Instagram is perhaps the most popular image social site on the web right now. It has given other image based social media sites like Pinterest a fierce battle making it one of the most visited sites on the web. But beyond being just a site dedicated to sharing photos and giving peers a chance to interact, internet marketers can use it as a good marketing to pull tons of high quality web traffic with high rate of conversion.

However, Instagram traffic doesn’t just come in easily but one has to work following a certain strategy. To save you the hassles of doing the hard work of researching and finding out which one works perfectly, in this post, we will share some of the best performing tactics that have been proven to work. Here we go;

Your Bio And Profile Matters

Perhaps the very first thing that every Instagram visitor will always see is your profile. This is the point that defines you and will make the visitor decide whether they will proceed to your content or just leave. This explains why your profile has to stand out and be captivating. You can get inspiration from the best Instagram influencers to see how they have made their profile page and description.

The next thing that shouldn’t miss out on your profile is a link to your website. This is probably the best way to sell yourself and a spot that has shown high click rates. Adding a link is as simple as pasting it but make sure that the link is neat and short. You can also opt to use a link shortener if you wish to send people to a particular page without making the url looking pathetic. This will work for any website or landing page.

Use Enticing Images With A Captivating Call To Action

Instagram is an image inspired network and to get the best out of it, you will have to do all you can to deliver top notch images that stand out. However, it doesn’t mean that you can slap in images the way you feel like. You have to make sure that the images you are sharing are of the best quality and are captivating.

Something else that you’d want to include to ensure that images gets you the best results is to add a clear and eye catching call to action. Images that have a clear and well displayed call to action attracts people and baits them to click and follow to your website.

Use Influencers To Reach More Audience Fast

increase website trafficA trend that is quickly taking over in the social media and in the branding world is influencer marketing. This form of marketing has become a very effective approach for getting traffic and also building a brand easily. So how does influencer marketing work on Instagram? We all know what happens when someone with thousands of followers shares something. It reaches many people and depending on how informative and eye catching that content is, it stands a chance to go viral and get more web traffic. Working closely with these influencers can be the turning point and can dictate the amount of web traffic that you can get from the network. If for instance you have a fashion ecommerce site that you would like to get traffic for, all you need is to find a number of influencers who are well known in the industry or at least have a couple of thousand followers. You reach out to them and ask them if they can help you get your message out. While it is not a must to hear from them, most of them will respond. Some may ask for a fee which is normal and you should expect. You should weigh in the amount being asked for with the amount of followers that influencer has. This translates to the traffic that you stand to get.

To get the best out of this tactic, you should ensure that you are working with the right influences who are in your niche and those who also have a large number of followers. You should also reach out to as many influencers as you can so that you increase the visibility of your website.

Consider Investing In Instagram Advertisement

Like the other social media sites, Instagram also offers advertisements and webmasters and the internet marketers from various niches can dive in and start displaying their advertisements. Also with the fact that Instagram have a lot of user details including their interest, demographics and hobbies, advertisers are guaranteed to get quality web traffic that are highly targeted. Placing and running advertisements on the platform is no brainer. All you need to do is sign up and start customizing your advertisements. Setting up bids is also another thing that you should be watchful on.

If you have some money to spare for your advertisements, then Instagram is somewhere you can get started with. You should also consider learning how to optimize your ads and scale them up for the best performance.

Final Word

With thousands upon millions of people actively locked on Instagram, there are a whole lot of opportunities for internet marketers to take on. But this only happens when you have an actionable plan. With the strategies highlighted above, you can easily penetrate and leverage some high quality web traffic from Instagram. And the best thing with these strategies is that they are easy to get along with and anyone regardless of their internet marketing experience can take action.

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paid traffic

Regardless of whichever internet marketing business you are running, traffic is paramount and the determining factor on how your online success progresses.

As internet marketers and webmasters who are always digging up to get the best converting web traffic, we always find ourselves comparing two or more traffic sources. For long the debate on CPM and PPC has been trending and in this post, we hope to make some points clear and highlight the difference so as to make an informed decision on which one to use.

CPM At A Glance

CPM is a web traffic module which is measured per impressions (usually 1,000 impressions). An advertiser pays when the number of purchased impressions are delivered. An impression is the number of times the advert has been viewed and doesn’t necessarily have to be a click. To get a clear picture on how this works, one usually purchases CPM web traffic package and then when traffic flows to their website, a certain amount is paid for a particular number of impressions. So if you were to purchase a CPM ad, you will just go to an advertiser and make your bid based on how your niche is competitive and other targeting factors.

It is important to also keep in mind that the number of clicks received through a CPM advertisement does not affect the cost. CPM ads are usually cheaply priced and one can start with very small amount of investment. This is perhaps one of the best things that some marketers love with this kind of advertising model.

