quality web traffic packages from us. These traffic have been channeled through various authority sites and can be targeted based on the keywords and niche that you specify. Consider it as an easy way to get tons of high converting traffic.

social media traffic

Social media is one of the best ways to market a website today, and that is simply because almost everyone and every company is actively engaged there. Ignoring that is something that will cost you a lot as your competitors keep crushing it big in the social media arena. So, how does one come in and get the best in social media?
In this article, we will go through some of the best social media hacks that you an use to tap lots of traffic to your website and get the best results in the process. Here they are;

Use Plugins On Your Site To Encourage Shareability

What would encourage people to share you content more? Asking them to share your content is a good way o doing just that. And there is no better way that to use social media plugins on your website. There are lots of social media plugins that you can easily integrate onto your site easily which can change the way your website runs and acquires web traffic. If you have been in the social media area for a while, then you must have seen some sites that have social media icons at the top or at the bottom of every post. These are examples of the use of plugins to ask people to share your content more.

Some other plugins such as rafflecopter will engage social media users on your site by letting them vote on different trending maters. This is yet another idea that you can easily implement and use to stay afloat in the social media marketing world.

Follow Top Influencers In Your Niche

In the social media world, interaction is the key to success and it would even pay off more if you are engaging and working with social media influencers in your niche. Following top influencers has always been seen as a way of building your authority from ground. Even if you are a newbie, following the influencers will help you to rise. This is because after following them, you will always be up to date with the latest trending and the best insights that will help bring an impact. Coupling this approach with mentions and commenting on the topic where influencers are active will help you get noticed and once you have been noticed by these influencers, you will be on top of the world because swarms of traffic will be heading towards your website. Sooner or later, you will start seeing a lot of followers coming your way and you may also be more lucky and get some influencers aboard.

Interact And Shape Content More Often

The first rule of success with social media is always to build relationships with other people, especially those in your niche. Social media is all about socializing and interacting with people which is something that many people fail to pay attention to when they are getting started with social media marketing. Once you understand how social media sites work, you are halfway successful and you can expect to reap big from it. Another thing that you need to know is that sharing more and keeping your followers more engaged will guarantee you more traffic. This is simply because the more you share, the higher the chances of these followers sharing your content to more people outside your circles hence building that much needed viral connection. This is an approach that is used by many successful internet marketers and still one that many newbies are yet to learn about.

Focus On Your Niche

Now that you understand that building relationships is a very crucial step towards social media success, it is also important to keep in mind the fact that this success will come only if you have a good target. Imagine selling fish in a banana market. How many of them will you sell? Obviously less than you think because you are in the wrong market and targeting the wrong people who may not interested in that fish. The same is replicated in the internet marketing world and you need to target and work with the right people in your niche if you want to succeed. This will help to increase your traffic and also the sales of your products and services.

Optimize Your Social Profiles

Your social profile is something that needs to be given much attention since this is the first place that people land on. As such, this is the place that sells you and people will make the decision of whether they should follow you or not. It should provide enough information that one needs to make that decision. Research also shows that a little humor works perfect in baiting people into following a person.

Curate And Share Other People’s Content

If you would like people to share your content, then you need to build a relationship with them. You need to connect with your fellow bloggers and the best way to do that is by sharing their content. Once they notice you doing this, there is a high chance that they would also consider sharing your content and that is when you start seeing results. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is to always share content that is relevant and related to your niche. This way you will be getting the attention of people who can easily share your content since it is related and in their niche.

Final Word:

Getting traffic to a website is one of the most important thing that one needs to focus on as this is what will determine whether one will get sales on their products and services or not.

Be sure to check out some of our web traffic packages that have been proven to work over and over. We source them from different high quality sources and channel them based on your targeting preferences. We are certain that you will love the quality that comes with this traffic and will become a regular user like many other people.

web traffic

When it comes to running an online business or website and making it successful, there are lots of things that we need to keep in mind, but the source of traffic is the most important of them all. This is because there are many sources of traffic, but only a few of them can be relied on to offer good results in the end. As such, one needs to be extra cautious on the kind of web traffic sources that they are using as they could be spending too much time and money investing on something that will never pay off. among some of the best traffic sources that one ought to know about and consider using for their website is the Question-Answer sites. There are plenty of Question-answer sites out there that aim to offer solutions to their daily readers and when you establish yourself as an expert in those sites, you could win a lot of traffic to your site.

One of the reasons why this method works is because people are always looking for answers to their day to day issues and problems and helping solve them earns you trust from them. Once people win your trust on;line, you are halfway successful and all you need to do next is to lead them to your website and they would be more inclined to purchasing or seeking consultancy from you as you are their expert. The use of question and answer websites for traffic has long been under-looked at by many people and that shouldn’t be the case as they have stood the test of time and helped people build online empires.

The other things is that they will also give you credible links to your site hence helping you to build an authority which comes in handy when trying to rank your website against competitors in the search engines like Google and Bing. Getting a link from sites like Quora or Yahoo answers gives you that power and link juice that the site needs so much against competitors.

Below are some of the guidelines on how to get the best out of Question and answer sites to harness the best traffic out of it.

Focus On Building Trust And Credibility

The question and answer sites are much similar to forums and users in there are trusted based on how they present themselves to the forum members. By helping solve common issues and problems that you are familiar with, people will start appreciating you and your efforts and with time, they will seek your advice, where you will be waiting and redirecting them to posts and advice on your website. This is a good way of building the strong and solid long lasting relationship that will turn prospects into repeat buyers. It is a good method that will work perfectly for anyone who has the time to spare building relationships. You can also consider hiring someone to help you to do this as it is a well worthy investment that you will not regret making.

Build An Email List

Yes! An email list is very crucial especially if you would like to get recurring customers and long term clients who will be buying from you. It may sound like an old approach to doing things in the modern web, but the proof is in the pudding and there is no single doubt on the power of email marketing. No experienced marketer can argue about that. Email marketing has been around long enough and regardless of whether you are getting started with online marketing or have been in the game for a long time, you just need it. The good news is hat you do not have to crack hard code as there are lots of scripts and plugins that have been made to make that whole process a seamless one. Email marketing might need a little learning and some time for beginners, but it really is worth the time spent. This way, you will be hooking in visitors from the question and answer sites and sending them to your email list.

Use Niche Related Question And Answer Sites

website trafficOne big mistake that many people, especially newbies have had to go through is lack of proper targeting. This is the first reason why many businesses fail. when one is advised to send traffic to their website, it doesn’t mean that any kind of traffic will do. some are just crappy and will not work at all. While others are sourced from sites hat are not related to your website and this means hat you are selling wrong products to the wrong customers who have no idea or not interested in hem at all. The results of this instance is obviously lack of sales and revenue. Anyone who is serious about marketing and getting their products and services sold more should consider only focusing on question and answer sites that are related to their site and niche. Without doing that, you will just be wasting your time and punching blows in the dark without hitting the target.

Final Word:

Just like any other web traffic source, Question and Answer sites have proven time and time again that they are worth using. It has been used as both a way of getting traffic and building credibility and authority and there is no reason why you should not succeed doing it as well. It is a good approach for anyone who is serious about taking their site and online business to the next level.

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