Sat. Feb 12th, 2022

When is mobile broadband the best choice? You’re paying more for your phone than you have to!

It’s the middle of the day, and you’re reading your favorite website. Then a great idea pops into your head. You begin to search and download some data. The connection just seems slow. Even if the phone is indoors when it doesn’t have an external antenna, the connection drops. You realize that your mobile network is your weakest link.

What’s wrong with your mobile network? There are several things. When you are outdoors, your phone is likely located on a rooftop, which is usually below the antennas on tall buildings, so it suffers from multi-path propagation, which is a result of reflections from buildings and other objects in the atmosphere. And the mobile networks have limited capacity and, because they usually rely on the radio waves of the cellular phone towers to reach out to the mobiles, they have to be located on tall buildings.

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