PPC (Pay Per click)

This is yet another award winning paid traffic model that has been around for quite a long time. And over the years, PPC has emerged to be among the best paid traffic source for many webmasters. In fact, there are many online businesses that completely depend on this web traffic model for all their website operations and income. So what is PPC and how does it work? PPC like its name suggests is an advertising model that involves bidding on ad campaigns and being charged when a visitor clicks on the advert. Let’s say for instance you are marketing your pet blog and you visit an advertising platform like Google adwords and place your ads. You will get a recommended build which you should be charged whenever someone clicks on it. You need to understand that the lower the cost of the advertisement, the higher the amount of traffic that you stand to get.

One of the best things that makes PPC lovable is the fact that you have the chance to do laser targeting much more than any other paid traffic sources out there. Below is the comparison between PPC traffic and CPM which will also help you to make an informed decision on which one to use where.

Comparing CPM and PPC

CPM and PPC have both being one of the best paid traffic sources and many people have used them and built online empires. The question however is which one should you use and when should you be using one of these? If you have used these two approaches and being in the internet marketing game for a while then you must have seen that both vary much depending on things such as niche and optimization.

The first notable difference when one is considering the two traffic strategies is the mode in which these traffic is served. This is definitely something that doesn’t work for any website and much has been tested to ascertain this.

Something else worth noting is that PPC tends to be an expensive mode of advertisement for some niches. Some niches like auto insurance and legal have a huge demand and there are lots of advertisers scramming for keywords. Such niches need to do something else other than PPC and there is room to try CPM. On the other end, you also need to have some experience with CPM since most people who use it tend to have good experience and have also tested the advertisements to determine how they work. CPM is for advanced marketers who understand how to scale up and make the best out of the input. A lot of testing has to come in play when you are considering CPM ads although it is also necessary when running PPC ads.

Running PPC ads requires one to have a sizable budget as compared to CMP where you can pay as little as $1 for a thousand impressions. Although the performance of your impression based ad campaigns will depend on how effective that ad is, still you get a chance to start small as you scale your way up. With PPC you might find a keyword bid that goes as high as a few dollars and if you are not armed with a good investment, you might want to try out CPM first.

To conclude on which one to go with really depends on your niche and other factors. It is up to you to do some testing as this is the only way to determine how your advertisements will work and how to tweak them for better performance.

Final Word:

Traffic is everything to an online business and as much as we would like to drive these visitors to our website, marketers also need to compare and weigh which approach will give them better yields for a good input. CPM and Pc being among the best paid traffic sources is a topic worth debating on and hopefully the information shared above are substantial to help you gauge which one is worth delving into.

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How to Increase web Traffic To Your Blog

Are you struggling to get traffic to your website? Fret not. Web traffic is something that is tricky, especially when one is still new to the whole internet marketing grind. As weird or strange as it might sound, you can increase your web traffic without any form of marketing. This simply means that by doing just a few tweaks and implementing some simple things on your website, you could receive traffic. Even though the traffic might not be as much, they are enough to swing your sales and conversions to a tremendous level.

Below, we get to the how and mull into the strategies that one can use to skyrocket their web traffic with little to no marketing efforts.

Use Long Tail SEO

SEO is one of the best internet marketing approaches that one can use today. However, running SEO campaigns and getting your site to a level where organic traffic flows isn’t easy. You need to understand a number of marketing strings such as backlinking and on pages SEO which to a newbie could sound like rocket science. But there is a way around it and using long tail keywords could help you to harness tons of web traffic with little to no efforts.

The only effort that you need to input in your marketing is keyword research which can be done through the use of keyword research tools which are usually simple to use. But why does long tail keywords work? And how comes they are easy to rank for on the search engines? The simple answer to this question is because they are less competitive.

These keywords are also not very popular and although they may not have a lot of searches and popularity, they are seamless and a well optimized post can rank on top of Google or other search engines as long as you have well researched on the topic and the information shared is on point.

Doing Blog Post Roundups

Want another super easy way to get free juicy traffic that will lead to conversions? Doing blog post roundups is one of those easy approaches that you can’t ignore. People who have used this approach have been amazed by the results and the funny thing about all this is that you do not have to do any hardcore marketing or even have any experience in internet marketing.

For anyone who is new to the blogosphere, blog posts roundup simple entails listing or highlighting some of the best blog post picks either from a particular month, week or year. A practical example would be something like “the best performing blog posts of 2017”. Such a blog post round up would list the best posts based on the blogger’s picks and will link to those posts. So how does this strategy get you traffic? Once you have made the list, you can then reach out to the blogger’s and let them know that you have listed their post among the bets for that week or month. In most cases, the bloggers will share the fact that their post was listed among the best and since they already have a huge following, you will get the web traffic. The process is that simple and clearly doesn’t require any other sort of marketing other than reaching out to the bloggers to notify them of your blog roundup. Among some of the things that you should keep in mind is to ensure that you stick to your niche and also focus on doing roundups from sites with higher authority so as to attract a larger audience.

Create Social Triggers And Baits

increase web trafficDo you know that you can get traffic from the social media without even marketing on the social media sites? This is possible with the use of social triggers. Social triggers are the baits and features that one implements on their website so to capture the attention of their audiences so that they can share their content and create some ripple effect so that your website gets tons of web traffic. Some of these social triggers can be added by installing scripts and plugins. Examples are placing social media buttons so that users can easily share the content of your website on the social media. The better and more social triggers that you see on your website, the better the results that you stand to get. You should also consider testing different social triggers on your site in different times so as to establish which one works better than the other.

The only downside with this approach is that it will only work perfect for anyone who already has some traffic flowing to their websites. If you are just getting started, you may want to give your site a little kick by sharing it so that the social triggers can take effect and start generating some viral traffic from the social media sites. It will also depend on the quality of the content on your site and the more interesting and informative the content is, the better results you will see on your website.

Final Word:

Web traffic acquisition is something that every webmaster and internet marketer is always up to but getting it is something that isn’t easy. If you find yourself in this situation, then all you need is a simple method and strategy that you can easily pull to get high quality web traffic. With the above highlighted strategies you can easily launch and implement a working strategy which requires little to no marketing efforts from your end. Also you do not need to spend a dime since these strategies are free to get started with.

If web traffic is a challenge to you, then why not check out some of our high quality traffic packages? The traffic offered through our channel has been in use by some of the biggest online companies and you can easily use it too whichever your niche. You will also love the laser targeting of our traffic since you can target users based on keywords, geographical location, age, gender and other factors.

adult web traffic

Are you into the adult industry and somehow got stuck due to low or poor quality traffic? If that is the case, you are not alone. There are many webmasters who go through this and the good news is that one can easily handle the situation. Internet marketing is getting tricky and tricky every day and the strategies also changing with time and competition.

It is always important to understand why this happens so that one can come up with plans and know how to make their adult website get good web traffic. This guide has been prepared to highlight some of these issues and also give you some tips on how to go about them.

Too Many Scam Traffic

The web is an increasingly crucial environment especially when it comes to matters of being scammed. There are all sorts of frauds and scams and expectedly, the internet marketing arena has also suffered a blow. Besides this, it is important to note that there are thousands of scripts and softwares which have been made with the intention of mimicking human behaviors, and this includes clicking on links, visiting websites and even registering. This will make some unsuspecting and newbie internet marketers believe that they are getting web traffic, while in the real sense they are just bots. The sad thing is that it is hard for someone, especially beginners to differentiate between a legit adult web traffic provider from one that is fake. You will have to do your due diligence and research to find out more on this.

So if you have ever bought some traffic thinking that it was going to boost your adult website, but didn’t, then you may have been victimized by some of these fake web traffic generators. If you are serious about your internet marketing goals and want to get genuine web traffic that yields conversions, you should be more keen on where you are getting the website traffic.

Poor Quality Traffic With Poor Targeting

Apart from the bot generated web traffic, there are also tons of web traffic providers that you will come across and they will deliver real traffic. However, the quality of these traffic is questionable and may not add any value or bring conversions and sales to you adult website. So if you have been buying just any general and random kind of traffic then they will not do well. General traffic consists of just any general visitors and some of them might not be interested in buying or spending on the adult niche. This is the kind of traffic you should be filtering out so that you can save on costs and increase your ROI.

Getting traffic is simple, but going for those that are laser targeted which will bring in sales and conversions is something else. If you are serious about propelling your adult website to a higher level, you need to consider the quality of the web traffic provider. Things like previous customer testimonials and reading other online reviews should help you spot the fake provider easily.

Stiff Competition

It is a very obvious thing that you are not alone in the adult industry. Having being linked with one of the oldest profession, the adult industry has grown and become very popular over the ages. Entrepreneurs and marketers have also dived into the business and their number is also staggeringly high.

So how does one go about dealing with competitors? There are many ways of dealing with them but one very crucial approach that works from almost every online business is to spy on them and find out details on how they are marketing their website. Once you know this, you can then strategize and clone their strategies and use it as yours also. You could also try implementing different twists from the strategies learned from your competitors so that you can stay ahead of them. This is something that has worked for many people and without a doubt boosts your adult web traffic if done perfectly.

Poor Strategy And Work-plan

Do you have a strategy on how you approach the industry to get high quality adult web traffic that will bring sales and conversions? If not, then you are not serious with your internet marketing pursuit and you could soon see your site and entire internet marketing business collapse. All successful online businesses, like offline ones have a well-structured plan that outlines strategies used, challenges faced and how to overcome them.

Having a good plan is perhaps the most important thing to start with when you are considering doing internet marketing and looking for a way to get visitors to visit your website. If you are a newbie and know less about internet marketing, you can still make it. There are a lot of internet marketing resources on the web and plenty of forums and groups which you can join and learn marketing tactics. The good thing is that most of these information is usually free and doesn’t require anyone to pay a dime. As long as you can dedicate your time you could become a guru in no time.

Final Word:

Web traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. Be it eCommerce, a blog or anything, without traffic, one might not get any sales or conversions. The adult web being one of the most competitive and in-demand niches, needs one to go an extra mile to get the best out of it. If you are a beginner or just getting confused about the adult niche and want to know how to leverage the best in it, then the guide above on how to get better traffic will come in handy.

You should also check out our high quality adult web traffic packages that has been working for many of our clients. Having being in the industry for many years, we have done all we can to deliver on the best quality traffic and we are certain that with you purchase, you will see impressive results from it.

blog traffic

Do you have a blog? Be it your personal blog or a business blog, by the end of the day, you need people to visit your website so that they can read whatever you are sharing with them. You can’t just keep writing content not knowing whether there are people reading the posts or not. Without readers, you will lack motivation and also not make any money if you intended to make money from it.

Apparently getting traffic or visitors to your website doesn’t happen magically when you write content: You have to know how to bait them and where to get them from. Lucky enough, we have created this comprehensive guide highlighting some of the best ways that you can use to get traffic to your website very fast, without any hardcore experience in marketing.

Optimizing Your Blog For The Search Engines

Google tends to love blogs and give them a plus when it comes to many things. After all, a majority of resourceful sites online are blogs. The big question however lies on whether your blog is well optimized and ready to start getting traffic from huge search engines like Google and Yahoo. Google and the other search engines are always looking for the best content to display to their users and the first rule of optimization is about creating high quality content that the users will find useful. Although the content will be considered by Google, times have changed and it isn’t like the old times when you could just post and expect to be ranked fast. With fierce competitors doing what they can to rank their blogs and sites, you also need to give yours a good kick that will boost it to the top.

SEO is something that not many people consider because it is somehow complex and could take time for someone who is new to it to rank a website or a blog post on top.

Implement An Actionable Social Media Strategy

Since the web started and social media sites came to be, they have always being in a continual development and improvement. Besides that, many internet marketers have always relied on these social media sites to make ends meet on their internet marketing campaigns. With a gargantuan load of audiences who are active on these sites, one cannot fail to get the attention of these audiences. However, for social media to work effectively, one needs to come up with an actionable approach that will get them high quality traffic that is both targeted and high converting.

Coming up with an actionable plan means that you have to do a couple of tests and determine which approach works best for your site. Some strategies will work for others and might not work the same way for other people. Also checking out some of the latest social media marketing strategies from marketing forums is something that you may want to consider.

Writing Resourceful Content On Other Blogs

Having and running a blog means that you are ready to tech people something that you have mastered. Be it the art of rearing pets, writing books or farming, you have to be good in it and have good information to share with people. But since your blog is still young or still struggling, why not post on other authority blogs and in exchange you get a portion of that site’s traffic? This approach is known to many as Guest blogging and has been in use for many years.

Here is how it simply works. You write a post on another blog which is on the same niche as yours and then post the article with a link to your website. Most sites allow you to include links to an article within the body while others give you the opportunity to link to your site and social media profiles through the byline. Depending on how popular and authoritative the website you choose to work with, you could be talking of thousands of blog traffic every day. The best thing with this approach is that there are no limits and you can keep doing it over and over.

Working With Industry Infleuncers

Infleuncer marketing is something that has been growing rapidly lately. It is not an approach that was very common earlier on, but since its coining, it has gained traction and has demonstrated huge results.

But what is influencer marketing? It is simply the art of interacting and using influencers to help you spread the gospel out there. Basically, all you have to do is reach out to the top influential people in your niche and pitch them about your product or page (in this case, perhaps a major blog post) and ask them to have a look at it and share it. Depending on how captivating and informative your blog post is, the influencer could end up sharing it either on their social media account or through their blog. The trick with this approach is to provide the best and reach out to as many influencers as possible. This will increase your chances of getting more traffic to your site.

Final Word:

Getting blog traffic isn’t something that many new bloggers are aware of. Apparently, you don’t have to be an expert guru or even have a marketing degree to know how to leverage traffic and make your blog a big buzz. With a couple of strategies and tricks, you could be up and running in a few days getting you blog heaps of high quality web traffic.

If you still feel that the strategies shared above are somehow complicated or time consuming, then we are here to show you yet another way to drive thousands of visitors to your blog without breaking the bank. We have been offering high quality web traffic services for many years and you too can hop in and have a taste of the cake. We are most certain that the web traffic packages that you will come across here will help you to get more sales and conversions. Be sure to get in touch with us if you have any questions pertaining our web traffic packages.

increase traffic to your shopify

Shopify is one of the best online ecommerce platforms which makes selling seamlessly easy. The sophisticated design and colossal number of features that comes under the platform speaks for itself and if you have used the platform you already know that it is worth every dollar spent. However, just like with any other internet marketing platform, you need a solid strategy in place to see things working.

In this guide, we have sampled up some of the best ways to optimize your shopify store and increase your traffic and sales. Here is what you should be doing to leverage that traffic;

Improve Your Site Loading Speed

For many years speed has always been a significant factor that every internet marketer needs to keep in mind. The reality of the matter is that nobody is willing to wait for a slow loading page to display so that they can go to the next step. If your website loads slowly, then it could be the reason why you are getting low conversion rate or no sales. There are plenty of tools and addons that you can use to enhance the speed of your website. Caching is also something else that you need to consider to improve speed.

Avoid Content Duplication

Duplicate content is something that is common with many sites. Sometimes it happens due to poor SEO indexing. It is however your duty to ensure that the right pages are indexed and you have blocked what could bring about duplicate content. For instance if your store has the categories and tags indexed, content duplication could easily come by. This is especially if you haven’t optimized and used descriptions on them. You need to do your homework when it comes to this and ensue that you have the descriptions spot on as well as proper indexing.

Optimize For the Search Engines (SEO)

If you ask any internet marketer what their favorite traffic source is, more often than not, SEO will pop in as one of their favorite. The fact that the SEO traffic is organic, highly targeted and above all it’s free makes it a good source which every serious internet marketer shouldn’t miss out on. Although SEO involves some technical approaches, it surely is a worthy path. Even if you have to hire someone to help optimize and make your website more visible in the search engines, you surely will get a good return for your investment. Some of the optimization factors that you should look into keenly includes keyword targeting, optimizing images, keyword density and prominence among others.

Consider PPC (Pay Per Click)

Perhaps the first place where experienced internet marketers go to for instant and high converting traffic is Pay Per Click. Pay Per click is a traffic model where an advertiser pays for displayed advertisements and they are charged when a visitor clicks on the advert. The cost of advertisement is mostly based on bids and how competitive the target keyword is. This approach is characterized by high conversion, thanks to the high targeting features which the advertisers get. Some of the best platforms to gets started with on PPC includes Facebook advertising, Google Adwords among others.

Create A solid Content Marketing Strategy

Although one can survive with SEO and paid advertising, any serious marketer who is looking for long term results shouldn’t forget that content marketing is a promising approach. For many years, content marketing has been a marketing wagon for many online entrepreneurs and so far, it has stood tall and become one of the best strategies that one can use. After all, without content how will you convince your buyers and readers to buy from you? With this in mind, you should consider blogging more and creating better content for the future of your website.

Capture Visitors Through Email List

There are many ways to capture the attention of your visitors and one of the most proven one is getting them into a sales funnel. With the known fact that most first time buyers (impulse buyers) will not buy from you the first time, you need to ensure that they will come back to your site again. Capturing them through email lists is one surefire way of turning them into leads then later into customers.

Retargeting and reaching them through paid advertisement is also something that you may want to highly consider. This can be done in almost all major advertising platforms.

Integrate Social Media And Video Marketing

getting traffic from facebookIf you haven’t been using social media or video platforms like YouTube to get leads and customers then you haven’t been doing marketing. With a billion active users on the social media and millions of videos viewing watched every minute, there is no reason not to dive in this kind of marketing. The good thing with social media and video marketing is that you can start without any initial capital and still get amazing results in the process. You just have to come up with a clear plan and strategize on how to get traffic from these sites. There are plenty of guides on how to use these sites and platforms for traffic and they are easy to get started with.

Final Word:

From the sleek design, speed and top notch performance that come under Shopify, there is little doubt that one can’t see positive results from their ecommerce marketing. The only thing that one needs is a working strategy which we have gone through plenty in this guide. They are both easy to implement and most of thse approaches won’t even cost you a dime to get started with.

If you are looking for high quality traffic that you can count on to convert almost instantly on your shopify site, then why not try out one of our high quality targeted traffic packages? You can customize and target whatever audience you need and whichever country you’d like to get it from. Get in touch with us and we will help you out with anything that you need to get you Shopify traffic working for you.

how to get more website traffic

Traffic is of no use if it doesn’t convert and yield any sales to your online business. Acquiring web traffic is easy but the big question that you need to ask yourself is whether that traffic is of good quality to yield good results. There are many traffic sources online but only a few of them will give you the returns that you expect. This is because the internet space is full of dodgy traffic vendors who will promise you everything to see that you side with their traffic service only to shock you with some spam traffic. For one to get good results in traffic, you need to make sure that the sources are verified and proven to give you high conversions and sales.

Besides this, you also need to optimize your web landing pages to increase conversions from the site traffic. You may be getting good traffic but with low conversion rate. In this guide, we will go through some for the best ways to turn the non-converting traffic to real customers and leads which will give you the results that you expect.

Rewrite Your Content

As they always say, Content is king and this simply means that without having a good copy that boosts your conversion, then you may as well forget about getting those leads. Content is what speaks and brings conviction to your readers and this simply means that every word has to be convincing to get you those sales and conversions. Audiences need the information to be factual as well and ensuring that you have the best resourceful information on your website will help them get what they need.

Even if you have to hire or outsource the content it is well worth the investment if it will bring conversions. The only thing that you need to be careful about is to ensure that you have the right content writers. You need to make sure that the writer you get will deliver good content that will get you the sales and conversions you need.

Run Split Testing On Your Campaigns

Split testing is one of the most effective ways of testing and increasing your website conversion rate. It simply involves the process of running two or more separate campaigns with the same intention of testing and finding out which of the sets work better than the other. This is something that has been tested and proven to work for a long time and will definitely work for you too.

The good thing with split testing is that it involves a straightforward process that is easy to understand and implement. By way of example, let’s say that you have a website marketing coffee beans and you have one brand which was recently launched. If for instance you are running the campaigns and using paid traffic from a particular source like Adwords, then you have to create different ad sets as well as different landing pages. These campaigns should then be run on different times and every stats recorded. After the end of the exercise, you will have come up with good records enough to judge which page performs better than the other. After this, you will have known which page to use in your campaign.

Focus On High Quality Traffic Sources

Something else that most of us have always failed with is choosing the right traffic source. Wrong choice of traffic source will yield poor results which in many cases records poor conversion rates. While this is the case with many ad campaigns being run online, many people still do not easily figure out that it is the quality of traffic that is to blame. We ought to understand not all traffic sources will work for just any kind of website. Some websites will work with some traffic sources while others will not. Pay Per View (PPV) is one of the best examples to use. This traffic source focuses on delivering traffic on an impression basis and most of the traffic serving comes through pop up and pop-unders. While this traffic source will work perfectly for niches such as games and entertainment, it is a horrible choice to use in niches such as business.

You should also consider switching traffic sources to test which one works better than the other. This will enable you to understand which traffic source will work best for your website.

Some of the bets traffic sources that you might want to consider includes;

Social media traffic – With over a billion users active on these sites, you surely have a trove of audiences. And the good thing is that they are in every niche.

Paid Traffic sources – You might want to look into media buying, PPC (Pay Per click), display advertising and contextual advertising which are some of the bets paid traffic sources used today.

SEO (Search engine optimization) – loved for their lase targeting and the fact that the traffic is free, SEO is something that every webmaster should look into.

Final Word:

Web traffic is one of the most crucial subjects that every webmaster is always keen on. Getting web traffic might not be a challenging thing for many people who have been online but going them to convert is another thing. This whole thing boils down to the quality of that website traffic and also how one acquires them. You cannot just pump any web traffic to a website and expect it to give you results.

With the above strategies, one can easily get their site high conversions. It is always important to also keep in mind that to get solid results, one has to do a lot of testing and introduce different twists on something.

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Getting website traffic is every internet marketer’s duty and obligation to see sales and conversions on their website. Without web traffic, there is no internet marketing and a website has no use. However, one should also not forget that not just any traffic will bring good results and conversions. The website traffic needs to be highly targeted. Getting web traffic could be an easy process but to get targeted ones is another story. Many people end up with poor quality web traffic then they end up wondering why they are not getting any conversions from the traffic. This is something that happens often with beginners who are still new to the internet marketing game. What one ought to know is that nothing outshines quality.

SEO has been one of the most sought for traffic acquisition method that one can look into. The problem with that is that you need to have skills in it so as to stay abreast from the high competition. SEO is complex and that is just it. There are many things that one has to keep up with and could just get complicated in the long run. In this guide, we will go through some of the best ways that one can use to generate tons of website traffic without ever thinking of SEO at all. These are highly targeted website traffic sources that you can easily implement regardless of your internet marketing experience. Here we go;

Guest Post On Authority Sites

Guest posting isn’t something new and if you have been around in the internet marketing game, then you already know how the drill works. For anyone that is hearing guest posting for the first time, it is the process of writing blog posts and submitting it or publishing them on another blog owned by someone else. What is the benefit in that? When you write and submit the guest post, usually a link is added which links back to your website and it is this link that people from that blog will click and follow to your website.

Here are some of the bets guest posting strategies that will get you high quality web traffic that converts.

-Focus on guest posting to high authority sites. This is the best way to get a lot of people to your website. This is because the high authority sites already have a huge following and thousands of people are on that site.

-Write informative posts that will help the readers. Although it is meant to market your brand and website, you should avoid being over-promotional in your writing.

-Respond to comments on the guest post. Doing this will show that you are helpful and willing to assist anyone that comes your way.

Social Media Marketing

drive trafficFor long many internet marketers have used social media as an alternative way of getting traffic to their sites. Although it isn’t as targeted as the SEO traffic, the fact that one can easily get started with the social media marketing and that there are a bazillion amount of ready traffic makes it all even. Creating content alone on the site is half the task. To get the content read, you need to share it with people who are interested and will find it useful.

Social media has over a billion users who are actively locked and getting them all depends with your efforts.  You need to improvise and implement some ways to share your content to a wider audience. Here are some of the things that you can do to get more attention on the social media;

-Influencer outreach:- Share your content with industry experts and pitch them asking them to share it as well. Be sure that the content is of high value and written excellently.

-Ensure you have social triggers set on your website so as to increase the share-ability of your web content.

-Focus on building strong relationship with your followers so that they can gain your trust and become better leads ho end up buying from you.

Press Release Submission

Most people have forgotten the old golden way of getting content read by many people. Press release has been around since the web was still young and in the earlier days, it was one of the little known ways of getting the word out to thousands of people. With time, everyone seems to be focusing with other web traffic methods forgetting that even press release can still offer good traffic that gets conversions. You will hear many people claiming that press release marketing is dead, but the only thing that has changed is the approach used in press releases.  If you want press release to work for you, you have to focus on high quality submission. Today you will come across many press release submission channels and what differentiates the good ones from the bad ones is that there are some that submit to low authority sites and these are the ones that you should be ditching.

Final word:

It doesn’t matter how much you create content on your site or how that content is informative if it will not reach the target audiences. To survive the internet marketing game, you have to know where to get high quality web traffic that will get you conversions. Since for may the SEO game may seem like rocket science, we prepared this guide and listed the strategies above to help anyone, beginners included to learn how to easily generate web traffic to their websites. Hopefully the guide has been resourceful on that account.

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Web traffic is all what we need when doing internet marketing and if you ask anyone who has been doing this kind of marketing for years, they will tell you that is the lifeblood of every website and the determining factor on whether you will make a sale or not. However, one shouldn’t only be concerned about getting just any traffic, but the traffic that converts. Quality matters when it comes to getting traffic and all that depends on the source of traffic that one chooses to use.

In this guide, we will go through some of the unusual but very effective ways to drive traffic to any website regardless of the niche that it is on. These are the strategies that experts and internet marketing gurus use to propel any site, regardless of its age to the top and make it a big buzz. Here are the strategies;

Kill Them With Cutting and Enticing Edge Content

Ever heard of the cliché, content is King? It never fades and content will always be the first determining factor on how someone can be successful in their online marketing campaigns. Content speaks volumes and will determine if you will convince and turn your readers into buyers or you will lose them. Whatever internet marketing campaign it is, your content and writing needs to be top notch. Be it display ads or a twitter post, every single word should count.

Even if you are not a native English speaker, you shouldn’t come up with the excuse that you cannot be competitive when it comes to this. You can offer to spend on a copywriter who will help you to craft killer content that will be convictive and get the word out there. Without this, then any other campaign that you think of, but will contain content will be useless and most likely will fail.

Hijack A Trending Topic

What other better way can one sell a hot cake in a festive season? Getting traffic on a hot trending topic is the same way and when you know how to capture these audiences you could make tons of money from the traffic acquired. Many people are using this tactic and reaping big. The only thing that one needs to know is when to do it and how to get the best out of it.

The process is simply to find hot topics and then write posts and use them as bait to drive traffic to your website. How does one find the trending topics? Among the best tools that one can use to find out what is trending includes Google trends, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Being active on this platform will keep you updated on the current trends. You can then craft posts addressing the situation and share them on the same platforms. There are no limits to the extend on how you take this but be sure to be on topic and offer quality information that can be relied on.

Be A Critic

Sometimes and in many cases, there is always lack of clarity in the way people address things. You as an established expert in your niche should hop in and be helpful to the people who need to learn more about you. You need to also be updated in the ongoing trends in your niche so as to capture everything first hand also while the topics are still hot. This is an approach that has been proven to work in almost any niche and the good thing about it is that anyone can get started with it and get a lot of attention within a very short timeframe. Why this works is because critics tend to go viral fast as they are addressing and touching on sensitive issues.

A good example of such a situation is when someone brings up something based on a theory. As an expert who has experience, you can easily flag down the claims pinpointing reasons. Depending on the sensitivity level of the issue, one can get tons of traffic to their website in a short time.

Create Response Posts

By way of example, imagine that it stock markets collapse. As sad as it is, it is something that happens once in a while and what follows is investors and all sorts of traders looking for answers. Assuming that this is your field of expertise where you have a say and probable answers to the stocks crashing, you stand a chance to capture the attention of the desperate investors and traders who are looking for answers.  You can take advantage and address every possible reason, advice and solutions and what you will get in return is traffic and better branding which is all we seek.

Conduct Interviews From Industry Experts

Interacting with influencer in your industry is also another way of learning more and also getting yourself the much needed branding. When you do this and share ideas with infleuncers, they will help you get the gospel out there. Interviewing them is yet another powerful internet marketing approach and it works all the time. If you have been in the internet marketing game for a while then you must have come across transcribed posts or even podcasts of interviews by some bloggers.

Since many people are always looking for the expert voice and advise, these interviews always get tons of visitors and if you have one, then there is no reason why your post shouldn’t go viral and get you thousands of readers.

Final Word:

As long as traffic remains a concern to most of us, we need to do everything to acquire and bait audiences to our sites. With the above strategies, one can land tons of audiences within a short time frame. They are also very easy to get started with and any beginner can implement them.

You may also want to check out some of our high quality web traffic packages which will get you high conversions. You can also get in touch with us if you have any question on setting up high performing ad campaigns through our network.

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If you are new to the internet marketing world then you must have endless questions on how to get traffic. Without generating any traffic to your website, your site is as good as dead and you may never get any sales or conversions. There are dozens number of ways that one can use to drive traffic to their website only that you have to know which is the best way that guarantees quality traffic that will lead to conversions. Finding a good traffic source is the first step to internet marketing success and as a webmaster you have to put in a lot to get good results.

Here in this guide, we will go through some of the best ways that you can use to drive traffic to your website very fast. If done well, these strategies could double your site traffic within just a month. The good thing is that you don’t need any prior experience and it doesn’t take a lot of time. If you won’t get traffic from these strategies then you will hardly get any other method that is easy and give you the same amount of traffic. Here they are;

Buying Social Media Traffic

Among some of the best ways that expert affiliates and webmasters are using to drive tons of traffic to their sites is paid traffic.

One ought to understand however, that not all the traffic that you will come across online being sold will give you good results. Some of them are fake traffic generated using scripts and softwares. Social media sites is one of the best places to buy traffic and there are many reasons why that is so.

Here is why social media can be one of the best places to double your web traffic within just a single month.

-The social media sites have collectively amassed over a billion users across the globe. Almost anyone that you come across today has a social media account which they are actively using. From top politicians, artists to the local grocery shop owners, all are actively locked in the social media. This means that there are lots of opportunities for anyone looking to leverage these sites to get web traffic.

-Social media traffic is laser targeted. If there is something that the social media sites has an upper hand on is the fact that they have details and information of everyone who has signed up with them. These information ranges from the niches that one is interested in to their hobbies and what they like to do in their leisure time. With this kind of information, advertisers can place advertisement campaigns and expect to reach uses who will converts to customers and clients.

Influencer Outreach

Something else that can get you tons of web traffic easily is influencer outreach. This is still a newer method and hasn’t been used by many marketers. Those who have used it have however confirmed seeing great results from the strategy. Influencer outreach is the process of reaching out to influencers and pitching them to help you market your product, website or blog. By way of example, let’s assume that you have a website that sells crafts. Your potential target influencer would be a blogger or someone who has tons of followers on social media but within your niche. So you will find someone who has a huge following but interested in crafts.

The secret to getting the bets with influencer outreach is to have a unique product, content or something new that is interesting. When you pitch such a product or content, influencers will easily accept to share it. And since these influencers have huge following, you will get traffic almost instantly after they have shared. The results you will get will depend on the effort that you have put. The more influencers you reach out to, the more shares you will get and the more traffic you will get to your website.

Here is why you should consider influencer marketing as a way to double or even quadruple your website traffic within a short time-frame.

-Influencer outreach woks with any niche. Since there is always someone who is considered an expert in every niche, they are the people you should be getting in touch with to help you get the gospel out there. Some influencers will charge to help you market your product while others will do it for free.

-Influencers who have been in the industry for long have a voice and have built trust with their followers therefore you are sure to get some conversion in the process.

YouTube Marketing

youtube trafficThe world is gearing up to a whole new world of video content. Research shows that people are more inclined to use videos to get information rather than the old traditional written content. Due to this fact, webmasters and internet marketers should consider coming up with a strategy to delve into the video marketing world.

The good news about video marketing is that you do not need any initial capital to get started. And if you have some small capital, you could get thousands of traffic within hours. Making a video is something that you can easily do without many hassles, thanks to the variety of video makers that have been developed. And you don’t even have to stand in front of the camera. You can simply do a screen recording and you are up and running. The fact that videos can easily go viral makes this method something worth considering.

Final Word:

There are many web traffic strategies that one can use to generate web traffic, but when you are looking for something quick that will transform things, then the ones shared above will be helpful. Search engines and other ways of traffic acquisition are great but could take site so you cannot rely on them to get you traffic quickly.

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